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First day of Chinese new Year 2006



I wrote in last night to Smith, my lecturer for an extension on my final Sociology assignment. S/he extended it to the 27th, which should give me ample time enough to do it....THANK HEAVENS! Now I wouldn't have to worry so much about it that much.

However, surprisingly I didn't request one for my play essay (which apparently a lot of my classmates did request for one). One of my classmates, MF, did a 60-page f portfolio for the Play Based essay, (which all of us are like looking up in the air and saying, " she really beat us to it, didn't she??". Being that there is no word limit to it, I bet she will score 100 upon 100 if THAT is possible. She really surpassed all of us........... *no comment left liao*. Of course, coming from a background (where she has to do presentations and long proposals is one factor behind it. The training for it, is of course, one of the key factors in which she can just do it without blinking an eye over it!)

I did not do so badly for the first essay, and therefore felt that I did not need to request for an extension, although many of the other classmates did.

Well, to each their own.

Ok, I was hoping to get a cammie at IOI Mall yesterday, but it seems that Lady Luck was biding her time. GrayFox sent me a cryptic message "I AM one WITH THE FISHES", thinking I could not scout out where he was.


Anyway, I got myself a nice new pair of pricey (considerably) pale mocha-green open-toed 3 inch heels from Bata.
Guy's response?
GORGEOUS. Just.Wait. Till. You. See. Them.

We went clothes whoring. GrayFox said that guys have this joke about fathers/men not giving enough dough to their woman to buy clothes.

But paradoxically, it seems the skimpier the clothes the more expensive it is!!

Now, that seems RATHER WRONG, don't you think??

Last night went to Uncle Albert's for reunion dinner.

yee sang at Uncle Albert's.
Yee Sang to start the reunion dinner (pix in fast motion neh..)

I checked out the wireless hub they have....Ok. I have a wireless laptop (in front of me), but we do not have a wireless hub at home. So, there is absolutely no way we can go wireless anywhere at home......

Anyway, isn't it cool that now I can just bring my lappie to STARBUCKS and pretend to be like one of those big shots (dressed in an office suit, of course!) and surf the net on my lappie? WAY COOL!

I went out with Agnes to the Golden Arches at CentrePoint. Haven't been there since..... well, if you have noticed, the Golden Arches introduced a new range of coffee drinks recently....a bit slow, huh??

Anyway, check out OZ's Golden Arches...Let me get acquainted with their menu since I am heading there soon...can't wait to check out their variety of bacon (pork) burgers...Deli Choices, Salads Plus and McCafe...*YuMmY*...

CHOR YAT was ok ler. In the morning, I went for Sunday Service.


Went to Wai Poh after that.

Heng Ku brought their chinese breed dog...."a toy dog" of some sort to grandma's.


Grandma gave me a a nice amount for New Year. Well, actually, this is essentially to wish me luck when I go to OZ.

Siu Yeh wanted to go Sing K at Pyramid, but the place is charging RM30 p/head...NAH, not worth it, even if there is buffet provided. HOW MUCH can we eat anyway?

Hmmm....maybe later, after Tai Ku's!

We're going to Tai Ku's home in Bangsar later. Big house. Sucky Food. Same thing every year. OH well. That's CNY for me every year!

IT's the YEAR of the DOG after all!!

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