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Frequency: The Future in Listening.


Frequency: The Future in Listening.

I had a very nice long nap last night after class yesterday...

Anyway, went over to Justin's to have dinner yesterday. It was the first time everyone was present at the table for a full sit-down dinner, as Tony puts it. *Lolz*

Anyway, after that, we watched Frequency on the tv-cum-lappie-connected-via-cables, starring Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel.
I only just realised who Jim Caviezel is (he is the actor who played Jesus Ch.rist in Passion of Christ)....ZzzzzZZ.

If you are a fan of Back to The Future, this would be the movie for you. As they say, if you change something in the past, it will trigger off another chain reaction of other things (regardless bad, or good, but hopefully good) to come in the future.

The start of the movie didn't look too promising. Very slow moving. It is basically about a son (Jim) who finds a ham radio one day, and uses it to communicate to his dead (but still alive) father 30 years earlier. The excitement comes after Jim warns his father about his own death and he saves his own life, triggering of a series of change and that is where the movie
The movie really starts from there...


Ok, I was IMPRESSED by the movie.

It was a SURPRISE ENDING that I didn't account for.

All in all, if you have not watched it, go and do so.

I loved it!
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Bloody Bloodhounds...


Bloody Bloodhounds...

Well, I am a bit pissed coz I woke up EARRRRRRRRRRLY this morning to go to the Bus Transit Centre in the middle of Brisbane to catch my bus, only to be greeted with the announcement over the speaker "The Bus will be DELAYED for half an hour".

So I waited.

Well...half an hour turned into ONE HOUR.

When I arrived at the Bus Interchange at Toowoomba, granted, the bus was late. I missed it again...So I had to wait for another almost half an hour. ZzZzZZZZZZ.

You can say I was pretty pissed. Coz I could have just woke up later and miss my tutorials if I wanted to, but NO. I choose NOT TO skip my classes, and WHAT do I get in return?

A splitting headache in class and I had to quickly go and cook Maggi Mee on arrival, coz I was so bloody hungry..

I paid for a Greyhound bus, and the bus was late. I could have just opted to wait till 11am in the morning, miss my tutes at 12pm, and pay $16 for Suncoast Pacific instead of $23 for the Greyhound bus fare (though it's edi discounted for students edi!)

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

I am ranting. So what? I AM PISSED.

At least you guys get to look at pictures of the ducks and Botanical Gardens later!

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In Brisbane.


In Brisbane.

Hei people.
Am currently in Brisbane now! Well, currently bunking over at Adrian's place.

This mornng, my friends dropped me over right near the Brisbane center of
my uni, and I waited for my cousin there. As I was waiting, I was reading through one of
my study books. One lady stopped me and started asking if I was waiting to use the uni lab, and then gave me the access codes to the lab for it.

Amazing! A total stranger who was a fellow student in the same uni but just gave me the codes just because. When I noted it, Adrian stated that it must be a cultural difference....(will write more on it later).

Anyway, I am currently logging in from Adrian's place, coz his lappie has wireless. Well, in the morning we dropped off our stuff and headed down to Indooropilly Shopping Town for
breakfast at Hungry Jacks.

You know, when I first saw the logo for Hungry Jacks, it looked suspiciously like Burger King's in Malaysia, but it was not until today that Adrian confirmed it. He said the only way to see if it was the same was to look at the menu contents.

Anyway, I didn't have a good night's sleep coz I slept at 3am the night before and woke up by 5.45am, and left for Brisbane with Mac (and friends) at 6am. If you arewondering, the sun rises at 5.30 in Queensland. I am not too sure about the rest of Australia though. 

After breakfast, we headed back to the apartment and slept for another 2 hours and then headed out first to a local uni (*un-named to maintain privacy) to check out the lovely sparkling view of the lake. There were gaggles of lovely long neck-ed white geese and brown ducks that followed my cousin coz when he fed the ducks with some bread.
Then later, we headed over to the Botanical Gardens and One Tree Hill (a famous city look-out point) at Mount Cot-tha.

Overlooking the souvenir shop and dining area attached with it, there was a lake. Preparations for a wedding dinner was in place that night, and by the time we left, many ladies and gentlemen in formal dinnerwear were in attendance.

The Botanical Garden was loaded to brim with all kinds of greenery: fruit trees which have been cultivated as a sample to grow in those grounds, (kam quat), mangoes, orange, pomelo, cactus, big sized aloes from South Africa and others from Madagascar.

The Botanical Gardens also has a japanese garden, as well as a Tropical Dome, which was essentially a greenhouse. As we entered, Adrian asked if I could feel the difference between
the humidity of the air in the greenhouse, as well as out in the air. Do any of you guys notice the difference?

Well, essentially, the air is a bit dryer than what I am used to, but seriously, I did not really notice it......ZzzzzZ..

Anyway, We only made it through one third of the gardens, as we wanted to go up and catch the sunset at One Tree Hill.

Anyway, the view from the Lookout is great.
Lovely clouds.
Blue skies.
Cloud with silver lining.
Two couples getting their wedding pictures taken.
History of Mount Cot-tha: name given by the indigenous people for the 'honey' collected from the native sting-less bees.
Was a place where some gold was mined. But not as much as Eldorado.
Used a a Navy Lookout point and for artillery storage during  the world war.
And yes, a PICNIC point!!

We stayed there admiring the clouds and for the sun to set.

Lovely view of the city.

Anyway, I am now awaiting dinner at Adrian's place. His house mate, Eric, is cooking. The food smells fiery in the air, so can't wait to see what the latter has concocted up!

Well, tomorrow, we'll be heading off to ChinaTown and some of the shopping areas.
Can't wait to check out the scene there, and maybe the local night scenes here tonight.
Ok, till I log in next, ciao people!

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Picture whoring freaks....


Picture whoring freaks....

Today the sand has settled.

Among other things
, I finally got the number of subjects enrolled correctly!

Yesterday was chatting with a friend over MSN. The mic couldn't work. Was just chatting online with PG earlier. Well, the MSN speaker still DOESN'T WORK. It's a stupid thing.

My dial-up connection is slow, so I only used GTalk instead. I tried with Skype, and it seems clear. Well, we will see whether it works the next time or not.

Anyway, pictures galore! After refining my skills for at least a few dishes, I volunteered to cook chicken curry for the Hongkies, and the chicken noodle soup. IF I had a rice-cooker, it would be Much Much easier. Just dump every thing into the pot. Alternatively, we could cook steam boat a la congee style. Delicious!

I left the chicken bones for the soup base. Hence killing two birds with one stone!

Speaking of which, a new cyclone, Wati has formed since.
Just pray for the protection of the people in this region of Toowoomba, and that God's hand would be upon the people here.

kitchn cooking

Alan snapping away.


Pictures of Gold Coast beach....
Walking along the beach......

Happy Gay Family.
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Food, glorious food!!


Food, glorious food!!

My cooking ability gets a bit more varied...since my 'scientific insight'.




How did the food tasted? Well...I thought the red bean soup should be a bit thicker, but the people who drank it thought it seemed fine. Then again, I don't like red bean soup which is 'too thick"!

I loved the curry chicken gravy! It tasted savory, yet sweet enough, but edible. *yum yum*
But not too much curry chicken in one week....maybe a fornight's time from now?
I used canned coconut cream for the gravy, and used half and half of coconut and water for the gravy. Curries with thick coconut gravy taste dastardly.
Actually, I was trying to get it taste a bit more spicier, but I am not sure how about to do it...Zzzz..

The chicken noodle soup was made using chicken bones for the soup base. I didn't actually realise that I had to skim the chicken fat, but that looked dastardly, so I did. It was okay...but needed more seasoning and salt to add flavor to the soup.. still..amateur cook ler...
the chicken meat could have been shredded a bit more finer.

When we were having our meals, we were having this conversation between the difference about foods in India and Australia, where the latter might be BIG, but are pretty bane and tasteless. This is cause the food is sold for the weight, but not for the taste....Zzzz.. and the former, where the food might be puny but nonetheless, it is RICH in taste.

I am not surprised that Kean Tat, who after spending 3 years studying in Australia, could not get used to the curries in Malaysia once he got back here. *PITY*. Ha ha.

Well, most food in Australia is very bane and plainless by comparison, so the food that is made here, is adapted to the tastes of the locals. Even the fruits and vegetables which are cultivated are tasteless, according to sources who have worked in fruit farms..

Oh well. As they say, "In Rome, live as the Romans do".
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Now, if you were wondering "counter-strike" is the name of a computer game, yes, it is. Well, that is what I thought, but it also a military strategy taken by leaders, and a successful counter-strike could determine the life or capture of a country during battle. 

Warfare is a very complicated thing. We read about it, but sometimes find it hard to internalise it. But warfare, not just as Sun Tzu states it, happens not only in the battlefield, but in our every day lives. It is just a matter of WHETHER we are able to observe it as it happens.

Today I watched a documentary on the Battle of Moscow, and one on the Yom Kippur War. The documentary talks about the counter-strike measures taken by both Russia and Israel in the face of a battle. Now, I do not want to write in detail about this here, cause I do not want to give my secret fledging thoughts away. Thanks, but I would like to keep some for myself.

Yet, we can employ many of these strategies even in our every social life, and even in our businesses, as well as social lives. As I have found out, and even reflected, I did exactly that today. In counterstrike, there are a few key elements which are important in deciding the successful outcome. Among which are,

Intelligences,  Force Ratio,  Timing and Surprise,  Unexpected Opportunities.

If you want to know more, go and read Sun Tzu's Art of War.

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Cyclone Larry not hitting Toowoomba yet.


Cyclone Larry not hitting Toowoomba yet.

If you are wondering, we are still very safe here in Toowoomba.

Seriously, I didn't know about the cyclone till J.T mentioned it.

Yes, we are in the other part of Queensland, so Cyclone Larry is not hitting us any time YET.

However, prayers are very much appreciated & Needed.

For news about Cyclone Larry:

The Australian 21st March.
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Bush Dance pictures..


Bush Dance pictures..

This was taken during the Bush Dance the uni had last week..

Ok...the problem is I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED ALL the pictures. including the ones from GOLD COAST. SIGH.

Now, I have to get the ones that Alan has.....*SIGH*


The hongkie one from China.

Justin, one of the mentors.

The boys from all over the place....France, Germany, India...etc.

alan on tree

Alan molesting the tree...
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Cooking and more cooking....


Cooking and more cooking....

Woo hoo....

Ok, ever since I got my dial up, I left the lappie on for ages...till it disconnects itself anyway. I tried chattingwith Michelle, my niece, over MSN, but the connection was not so good. But still worth a try.

Also with PG....who finally got himself a mic and webbie....*hehe*. Havent spoken to him in ages. He got a new handphone!!

(yes so am I....from Nokia! but that will take ages before it reaches me from KL!)

Anyway, I got a call from Kishore and Hussein from Malaysia last night. Never imagined that they'd call...but IT's GREAT that they did!

and also a *nudge* from JustinC. today during YumCha at ANS today. He probably does not know the meaning of what that implied (as it was a personal thing) nor would he know what
it was he said (even he browsed my blog here), but somehow it was like an answer to my query.

Anyway, I am going down to Brisbane next weekend. Am bunking over with Adrian, and probably want to meet up with Isabel as well.

As I mentioned in my other blog, I am going to try to refine my cooking skills here. I doubt I will be cooking much western food, as I will be leaving that to my western counterparts to do that for me.

My mom's recipe for pancakes is a family secret, and I intend to try it out when I am here...anyway, I found some willing international students who were willing to try out
my Asian cooking (ha ha ha), and Asian food here is VERY VERY Expensive....Actually, EVERYTHING here is expensive.

I quote JustinC "GET USED TO IT!".

There is a nice dish from Asia, which the Hongkie students made the other day which is Honeydew melon cubes in Sago Coconut Milk. It would taste much better if it was chilled
in the freezer first, but those are among some of the foods that we can home make.

For the first time in my life, I made my own scrambled Eggs and had a banana and milk for breakfast this morning. Yum Yum!

We have loads of eggs now since my house mates started working at the factory.

Was just going through some recipes at yesterday. I am going to attempt to cook. WISH ME LUCK!

1) Hokkien Mee
2) Crepes
3) Pancakes


it actually looks nicer than it tastes.....

4) Curry chicken
5) Chapati
6) Dhal
7) Pulut Hitam (Hak Loh Mai).
8) Pre-Fried Noodles (Yee Meen) and thick gravy
9) Pre-Fried Noodles (Yee Meen) in soup
10) Azuki bean soup (Red Bean soup)

Maybe even attempt to cook spaghetti Carbonara sauce, sambal
belacan and kueh lapis IF I have the time...

Spaghetti, pasta, coconut milk is very is milk, the different kinds of flour from Coles or Woolworths. I heard that meat is expensive at Woolworths though.

So, when I head down to ChinaTown, Adrian is going to show me the different kinds of food they sell there, and where to get them...*hehe*. Got to GET THE $$ Ready!

Ok, on Wednesday night, I headed to the USQ Club here. It's a Club where Uni students get to enter for free (using their id cards) and below 18s enter under supervision (Under 18s
are not allowed to drink). The locals (non Uni students) have to pay about 5 dollars (i think) to enter.

Drinks sold at the CLUB is VERY much expensive, so a lot of them drink before going to the uni. My house mates and their friends asked me to join, so I did. It was good fun.

But there were some unsavory characters at the Club who wanted to try their luck. (Yucks). Really long octopus hands. The CLUB closes at 3 and only opens on Wed to Fridays free for students. A good place to go if you are bored at home or want a distraction from studies.

Ok, gotta run and cook my dinner for tonight. Have to think of something basic and Asian for starters....

Ciao people!

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Dial UP is UP!!


Dial UP is UP!!

I finally got dial up UP!!

Woo doubt it is slow, but it is BETTER THAN

I am finally blogging from my bedroom....which is GREAT.

Well, the connection will disconnect depending on the office

How am I now?

My enrolment is still down to 5 subjects, coz I am now in 2 ONC and 2 EXT. And visa requires 3 ONC...So I dunno ler. Just pray harder for something to work out of this!!

I just came from a Cell Group tonight, and the pastor's wife cooked chinese herbal mutton soup. So I packed two tubs and passed it around to the mates. Justin C. definitely loved it..he had never tried anything like that. So did kiwi Paul and Yang Kwang (malaysian the least!)

We stole some of Tony's pasta dinner......* sorry lor* time cook dinner for u ya!

Tony's pasta

Then I brought another tub to the Hongkie group, and they were drooling like mad....over the beancurd (foo jok) and soup. Just about the right salty taste. Yum Yum.Can't wait to start cooking!

herbal soup
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After the rain.


After the rain.

These pictures were taken by my Hongkie friend, Allan Lean. Lovely, aren't they? The last one might be a bit huge on the wall paper though. I will get it changed later...


Turning photo

Turing photo拷貝
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2nd week of sem


2nd week of sem

Hi there people. It's two hours later here than in KL if you guys are wondering what time it is here.
It's about 3.34pm here in Toowoomba time, which makes it about 1.34pm back there in KL.

Lunch time there eh?

*gotta get used to that....*

Anyway, the weather has been real HOT and SUNNY these past few days.
I am heading down to Gold Coast for the weekend. It's organised by my uni's Student Guild and costs about 70 dollars which is quite cheap by Australian standards, which could otherwise cost about 200 dollars normally (according to my couz, Adrian who is currently in Brisbane).  However,

I gotta bring my sheets, bed sheets, clothes and baggage for the weekend. I saw on the news that the winds are turbulent over there, but I am not too sure about that....oh's not like I am going to swim anyway.....

We are also going down to ChinaTown next Saturday. The return trip is 25 dollars, (which is made cheap for us freshies...*hahaha*.)

I will probably make another trip to Brisbane to get my working visa done and visit Adrian, and probably Isabel at the same time. Yeah, Isabel is one of the parents who was helping out in MKIS and I got to know her from there. She is currently residing somewhere in Brisbane with her family. Been ages since I saw her.

Ok, one thing I can say is that Textbooks are so EXPENSIVE..........90 over dollars for a book.....if converted, will change about almost RM300 per book....

I think I need to find work soon! :-O. Yeah, got to go around looking for 2nd hand books, or just borrow them from the library. I am allowed about 12 books to borrow, so about 3 books per course... the Selected Readings however, are much cheaper. I wonder what do these book writers have in mind when they started out writing text books? I doubt most students can AFFORD any of it....*wide eyes*

Ok, I am still not used to living with house mates. Obviously I can't write about this here....coz if it is anything bad, I am going to get my head chopped off...*nevermind*.
You guys just pray for me that everything will turn out well. I feel that I did get a touch from God on Sunday, coz as you know, the Word is the Sword, and it can pierce through hardened hearts when the right time comes.....
Ok, gotta run! Loggin off....
Chea Yee.
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SilverFOX: Google Talk with Chea Yee

SilverFOX: Google Talk with Chea Yee

Poor CY! First she has limited bandwidth to surf on the Internet, then there's no way for her to use Instant Messengers to communicate with everyone, and now she's almost out of her mind because she has to use the computer in the lab to go online.

Sad, sad, sad, sad, sad CY~

But not all is lost. Not yet for her anyway.

Because of a minor setting she tweaked in her Gmail account (read: language), she couldn't access her Google Talk directly from her Gmail web browser. So after a couple of excruciating weeks, guess what? I happened to chance upon an article about Google Talk being available on Gmail web browsers and bla bla bla... and one part caught my eye. It goes something like, "...available for US language-based Gmails". Hmm, intriguing.

Well, to cut a long story short, sent her an email to ask her to change her setting to US English, and voila!, saw her online on Google Talk for the first time since she's in Australia. Heh, how about that folks? I seemed to have misplaced the link to the said article, but I'll post it up here as soon as I find it (again). So for the rest of you who's having problems with accessing your Google Talk from your Gmail web browser, you now know what to do. Meh ;)

So get online and look for CY's online status in Google Talk. I'll try to find out what time and day she wil be available for chat sessions and post it here as well. Until then, take away her loneliness, peeps! Ciao!
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First week in Toowoomba.


First week in Toowoomba.

The past one week has been tremendous. It would be great to be like Annie who has just come back from UK, but nah...that can wait for a while.

I am merely just getting adjusted to the cold winds of Autumn. A lot of the students from the tropics (like Indonesians, India, Singapore and those who just arrived) are complaining about that, but I think we will get adjusted to that.

Internet access has been restricted here, but I do get my supply of classical music from the uni e-library, but even that takes up my bandwith allowance...*sigh*. Looks like I just have to rely on my classical cds I brought from home...haha.

I had my laptop wireless connection set-up, so I do not necessarily have to go to the computer lab to access the internet, but then again, I do not want to be lugging my lappie around like a lunatic (it is heavy, you know???).We are given about 2gigs of storage to do our work. Actually, a lot of the students come in with no computer, and rely on the com lab to do their work and then dump it into their online accounts. Well, hopefully the server DOES NOT crash any time soon. So, I can just do the work in the com and save it to my pendrive, then transfer it to my laptop, or vice versa. It's much more easier to just do the work at home and then send it to the online printer here.

The winter is coming, so I have to get a heater (ESSENTIAL!) but they are not sold yet, coz it's just only autumn now. Nonetheless, everyone is going around in long sleeved jackets and the winds can be very very cold. It's even colder on days when it has just rained, and it can be freezing colds on those mornings.

Anyway, you guys do send me a snail mail, card or can be a bit *lonely* for new students like I am ;-)

It's been great meeting a lot of new students here. Mostly international. Surprisingly, they are all the same age as I am (25 and above!) and doing undergraduate, but in different majors. For a moment, I actually thought I'd be the oldest, but there are even others more older than I am....hei, so Seong and Ryan should not be too *bothered* back there in KL, hor?

There is a church service at the uni which I attended this Sunday morning. Well, I have been going for three different christian meetings this week, thanks to Suni, who practically attends all the cell meetings. I thought I would be skippng church when I come here...but I think that God has other plans for me. *lolz*. There are about 3 to 4 different christian groups for international students on campus, including Catholic and even a Mormon group! The mormon group even has advertisements on tv.... :-O

Well, how do I do my shopping for my groceries? My student mentor, Suni (2nd year from India) brought me and another international student, Katy to town on the bus. Initially I bought some groceries at this uni plaza near Student Village, but then she said that the stuff are cheaper in town.

Anyway, I have some enrolment discrepancy with my courses, so I have to get that rectified. When colleges have agreements, there tends to be some discrepancy somewhere or another. I wrote to my local counsellor, and hope (and wait) for an answer from there.... ok, gotta run!

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the weather.


the weather.

It's the 3rd day of Autumn here.

Just getting used to everything.

Apparently calls for landlines are 20cents per hour per
call. But student village is charging 60cents. considering
that we are not paying for the rental of the phone...welll.
that probably kind of makes up for it.

i need get more warm's autumn
but the winds are so cold that everyone is wearing warm and
thick jackets from now.

i will update my blog from here onwards. won't be logging in
to the to do that as much, as they allow an
email to blog function. pretty cool and saves on the
bandwith, especially as it may take forever to log on to
blogger even at home sometimes. *lol*

ok. i will try to see how i can go about purchasing more
bandwith and logging on to it.

living a student pretty hard after working for so
so anyway, if you guys want to send me stuff, just send it
to the mailing addrss. if you don't have it, or lost it, ask
for it again...

There are loads of international students from all over the
world. quite a number are my age.

ok, gotta run.
Chea Yee

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