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One week before Australia..


The countdown begins now..

David.S came over just now. I think it was God's grace that He led someone to come and help me with my Sociology assignment....up to 1400 words now. Need about 800 words to go, edit everything and then hand up my assignment on Friday.

*Kau Tim.*

Then also there is my Teaching Practice File I have to finish up everything in this next one week, plus my Final Assessment from me and the principal (which I have to REMIND her to do every day so she won't forget).

Please pray for me to have wisdom to complete everything by Friday ya!! My SD card which is with my dad. He better get it checked for me.

Other things to get?
1) Convertors for 3 pin plugs for Australasian sockets
2) Extension cables
3) Empty CDs for burning.
4) Toiletry to bring over.....deodorant, toothbrush, shampoo, soap (Etc).
5) Clothes for Winter.
6) Stationery: pens, paper, liquid paper, glue?
7) Australian currency: Convert money to australian currency
8) Call the banks to inform them of my departure.
9) *can't thnk of any for now*

*OOOhhhh* Found out that apparently Sunil reads the blog as well...haha...

Pat is sweet enough to organise a Farewell for me on Monday night at her place with the other people from Connexions. I thought I was just going to see them yesterday!!

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