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The very gay-fully "Wee" Family of Cousins.

The only thing I can deduce from the exercise below is......there will be some people who will have trouble finding girlfriends.

If guys can't stand having a girl who is as " manja" as me....All I can say is "damn".

Girl friends will have a hard time with such guys.

In my opinion, TOO BAD. My Gain, YOUR Loss, as Annie always said. Right, Annie? ;-)


Anyway, spending time with my nieces are among the best ways I can spend my time.

Kimmy Kylie Y. has grown from a pre-teen to a teenager who is conscious about herself now. She does not like being photographed (in a non-studio setting).

As Montessori states, a child who is confident for the first six years of her life (more for girls, in my opinion), will become again like a caterpillar just emerging from the cocoon at the brink of teenage hood. And I see this happening with my niece. It is a strange new world for her.

Anyway, as much as it is, I didn't say it out my thoughts to the girls, but was looking through the studio pictures that my nieces took. It seems the shorter, noisier, tantrum-y younger sister, Michelle Sally Y. seems to be the looker. Although she is only in her pre-teens, I see a future for her in modelling. Lolz.

This is something the elder one even realised without my need to point it out. It is obvious that there is no need for the salt to be rubbed in further for a young teenager. PERHAPS in a few years time when she's much more older.

I knew it, that Kimmy would say it out today even before I arrived for our dim sum lunch at Swiss Garden Hotel today
"Today is the FIRST time I have seen you out of your baggy denim jeans....out of the many times we have seen you, it was always with those denim jeans",

and Michelle quipped...."oh, and those white tops as well!".

Hehe. (WELL, those JEANS ARE COMFY!!!)

Today is the last day of their time in Malaysia for a long long time to come...
My other cousins had already gone back to Seattle and L.A.

I brought the girls to Bukit Jalil Park. Actually, we went down to IOI Mall before this, and on our way back, decided to hop over tothe Bukit Jalil Park.

They loved running through the park, being their first time the past 13 years since they have been to Malaysia. I was wearing heels, so there was NO WAY I was going to run anywhere anytime then!

Ethan MIchelle Christmas
Michelle & Ethan (american nephew)at my house on christmas.

ethan michelle Times Square
Michelle& Ethan making faces at Times Square. All the cousins were there at the same time.

kimmy violin
Kimmy (Grade 4 violinist performing for us during Christmas!)



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