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Photo Whoring time, folks!


Photo Whoring time, folks!

Pictures taken at UQ.

Ducks giggling gaggling....



At the Botanical Gardens....



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AnZac LAN Day.


AnZac LAN Day.

If there is one thing I should have reminded myself about staying in a testosterone dominated accomodation, it is that I am not an RPG-First-Person-Shooter C.S/ DoD game phreak.

Thank you guys, but 15 minutes of a motion sickness inducing game is more than my poor head can bear. DoTa is still still 'ok' though.

If you guys can get something like an Initial_D L.A.N game, perhaps I could still last past 15 minutes in the first round.

Anyway, I just got my hair cut!!

Yong Kuang opted for the G.I. Joe style. He was given a shaving set as a gift some time ago, and managed to persuade Aunt. Joan & Edna to do the illustrious labour for us. Maggie tagged in along for the ride halfway through.

The guys ordered pizza from the "Pink Tiled Pizzeria" with a doggie name for its slogan which currently runs a Tuesday Special of AuD4.95 + 10% surcharge blah blah blah.
I think I shall stick to Domino's. The pizzas didn't run too well with some of us as we found out later in the night after dinner......

Anyway, just to inform you guys that the Nokia Blogster contest is over. The results are out.
I won a Nokia 1600. I wouldn't have minded winning one with a camera, but heck, something is better than nothing!

Well, it's back to work now. Will put up the pictures later...!
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Have you ever had anything happened to you that you thought was trivial and could put it nonchantly away at the back of your mind and pretend that nothing ever happened?

Not only did you pretend that nothing happened, but you also did not speak about it to anyone else about that matter, coz you thought you could get over it, but apparently, in my case, it was not so, because it is not something that you want to talk to people about.

It was something that happened the week before I went over to visit my cousin in Brisbane. As much as it, I did not tell him what happened. I didn't need him to have any additional worries.

Now, I realise that I am actually not getting over the matter, coz I didn't grieve over it, and I didn't really want to face the fact that it happened to me. So yes. I am grieving over it tonight. In fact I need to cry over it before I can accept it happened to me.

And no. I am not going to call any Australian hotline care number that they put on the cable tv.
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Blessed Easter!


Blessed Easter!

Hei people, I have been busy in the past 2 days helping out with a local church who runs 4 stalls at the AGMF.

Nope, I didn't get the passes. It's about $75 AUD for 3 day passes, and $35 for day passes.
Some areas in the fair are free, and we are stationed at the food courts.

Well, I don't really care to go (unless someone gave me a free ticket!) and watch Rebecca St. James or Hillsong United, since I am not too familiar with the groups anyway. Another reason why I didn't get the passes.

I and 2 other fellas, Justin and Matt, mainly man the meat pies & sausage rolls stall. Our stall mainly sells Asian food, ranging from Japanese sushi to Malaysian/Singaporean food ( Singapore ever had any "original" food to begin with......) and Chinese styled food to Italian food.

We learnt about health and food hygiene in the practical sense. All those handling food had to wear sanitary gloves. Another person had to handle the money. Of course, whether most of them actually followed the rule to the T is a different matter altogether.

A health food inspector came to inspect us on the first day to make sure that all of us had gloves on. We heard that he would be coming on the second day to take pictures, but whether he did or not, we didn't know..(as Justin puts it, they normally do it in "plains-clothes" so we wouldn't know even if they DID come!)

Sales for first day was not bad. We had to re-stock loads of times.

Sales for the second day was almost selling out. The main pastor (yes, they have their own business as well) and his wife are quite experienced in this field, so they knew what to expect.
Sales on weekends are always good. I would be expecting the same for Sunday, since Monday is a holiday here.

The cycle went like this.

Morning tea: most people went for the pies & sausage rolls.

Lunch: Both days were doing fairly well. Even better as expected on weekends.

Evening tea: On Saturday evening we added popiah. (other wise just known as deep fried crispy spring rolls in the west). Today there were loads of people queueing up before 6 as Rebecca St. James was performing.

The Sausage Rolls & Meat pies sold out.

The popiahs were a hit.

Matt had this "psychology" thing about turning the spring rolls around, saying that if the person who mans the store was doing something (any for that matter) to the items on sale, it would draw the attention of the people who are waiting in line to it... = hence boosting business= boosting profit!

I wonder why we never thought of it.....hmmm...

The chinese rice dishes were a hit with the locals.

The Malaysian/ Singaporean food were a hit.

The Italian spaghetti/fettucine carbonara/bolognaise was a hit with the locals.

7 AUD is normal selling price for food in plastic packs. (for someone who comes from a place where zhap fan is RM5 the max, AUD7 is a bit Expensive lar...) unless you were talking about food courts in KLCC, and the rice retails at RM7 or more, and some more got air cond and cushion seating, then only got so high lar.

I not talking about conversion rate, you bodoh. I was comparing in terms of dollar to dollar basis lar, smart ass!

I have not actually worked at a food stall before this, so this is quite an experience for me.. especially talking to customers. LoL.

Gotta work on my enterprising and communication skills....
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A Birthday Wish to a Silver Coloured Fox!


A Birthday Wish to a Silver Coloured Fox!

To SilverFox...

It's still 9:34 in Malaysia when I send this message....and you may not see it till Monday.
NONETHELESS, before I forget....





Have a Fantastic Good Friday Birthday and Many Happy Returns of the Day!!!

Chea Yee.
Update of details:


Update of details:

Hei people.

I have moved to another unit within Student Village.

Please take note in particular, of my new home landline
numbers (both local
and international)

as well as my home address.

Catch you people soon!

landline: 07-4690 0565 (if you are in Australia)
+617-4690 0565 (if you are out of Australia).

Snail Mail:
135C Student Village,
537-561 West Street,
Toowoomba QLD
4350 Australia.

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A quaint little place...


A quaint little place...

I am sure you guys must have been wondering how Toowoomba is like....

Basically, it's a pretty small place. A university town.
Students get half rate (whether at tertiary or high school and below) when they take a ride on the bus or at entrances to most places (clubs, funfairs, shows, etc.)

One major bus company services the entire town (mostly from the uni to town and then to the other side of town and back to the uni). They mostly run from as early as 6am to as late as only about 6pm. After those times, you'd just have to take the taxi (which is ouch! very expensive!).

It's a bit hard without a car, but it's a bit pointless to get one if I am only going to be here for a while. Cars here ARE very CHEAP. But the insurance premium is the KiLLEr. A decent average car that a student can get is about 3-4k AUD.

There are a lot of cheap supermarkets around here, but the more popular ones among students (international and domestic!) among which are ALDI (very cheap!), COLES, Woolworth's HomeBrand, Crazy Clarks. I haven't seen much of the others since I do not travel that much, but that's fine by me. I did travel that much back in KL anyway.

Ya, I know that I have not really been updating* this site as much...

* just have too many things on mind to think* about + assignments + readings these days to add up to my schedule. So there!

Well, it's been a month plus now since I moved in.

I haven't had much time to upload pictures nor add, afar from the ones you saw of that rainbow, or Gold Coast for the matter. Well, I can't help it. The internet connections sucks ! (dial up, that is!)

Very slow! I haven't really spent much time editing the photos (I do try from time to time. Heh.).

Then again, I have not actually been taking much pictures of late.

Ok, I promise to put in more pictures. The student village. the people. the ANS church. So you guys get an idea of how life around here is like.

But not so much about the uni, as I am wary about putting things which may affect the privacy and reputation of the tertiary institution I am in. I AM studying here, so I would try to protect their privacy. I do not need to be needlessly sued for trivial reporting.

Anyway, I have decided to move from my current unit to another. It's an all male unit (which is fine by me), and I have been hesitating all this while...coz?

I have no idea.

It's just a change of unit number, but everything else of the mailing address remains the same. I am going to hand in the letter to administration when I get back from uni later.

I kept procrastinating about it coz I was trying to weigh the I did last year..*lolz*

NOT a good thing I know..but Heck. THAT's me... LoL.

note* SilverFox, well, it's about the whole CG thing last year...from Ruggeds to Connectionx.

Anyway, the new unit would be a 5 room unit shared by 5 people. I would be the ONLY female on board.

Which is FINE by me anyway. There will be 2 toilets, one upstairs and another downstairs. There's probably less space for me in the freezer and fridge (yeah, 5 people sharing one fridge, like, obviously!) as well as the shelf.

Apparently, the 3 room units are quite coveted, but I don't feel like it.. Well, I will find out for myself eventually anyway.....

Ok, catch you guys later!

btw, SilverFox, get your *ass* online! Where have you disappeared to???

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Places visited so far.


Places visited so far.

I am bored. I am going to do this a.k.a Annie style.....hehe.

Things I have done since coming to Australia.

- went shopping loads at Grand Central, Margaret Street with Sunithi

- stayed at a motel for the weekend at Gold Coast. (AUD75!)

- visited Harbour Town in Gold Coast.

- visited Surfer's Paradise.

- checked out the USQ Club.

- took the bus and toured around Toowoomba city by myself!

- visited Brisbane city!

- went up to Mount Cottha (right...if that is a mountain)...but great city look-out spot and lovely for weddings.

- visited the Botanical Gardens with Adrian!

- had 'dim sum' at Brisbane Chinatown with Adrian, Mick & Eric.

- took the bus back by myself to Toowoomba!

- went for the Toowoomba Show Fair with Kevin (last Thursday!)

- visited two church meetings!

- cooked loads of food: hong dau sui, hak loh mai, ching tong mai fun, chicken curry, sai mai yeh tong sui

- and finally,

Got myself into heaps of trouble!!!

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