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Spiritual: The road leading to Australia

When I asked God last year (some time in mid November 2005), I asked him to show me a sign about going Down Under.

I was initially quite hesitant about this decision, and was quite doubtful, but God sent me this verse, by way of a song in this Dunkin Donut's Sunday School tape that I play on the radio almost on a daily basis but never actually took notice of it...

Here comes Peter walking on the water, walking on the water coz Jesus said come

It kept ringing in my head, until I finally understood that it was the verse that was meant for me.
Yes, I still hold on to this verse even until now, coz I want Him to show me signs that He really is preparing the journey.

I told Him, if He really wants me to go, He better make the road before me clear.

Now, there is also this other issue about the car I have been debating. As most of my close acquaintances would know, the car has been giving me endless problems, until which, I kept asking whether it was really His will for me to get the car.

Well, the answer was given a few days back. It has nothing to do with my car, but, with my mother's car. The solution that came (we were pondering the decision whether to do away with one of the extra cars) but the answer came by way of a relative, and my mother's car is now away on loan, and with it, a financial source where repayment for both cars has been covered. Well, at least for the next one year.

Also, EON (the assistant manager) stated that he will change one of my car's engine units (whichever that part is). The timing of these both events make made me ask this question:

Was it really that coincidental?

Now, the final few issues in my mind is, if it is really meant for me to go, He has to find a way of helping me complete all the necessary paperwork and assignments that I have due within the next couple of weeks (17 days to be exact!) before I leave...

With the final pending issue of having my visa approved in time! Which, at this juncture, I can only ask of those concerned, please pray for me that this need be met!

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