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Customer Service tests The Crunch.

9th Jan 06:
On Friday, I was in a pissy mood.

Nonetheless, I still have a *good* heart.

1) I wrote an e-mail to PenDrive on Friday afternoon regarding my faulty SD card. I even sent in a screenshot of the SD Card.....Here is their prompt reply that I received today.


Dear ----- Chea Yee,
Please forward your SD card to our HQ in Dataran Prima PJ.
We will check your card condition. If it is defective as you discribe, we will exchange new card to you without any charges.
best regards, Technical Support

2) I wrote an email to Sheaffer International. It was to do with PG's faulty and leaky Sheaffer pen I got him for his birthday last year. He did get re-fills, but it still leaked.

Well, if he doesn't want it (a faulty pen), I can send it for repairs and use it for myself. *wide grin*.

Thank You, PG. I wouldn't mind it very much. :-)

3) Today, I called up the company where I bought my V-Gear Bee 1.1 webcam at All IT Hypermarket at Low Yat Plaza. I even sent them an email with images taken using the webcam this week and last week. Let's see if I get a reply from there. I even sent an email to the international website and VGear Customer Service email. It doesn't really matter if I don't get a reply from the International Site, but it would definitely BOOST their image, and see how helpful their Customer Servvice is when Customers require Help.

10th Jan:

Webcam: I found out what the problem was. From Albert. Now, I am awaiting an answer from the technical guys. If they don't know, I shall screw them. It's their JOB to know.

Anyway, Albert is going to go cam-shopping with me one of these days for the new one. He has a Canon cam. Well, actually I DO think Canon is good. He got his for RM900, but without the SD card.

Well, SD card only costs RM75 for 200+MB, so WHAT is the Big Deal? If the company gives me a disk with any less storage, they are SHORTCUTTING me.

What about the CASIO Exilim? I don' t know. I am going to check out the Canon he recommended. Well, at least for the Canon that he has (I know he has one, coz I checked out his Canon's whilst at KY's place. I took a picture of a fan), you can apply filters to it to give a differentiated effect, rather than the point-focus-click function on almost any other camera.
(If one has the time anyway!).
My reply from VGear. I had problems registering the webcam.
Dear user:
Please fill the space in warranty card . You can mail or fax the registry form
to us. Let us try to registry it! If you have any question, please feel
free to contact me. Thank you very much.

Best Wishes!

Customer Service
Div Asiamajor Inc.

*Right*. Helllo....?
And from HonestTech:

Dear valued customer,

The bundled software that you are referring to is a customized version to meet specific needs of the hardware manufacturers.

Please be advised that we are a software company, and we have limitation on how much support we can provide on the hardware and its customized software. Based on your description, it appears that the driver for your hardware is not installed and/or functioning properly.

We recommend that you visit the hardware manufacturer's website to download and install the latest driver for your hardware. You may find the
hardware manufacturer's contact information on the hardware packaging box or in the user's manual.
Thank you,
Sunny ----
Honest Technology Tech Support Team

Misdiagnosed problem neh.....Even Albert knew what the problem was the moment I told him!!

Sheaffer: Still awaiting news. I wrote another email to Michele.Beach at BicWorld. Yes, Sheaffer is a subsidiary of Bic World. We'll see how long staff of this big INK conglomerate takes to answer customer support.

11th January:

Today I got two calls.

Sheaffer: I got a call and a text message from Audrey frm BicWorld. Probably the email to Michele at BicWorld. did the trick! PG is going to send the pen for servicing by himself at KLCC.(he has to do the rest oor himself ler....). They should put that information on the main website..*Helllo*....

Webcam: I got a call from the IT department from the technician, Amir. He said I should bring in the webcam to have a check up. Hmm..Actually he tried callling about three times yesteday but I didn't pick up. I know, coz I called back.

Emails and screenshots are a good thing.

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