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Results for Cross-Cultural.

If you are wondering why am I an owl tonight.....

I am up doing my assignments in time for Friday and doing some transcripts for my child observations.

Ok....just checked my results for Cross-Cultural Communication...Nopz..I didn't get a HD but got an A for it!! (HD is the highest mark after A).
I got a 31 out of a 45 for my 3rd project, but altogether I did pretty well for the first two projects, which was an online PowerPoint presentation as well as a Case Study for the 2nd project.
Averaged out, I scored an A for overall.

Hehe....Now is a matter of doing my Play Based Pedagogies essay and handing it up on Friday..*sweat*.

Anyway,seems that I have to get a new Nokia charger for my handphone. The wire broke......*sweat*

Uh....oh you mean can get phone chargers at phone stalls..*right*

*knocks head against the wall*

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SilverFOX said...

*puts double pillows between CY and wall*

No need to bang head against wall ler. Common mistakes happen to anyone anytime, so no need to be so extreme :p

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