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SilverFOX: Chea Yee has landed


SilverFOX: Chea Yee has landed

Hello peeps. Just to inform you guys and gals that Chea Yee has safely landed in Down Under (that's Australia, and no funny thoughts, okay?). Ciao, and send your regards and well wishes to her by leaving comments and shout-outs in her blog 'ere!
I am so Bad.


I am so Bad.

I am so BAD.

I really am so BAD.

I am such a Bad. Bad. Girl.

Naughty. Naughty. Naughty.

Don't be such a Naughty. Naughty Girl.
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Fall in you deeply.


Fall in you deeply.

Let me fall in love with you each day,

Let my heart cry out for all you have.

For all you are,

For all you are.

Let me trust you in my best interests, that I not falter,

But hold my hand, And keep me walking,

Daily, as I look for you.

Help me see all you did,

Was for all glory,

That others will praise you and see you in me.

God, I am falling away,

With all in this world.

Yet faith is being sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we do not see.

Give me this faith, for I so desperately need it.

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Teary send-off


Teary send-off


Me: Are you coming to send me off?
Asta: No. I will not.
Me: But why not?
Asta: Coz I will cry.
Me: Oh.
Asta: That is why I will rather not.
Me: Oh...Haha..


much ..later..

Asta: Queensland big town or small?
Me: Small ler...(my uni there that is)..
Asta: In between can I come visit? Since u there mar...
Me: Oh can.....
Asta: Ok if I have time ar..
Me: You don't cry then ha!

Asta: :-S !!


Anyway, on another note, my father helped me to change this SD card (which is about 126 mb from PenDrive).

It retails for about RM60 at shops?

Anyway, PenDrive gave my dad a new one. Faster speed capabilities.

Hei, it's my right to get it exchanged, so might as well make full use of it.
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People, videos a-hoy!!


People, videos a-hoy!!

(there is some delay in the sound take note of it. Not too sure what the problem is though).

* Brendan, the Ah Pek singing & coughing!

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*SECRET* chat with friends at work....

*SECRET* chat with friends at work....

For those places where pop-up chats and MSN and Yahoo Chat has been banned or cordoned off...well, I think Google Mail really beat the system this time around!


I didn't know about the function till PG texted me online.....I had my Gtalk online though.

Him: Oi. what you doing?
Me: You at home ke?
Him: At work.
Me: At work?? How come?
Him: Gmail chat le.
Me: Gmail chat? What? How? HUH?
Him: Go and check your gmail le....

Minutes later.....

Me: WTF. Don't have le.
Him: It's supposed to appear below your Contacts. Under "Quick Contacts" le..
Me: Hmmm...Maybe not yet. They have to slowly implement the system kwah....
Him....hmmmmm. Maybe also.

So later....when SilverFox appeared online on GTalk...

Me: online on Gmail ke?
SF: Yeah....hei, how you know la?
Me: Me genius le....


One week before Australia..


One week before Australia..


The countdown begins now..

David.S came over just now. I think it was God's grace that He led someone to come and help me with my Sociology assignment....up to 1400 words now. Need about 800 words to go, edit everything and then hand up my assignment on Friday.

*Kau Tim.*

Then also there is my Teaching Practice File I have to finish up everything in this next one week, plus my Final Assessment from me and the principal (which I have to REMIND her to do every day so she won't forget).

Please pray for me to have wisdom to complete everything by Friday ya!! My SD card which is with my dad. He better get it checked for me.

Other things to get?
1) Convertors for 3 pin plugs for Australasian sockets
2) Extension cables
3) Empty CDs for burning.
4) Toiletry to bring over.....deodorant, toothbrush, shampoo, soap (Etc).
5) Clothes for Winter.
6) Stationery: pens, paper, liquid paper, glue?
7) Australian currency: Convert money to australian currency
8) Call the banks to inform them of my departure.
9) *can't thnk of any for now*

*OOOhhhh* Found out that apparently Sunil reads the blog as well...haha...

Pat is sweet enough to organise a Farewell for me on Monday night at her place with the other people from Connexions. I thought I was just going to see them yesterday!!
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Happy Birthday, Peng Guan. (2006)


Happy Birthday, Peng Guan. (2006)

Oi, Uncle, wishing you a Happy Be-earlieth Birthday, Peng Guan! Happy 27th Birthday! :-)
Have a great one!! *Hugz*

Went with Peng Guan for lunch to Sushi King at IOI mall. However, didn't eat much though. Like dim sum, it's mostly carbs...and they expand very quickly when drunk with green tea. *lolz*

He got his Satria sprayed a bright new shade. I noticed the sun reflecting its playful banter as we were leaving for my home....He thought I was blind.....

*Yup....I was blind. I was blinded by my own gorgeous reflection on the car as I came near to it*

Ha ha ha.

Anyway, today I finally got my new cammie. Took some time off from working with assignments. Was waiting to go next week. But since I was there, might as well get it done, right?

Finally decided on the Canon PowerShot A520. All for RM930.
4.0 megapixels. Video functions. Warranty for one year. Applicable in Australia and New Zealand.
Camera pouch (rm30).
256 MB (generic) card (free)
And VIP card for developing with 50% off. (Free)
Technically it's the best deal so far. Coz at most stores, they do not throw in the SD card, which would not be included in a RM890 package...

Hows the camera? Will take some photos soon and then you'll see if its great or not!

Peng Guan is a camera shy person.. So you can't expect any pictures of him here.... Not unless I drug him, get him sedated and shoot him butt naked in the tub.Oh that will be such great fun (even thinking about it). Can't wait.

*evil grin*









nevermind...that's what you get when you have a single - celibate- woman-home-alone-doing-nothing-but-assignments-whose-wild-imaginations-take-over-every-so-often.
It is time to let go....

It is time to let go....

Humans are not perfect.

Many a times, it is not possible to choose whom we like, because it just comes to us, that we like what we see in the other person. Somehow or another, we are drawn to that person, and we want to know every detail about the other person.

The problem is that most of us tend to jump into the relationship without getting to know each other first. Then as we get to know each other, we only realize that the other party is not the right person for us. Relationships are a tricky business.

Each of us has our criterion on the kind of mate that we are looking for. There are times I have asked myself, when I am interested in that person, why is it that I can accept them for who they are, but they can’t accept me. Or why do they reject me for what I am or the beliefs that I hold?

The questions WHY, WHY, WHY will keep banging as we try to find out the real reasons, when the other party has already stated it, or realized that there is a discrepancy in each other’s personality.

But we are NOT WILLING to accept the facts when it is already right in front of us.

Yet, if loving someone means having to give up your personal beliefs and opportunities in life just to please the latter, it would be better to get out of it, than to be in it. I can only say that how much value the other person has for you starts ONLY when you place value on yourself.

There are so many times that I have wanted to forgo my principles and faith for a relationship. In fact, I have fallen so many times, I cannot describe just how much. Yet, now when I look at it now, I realize that, if it is yours, it is yours. If the other party does not want you, no matter how much you plead, or beg, they still will not come.

If another party can’t accept you for the way you are, just leave. I have been hurt before. But I take it as something good for me, because I am free to find another who is much better for me and could complement me for what I am or have changed internally to be.

I would not hold grudges because they are being true to themselves. Would I want to stay with a person who lies to me that he likes me but does not in actuality? How much of my youth would be wasted on a person such as he!

I believe that for every thing that is on the market, there will always be a buyer. It does not matter how long you have been sitting on that shelf. It’s just a matter of when the buyer comes, and what have you been doing to prepare yourself to be a better person till the right buyer comes.

It will show what kind of mettle you are made of, and develop the kind of character in waiting out till the right person comes.

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Club Nokia chosed me to blog for them!


Club Nokia chosed me to blog for them!

Ok... Out of all the people,
CLUB NOKIA chose me to blog for them??


I received an email from Nokia Club a few weeks before CNY. Today, again, I got a call from a Nokia representative....

They asked me to BLOG for them!!
Check it out here. And VOTE FOR ME!!

The blog with the most votes will *WIN* a Nokia phone....
1st Prize - Nokia 6111A chic camera phone with landscape mode, audio messaging and allows video streaming & recording up to 1 hour.

2nd Prize - Nokia 6060
A sleek sensation with large screen, pulsating light and more.

3rd Prize- Nokia 1600
Small, light and stylish, it’s a colourful way to enjoy everyday.

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The rain is s-*pain*-ing.

The rain is s-*pain*-ing.

The Rain in Spain,
Stays mainly in the plain,
My butt stuck on the chain.
Let's go a-sailing,
Along this bright and bustling plain...

Ok... that sounds a bit better than the original version I made up...

But was raining this afternoon.

Went to see the dental surgeon earlier..

Seems that I will be having a strong sensitivity towards ice-cream and very very cold drinks for about the rest of my life *sigh*.
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Happy Ching Yan Chit, everyone!!


Happy Ching Yan Chit, everyone!!

Me being blur today...

At 5:20pm today...

Asta: CY~~~
Tomorrow got plan??
Me: Why uh??
Asta: Just ask lor.
Me: Ehhh..
Asta: Huh??
Me: No smoke without fire.
Asta: wat??
Me: nevermind.

6 hours later....

at 11:20pm....

Me: I only just understood what my friend said earlier...
SilverFox: What is it??
Me: It's Valentine's Day tomorrow...
SilverFox: *Slaps head*
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*B**L S**Tter


*B**L S**Tter

There's one thing about Lilian that is good.

She's great at B**L S**T.ting.

Even though her work is half-past-six.

She definitely gets by by just B**L S**T.ting.

She's so good that she convinces the parents with her B**L S**T about B**L S**T.
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Off work tomorrow onwards

Off work tomorrow onwards

Hei, you peeps.

I will be off work tomorrow onwards till I fly off!

I have also got a new laptop bag from my dad for my lappie!

Its a lovely green Valentino bag. Real trendy.


Anyway, you guys, just pray that I have the strength and wisdom to get everything done by the next two weeks.

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And the whole point of malaysian education is?


And the whole point of malaysian education is?

I just came back from 3 hour discussion with my classmate over our observation discussions.

The thing about learning about education is that we are taught, through our readings and trained to teach children to learn to think independently for themselves.

Like today. My elder brother left his bowl on the table. Nevermind that he needn't wash the dishes.

I promptly told him off for being a "bum" for leaving it to the maid to clear his bowl off the table.

He sheepishly went back to the kitchen to clear his bowl to the sink.

Or to teachers who sit on the table, I indirectly told them off by "bringing chairs" to them, to point out to them, we have to do what we teach. If we teach the children not to sit on the tables, as educators, we are sending out a mixed message if ourselves sit on the table.

Besides, didn't your mother tell it ws bad manners to sit on the table??

I believe that when I go Down Under, I will also be trained in the same manner. Whether "doing things for myself" or giving in to peer pressure (such as depending on a helper to do my work) is somethng I would not know in the long term future.

Since I am in a "socio-political" entry writing mood now, as Peter Tan says,

I will re-post here a comment entry from Jeff's comment entries on the UUCA Act 1971.
Now the UUCA Act 1971 forbids "students' involvement in politics, by taking part in events organised and financed by political parties?"

The question now is, are they doing what they preach?

If it applies to local university students, what are these parties trying to do by getting involved with overseas university Malaysian organisations?
Is the govt closing one eye when it comes to their own parties?
How about the opposition parties?

This is what one bumiputra studying overseas noted:

I joined the Malaysian Student Association (MSA)a few years back, in Tasmania, Australia. Our campus is located in Launceston,and the main campus is of course is in Hobart the capital city.We of the Launceston branch are always in envy of our peers in Hobart (and for that matter in the other university, located all over Australia) for the amount of funds they have in their coffers.I can say 60% of our activities are geared towards building funds to finance our few but significant event in the yearly calender i.e. Independance Day Dinner.

The secret of their success came into light one day after a fellow MSA in another university informed us of an proposed visit by an officerfrom the Malaysian government.The officer, gathered the MSA commitee members for a meet one night, a late meet i must add at 11pm.I got word of the meet not through the usual bulletin board but a personal call from the officer requesting my presence at the hotel he was staying. Upon arrival, i was suprised to find the committee members who attended are all of bumiputera/malay background.They too had received the personal phonecall and we wondered why our non malays/bumis didnt receive the similar call.

1 hour later it was clear it was only the malay/bumi members were called.We were invited to setup an UMNO club or affiliate our MSA with the UMNO group.In return, we are to be given a huge boost in fundings by the government of Malaysia.We were then given the same condensending lecture about racial politics etc and how by associating ourselves to UMNO would mean greater benefits for us economically and politcally. In return for their financial backing, we are to uphold UMNO interest in Launceston, be it to show support for the political decision in Malaysia to ensuring other Malaysian political entity do not set up their roots in our campus.

To his credit, the President of our MSA politely refused the offer and at the next meeting told the rest of the commiteee member about the proposal.

Till this day, our MSA is known as the poorest of the lot, unable to attend any of the 4/5 Australian MSA gatherings a year in different states due to dire finances.However, we are proud to say, our MSA still remains a political free association and we have just enough money (from our local fund rising projects) to celebrate Independance day, hold weekly sports gathering and a small emergency fund for any students in need."

To this fella I say: Continue to stick to your guns. At least you can hold your head up high and not give in to peer pressure to "bribing" from political parties who try to be funny.

Go and read 48 Laws of Power. I subscribe by that.
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My Australian student visa approved...!!


My Australian student visa approved...!!

I am so FLYING Down-Under on the 26th of February!!!

Actually, I was only expecting get the visa on Monday, and there was my dad complaining and wondering when my visa was going to get approved!!



They say visa approval takes two weeks?

Ok...mine took less than a week.....(probably due to the urgency anyhow!!)


Ta-Ta to you kids here!!

I am so gonna miss you kids so much!!
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Spiritual: The road leading to Australia


Spiritual: The road leading to Australia

When I asked God last year (some time in mid November 2005), I asked him to show me a sign about going Down Under.

I was initially quite hesitant about this decision, and was quite doubtful, but God sent me this verse, by way of a song in this Dunkin Donut's Sunday School tape that I play on the radio almost on a daily basis but never actually took notice of it...

Here comes Peter walking on the water, walking on the water coz Jesus said come

It kept ringing in my head, until I finally understood that it was the verse that was meant for me.
Yes, I still hold on to this verse even until now, coz I want Him to show me signs that He really is preparing the journey.

I told Him, if He really wants me to go, He better make the road before me clear.

Now, there is also this other issue about the car I have been debating. As most of my close acquaintances would know, the car has been giving me endless problems, until which, I kept asking whether it was really His will for me to get the car.

Well, the answer was given a few days back. It has nothing to do with my car, but, with my mother's car. The solution that came (we were pondering the decision whether to do away with one of the extra cars) but the answer came by way of a relative, and my mother's car is now away on loan, and with it, a financial source where repayment for both cars has been covered. Well, at least for the next one year.

Also, EON (the assistant manager) stated that he will change one of my car's engine units (whichever that part is). The timing of these both events make made me ask this question:

Was it really that coincidental?

Now, the final few issues in my mind is, if it is really meant for me to go, He has to find a way of helping me complete all the necessary paperwork and assignments that I have due within the next couple of weeks (17 days to be exact!) before I leave...

With the final pending issue of having my visa approved in time! Which, at this juncture, I can only ask of those concerned, please pray for me that this need be met!
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