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My Operations Systems Win2K finally up!!

My Windows 2K is finally up!! After 2 days of painstaking labour, Joseph managed to finally set up the OS up. I can finally use Google Talk and Earth on the desktop at home!! *HOORAY*.

No less, I have been wanting to change it for ages, BUT my brother was not willing to lift a hand up to help in any way. Joseph allocated 10 GB for the drive C, and the rest of 27 GB for drive D. Hardware and all these technicalities is not my forte, but nonetheless, it is important I know a bit of what is happening as not to be so jakun le....

My dad finally settled on the Dell Inspiron 630m, and we are getting it online. Factors being, there is customer service online when ever there is a problem and the current promotion that Dell is currently offering. (whatever it is, I have no idea, but the specifications of the laptop that I know so far seems fine by me anyway.)

Yes, I finally managed to write out an email to one of my parents in regard to requesting authorization to observe the child for my Special Needs course. I spoke to her this morning, and asked her to go and chekc it online first. She has not referred back to me as yet, but somehow I feel optimistic about it.

Melanie is coming again this Friday, and I would like to be as ready as possible and go through my reflections before she steps in. *I Have To Anyway*! Anyway, my offer letter from uni just came in in the email....ALRIGHT!!!Can't wait to go through it.

Have a nice day people... :-)

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