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What Are You?

Jan 3rd, 1:46am:

Do you only look for me when you have something in need,

or is that JUST what I am to you?

WHAT AM I really to you?

Did you mean what you say, when you were being truely nice to me all those times, or was that all for a show?

I have feelings too you know.

I have needs and desires as well.

BUT I am not blind.

Just because I did not mention it openly to you, it did not mean that I do not see what you are doing.

Is that truely WHAT YOU ARE?

Or are you going to tell me again what you have always told me, "That it was all a mistake"?

Or should I be mistaken in what I say here?

I don't know.

You tell me. Is that really what you are?

Jan 4th: 23:17hours.

I am in a pissy mood. I am going to put this entry back to the top.

If you are wondering, I am not bi, nor am I les. I am hetereosexual.

I am still pissed off.

I don't even know why you asked what it is you could have done that could have annoyed me (and without knowing why).

Do I seem like that kind of person who take things for a jest?
What answer would you expect me to give?

That I do not care about the things that happens?
That a bit of appreciation would be appreciated?
That words are just merely words, and nothing but words?

I had been honest in what I said, but the more I did, the less you were. And the more vague the answer that was given me.

You tell me what should I do, as you are doing now.

I really do not know.


dannie choOng said...

Take a break sister ! Come and join us to Genting this weekend. I thought I was bad until I saw what you wrote on your blog. Guess you are worse than me. Hey you are an educator ler, must show good example to the little one. Be strong ya..

cheayee said...


Nah. I won't let my personal nor private affairs affect my professional work....(hopefully)...

Nonetheless..... as for the Genting must be bad timing.

Hmmm. Its a bit hard for me to get off , with my work, and obligations...(sigh. Three different areas....chauffeuring, song leading, as well as journalism...) imagine that....

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