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It is time to let go....

Humans are not perfect.

Many a times, it is not possible to choose whom we like, because it just comes to us, that we like what we see in the other person. Somehow or another, we are drawn to that person, and we want to know every detail about the other person.

The problem is that most of us tend to jump into the relationship without getting to know each other first. Then as we get to know each other, we only realize that the other party is not the right person for us. Relationships are a tricky business.

Each of us has our criterion on the kind of mate that we are looking for. There are times I have asked myself, when I am interested in that person, why is it that I can accept them for who they are, but they can’t accept me. Or why do they reject me for what I am or the beliefs that I hold?

The questions WHY, WHY, WHY will keep banging as we try to find out the real reasons, when the other party has already stated it, or realized that there is a discrepancy in each other’s personality.

But we are NOT WILLING to accept the facts when it is already right in front of us.

Yet, if loving someone means having to give up your personal beliefs and opportunities in life just to please the latter, it would be better to get out of it, than to be in it. I can only say that how much value the other person has for you starts ONLY when you place value on yourself.

There are so many times that I have wanted to forgo my principles and faith for a relationship. In fact, I have fallen so many times, I cannot describe just how much. Yet, now when I look at it now, I realize that, if it is yours, it is yours. If the other party does not want you, no matter how much you plead, or beg, they still will not come.

If another party can’t accept you for the way you are, just leave. I have been hurt before. But I take it as something good for me, because I am free to find another who is much better for me and could complement me for what I am or have changed internally to be.

I would not hold grudges because they are being true to themselves. Would I want to stay with a person who lies to me that he likes me but does not in actuality? How much of my youth would be wasted on a person such as he!

I believe that for every thing that is on the market, there will always be a buyer. It does not matter how long you have been sitting on that shelf. It’s just a matter of when the buyer comes, and what have you been doing to prepare yourself to be a better person till the right buyer comes.

It will show what kind of mettle you are made of, and develop the kind of character in waiting out till the right person comes.

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