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Memoirs of a Geisha.

Anyway, Memoirs of a Geisha...was SURPRISINGLY GOOD.

Although all three main characters were acted by Chinese women, nonetheless, they did put in a good performance.

I wonder if there really were no Japanese women around who could act that well???
I wonder, aren't there any fluent English speaking Japanese actresses around? Yeah, I went to IOI this evening after class to change for a word utility cd, but unfortunately the shop didn't have stock. I decided to catch Memoirs of A Geisha. GrayFox joined me not too soon after that.

Guess what we had for dinner? can guess it already....

SUSHI ! *haha!*


1) Well. I have one totally BIG FAT ASS of an assignment due on Friday. It's 5 essays (including references).
2) Not to mention that I have to update my Internship File by Friday, (for Melanie to go through).
3) and I need to get a 6k AUD bankdraft ready by Monday. *hmmm*. (and drive down to college again!)
4) Plus I am trying to get data for 11 observations for my child observation done by Chinese New Year. (God, please help me that I don't fall asleep half way).
5) I also need to observe my Special Needs child. *hmmm* I hope the mother agrees. I cannot bear another heart attack soon. Going to call the mother tomorrow after church.
6) Book accomodations.
7) Book airflight tickets. Do. this. online? *heck, just call my mom to do this. I have no time to do it.*

Can I quit my job already? I hope I can do that by 2nd week of Chinese New Year.


Bloody. Now you know that I really have no time to berak.

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