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017 Sim card for sale.

Two Maxis Sim Cards going for RM100 each. Sorry, but no credit left inside.
You gotta top up yourself.

Best part, NO NEED to register names.

Terrorists wannabes need not apply.

Cash term upfront only, Or please bank into my Maybank account.

If interested, please send me your email through the comments, and I will get back soonest possible.

If you think RM100 is expensive, I had to pay RM175 for a Maxis 012 sim card years ago, so don't you dare give that silly excuse.

The money shall go to payment of my new camera.

Thank You.


Nicholas said...

why would anybody pay rm 100 when when new cards are like rm 8.80?

cheayee said...

There is no reason.

Whoever wants it can pay RM100.

The only thing that you need not do is register your name.

SilverFOX said...

Something's wrong with the picture here, i just know it. But pinpointing the source is hard, though. Is it the RM100 you're charging for used 017 Maxis prepaid cards, or the fact that people would rather pay RM8.80 for a new one even though they need to register their names?

You tell me, CY ;)

cheayee said...

There is no reason for it, Grayfox.

I am charging RM100 for a used 017 sim card with no credit.

If people want it, they have to pay.

If people sell it, there will be people who will buy it.


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