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Welcome to 2006!!

Happy New Year to everyone!!!

I spent New Year's Eve at a WatchNight service. Some would describe it as a meaningful manner in which to end the year in praising God for His providence through out the year....

Among the things I praise God for this year is:

1) Finally getting the new Proton car, admist the host of problems it contained. ( I do not know why they were put there, but perhaps it was there for a reason?)

2) Getting through my assignments without failing any! *touch wood!!*

3) His Protection upon me where ever I had gone to, and especially when I drive and of more paramount importance as I have kids with me.

4) His Providence:

-of a group of friends whom I have met, has helped me in my spiritual growth, although I may have regressed from from time to time.

-of Wisdom whenever I had requested for it.

5) The many times He has given me glimpses of comfort of His wonderful peace, where I hold on to the verse "those who mourn shall be comforted" (from the promises of the Be-Attitudes).

6) His many reminders to me that I WILL and ALWAYS WILL BE His Child no matter how much my self esteem has suffered, or the many times I had strayed away from the fold.

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