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Results ARE Out!

Rub it in, will ya, Foxy?

I can cook when I wish like cooking. Thank. You.Very. Much.

Thanks for taking the time to get the word utility parents have been livid over having to use a new OS system. Besides, I was sick of Windows 98 for the past one year, and have been trying to upgrade it to something more Net Accessible. Nevermind if its only Win2K.

But they won't regret it in the long run, coz it will save them tons in phone charges when they can either call through Skype or Google Talk when I head Down Under.
It was the same with my brother.
HECK. They may even check out my blog to find out whats new in my life (just like what Laynie's dad does anyway! *LOL*). That will BE THE END of me then!! haha.

Anyway, I just got my results. Play Based Pedagogies 68/100 (40%). Another paper to go. Which accounts for 60% of the total assessment.

And Families & Societies just only passed........out of 40.
You. Do. The. Math. The remaining is 60 % of total assessment.

Just spoke to Alice. She also the same.....*Haha*

Sigh. Sociology can be a pain. But it is interesting no less. I have to make sure I do better in the remaining 60% left for the paper. *lolz*

Cant wait to see what remarks the lecturer has put in the paper. I bet they can tell I have never done sociology before. Lolz.
(and it was something on Special Needs. *hint hint*. )



SilverFOX said...

Prayer noted without prejudice.

cheayee said...

i just found out my class mate got 93 for the same essay...

I don't want to be KIASU. BUT I am.

Ok, Foxy, pray that everything goes on smoothly for me, k.

If HE really wants me to go, HE had better make sure everythign Goes Well. or else....I don't know what it that thing He told me about me to get going...

cheayee said...

sorry....93 for the play essay.

I am not sure how well they did for the Sociology one, but it seems we passed on the basis of the correct format, and nothing on the content. *LOL*!!

Don't know if that is a good thing or not!

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