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Cooking prowess in the making.


Cooking prowess in the making.

The first night I came back to KL, I had dinner at home. A late night dinner anyway.

Guess what the maids had cooked? (yeah, the maids cooked..not my mum)

Steamed fish. Bland stir-fry vege. and some weird looking soup.

You can guess that I didn't really touch much of it.
In the past one week, I have met up with friends.

I was surprised that when I told them that I have learnt to cook basic dishes.... they gave me this stupendous look. What basic dishes do I mean?

When I arrived at the beginning of the year in Toowoomba, I wrote this,
saying how much I wanted to learn cooking..and refine my cooking skills I did. Success!

My first attempt at cooking a 3 course dish, although taking 2 hours, was a success. But never again would I try it!!

In the past one year, I have made:

My infamous diabetes-inducing-Chicken curry (from scratch) using cinnamon, dry chilli, meat curry powder and dry essentials. and cooking for a host of Hongkies!

Among that also is
- loh mai kai fan (from scratch),
- fried rice
(from scratch),
- bak zham kai
(chicken rice style from scratch!)- YK's fav!
and even had my try at mah poh tau fu (from scratch!).
-chapati and dhal (from scratch!)

I've also had a hand at
-siew yok (grilled pork),
-siew kai (grilled chicken),
-chicken in sweet and salty black soya sauce stew (wings and drumsticks and all!)
-ching tong kai yook mai fun (chicken noodle soup)
-wantan mee ala dry style.
- salad ala chinese style (cooked shredded chicken, mushrooms, fried meehoon, sesame oil)
- salad ala caesar style (with boiled eggs, shredded cheese, cabbage, olive oil, tomatoes)

Yet, that does not take into account desserts such as
-hak loh mai
(black glutinous rice),
-sai mai yeh zap
( hot coconut milk with sago),
-zhan zhu nai cha (pearl tea drink).
- hong dau shui (red bean soup)

Of course, the thing I have yet to master is baking. I can't bake to save my life. Although I've watched Justin bake his lasagne so many times, that is something I still can't remember how to make anyway!

Apparently most malaysian females (and males notwithstanding!) are not able to cook. It can't be blamed that they do not know how to cook.

Hmmm..what can I say? Eating out is cheap in KL.

Today I had lunch at Kim Gary. I ordered:

Steamed rice with chicken ala SzeChuen with potatoes & slathered over with cheese

That gave me an idea of what I could have my hand on to try cooking next....hehehe.
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Earthquake in Taiwan


Earthquake in Taiwan

You know, I find it strange that the calamities seem to have happen post Christian events.

The year before, it was the tsunami that happened on Dec 26th 2004.
It's an earthquake in Taiwan this time around. Dec 26th 2006.
The other was post-Easter 2005. less than one year apart.

What? Does that mean the next major calamity would be post-Easter 2007?

Should be brace ourselves for that? Somehow, its on these two major Christian events that God struck earth.
For those who don't believe in God, that really is not my concern. Since I believe in God, if you don't like what I write, you can go scurry off back to your hole somewhere..

Well, we'll see. Let's wait till next Easter. In the mean time, stock up on supplies should the next calamity really happen. I mean, no one knew that the mini-tsunami (whatever taht was) would actually come upon Penang when it happened.

Touch wood, the next could be Kuala Lumpur. But do pray that THAT does not ever happen!

(FYI, the internet connection here is really slow due to the Earthquake. Not sure about Australia though.)
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Back in KL.


Back in KL.

Hei people, am back in KL for the summer holidays now....Will be heading back Australia in the month of March. Will write an update on my holidays SOON.

Anyway, there seemed to be some problem with my SD card...

*points middle finger up in the air*

It's annoying as all my picture are in that card....the card is *kind* of readable..but I think its RIP already. Have to get the pictures from Jiaren now. Sad huh?

The weather has been pretty much hot and humid!!It's pretty alright for me so far, as I have air-conditioning in my room, so that helped me adjust back to the Malaysian climate.. *heh*.

It's terrible.
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The bus that I was supposed to take to Brisbane broke down before GreyHound switched us over to their normal route.

Ivan, sweet a fella that he is (but already financially half broke) decided to pay the extra 13 dollars (on top of the 10 dollars) making it a total of 23 dollars to come down with me to Brisbane on the bus. *awwwww* He was going over to take the train to meet his friend somewhere in town.

We arrived at Roma St about 6.30. An hour later than our expected time. Hmmph!

Anyway, results are released today!!! I scored a B for Guiding and Managing Children's Behaviour. However, the results for the other 2 courses are still pending.....

Please Please Pray that I get a good grade for the other 2 courses yeah??? Thanks very much!!! I don't want to be panicking and worrying abt that when I am on holidays...
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3rd Semester Holidays ahoy!

3rd Semester Holidays ahoy!

Today is my last day here in Toowoomba for Sem 3, 2006.

I finally finished my teaching practicum on Tuesday, handed in my assignment on Wednesday, started packing on Thursday.

Also finally packed all of my stuff to go. They're all neatly packed in boxes in the garage.Will be heading down to Brisbane at 4pm today. Then after to meet Jiaren & Stephanie in Melbourne, and thereafter to Tasmania until 19th December.

Will be in Brisbane to handle some immigration visa details in the last 3 days before I leave for Malaysia on 23rd Dec. See you there if you're there!

I really like my new housemates...never thought that Izam, Alan & Kevin could be this funny until they moved in!

Kevin likes listening to HillSong Instrumental. I periodically hear him listening to it on his PDA when he's playing LAN. He was surprised when I played it on my lappie earlier. LoL.

Izam and Alan often make calls back on 2B (a HongKong callback 2 phone program).

They all said they will miss me when I leave....the house will be so quiet when I am away.....


"Hou Yau Chui" as the Hongkies would say. Hmmm...actually, I think Justin is feeling a bit left out coz every1's speaking Cantonese... *LoL*.

Alan & Izam re-organized and cleaned out the kitchen yesterday. They really took out everything from the fridge, the larder, the cupboard and re-organized all the plates, dishes, bowls and spoons that I was momentarily lost last night when I was cooking.

We had Loh Mai Kai Fan (Fried Glutinuous Rice) with chicken, mushrooms, scallops and dried baby shrimp.

Izam cooked this beef, egg and so-called salted vege (looked really yummy!)

Anyway, Ivan brought over this spicy chilli tomato chicken dish. According to MT, Ivan is a good cook..comparable to Izam...LoL....

For the last morning here (for now anyway) I cooked Hak Loh Mai this morning. It's still in the pot, piping hot waiting for the guys to dig in!

Anyway, it's Summer in Toowoomba know, Summer IS SUPPOSED to be HOT.
But, this summer here is like Autumn and Winter. BARELY Hot in the day time.
Winter and Breezy at Night...

So Much for Summer anyway. Oh Well, it'll be a COLD Christmas in Toowoomba after all.
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Toowoomba: Erratic weather.


Toowoomba: Erratic weather.

It was max, 40 degrees celcius yesterday.

Hot? Actually, I didn't really notice it.

MT came over for dinner yesterday. I cooked curry. My delicious diabetes inducing chicken curry.

Alan, my friend from HK was screaming bloody murder as MT (malaysian classmate) and I were adding more dry chilli and curry powder into the gravy! (We needed more gravy mah!).

Today, when I woke up, apparently it had rained the night before.

It was blowing cold and the breeze was freezing our bottoms off! Jiaren Lau, Tony Winter, Justin (Aaron's couz) and Aaron came over earlier.

Aaron wanted to visit us obviously. (duh). Then later, Ivan (from Sarawak) came over.

They all packed themselves like sardines into my room and had a nice time cracking jokes.

Jiaren said he wanted to apply to be a mentor next year. Good luck then.

Anyway, for dinner tonight, Alan cooked Shrimp Paste Steamed Pork, and Stir-fried chinese cabbage with soya sauce mince. Yummy.

Enough for 2 of us to eat tonight, and pack away for lunch for me and Justin, with leftover remaining! Yummy!
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Happy Birthday to Me.


Happy Birthday to Me.

Happy Birthday to Me,
Happy Birthday to Me,
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday to Me!!!

He he he..
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Irene @KL Mouse's testimony.


Irene @KL Mouse's testimony.

One of my friends from the FGA YAF cell-group sent this email to us...I would like to cut-and-paste it here for everyone to see....

"Dear friends

First of all, I would like to thank you all for praying for my mom's surgery. She had a successful surgery and have been discharged from the hospital yesterday.

Secondly, I would like to share with you all as to how God have answered your prayers.

Yesterday afternoon, after my church I went home and found that my mom have just came back from the hospital. She had the hospital bill, so I checked to see how much was the cost of the whole surgery. I had expected a sum of not less than RM15,000. She was staying at Gleaneagles Jalan Ampang and that hospital is not cheap. Her room alone cost RM330 per night.

To my surpise, the bill was only about RM8,000. I checked the details and to my suprise, the item listed as "Professional Fees for the surgeon" is RM1 (yes, one ringgit). The doctor who had performed the surgery decided to charge my mom only RM1. My mom was also surprised as the doctor did not inform her that he will only charge RM1.

So, God not only answered our prayers for a succesful surgery. God did something that is beyond our expectation of Him (as usual). If we ever want to limit what God can do, perhaps we should think twice :)
If you are ever feeling down and sad about something, take a moment to see things around you and see how God have bless you or the people around you. If you are complaining that God just bless the people around you but not you, remember that God did not place us in this world to just love ourself ... Love Thy neighbour as you love yourself

Irene @ KL Mouse."

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Angels singing in Heaven!


Angels singing in Heaven!

After 3 months of living with crazy housemates, and attending church services with us, my housemate from India, a hindu believer, who prays fervently to his Indian God (in a photo frame) every day in his room without fail, finally, on this day in history, decided to give his heart to God and accepted a position in the family of Christ when Pastor Yew Meng gave an altar call at our final ANS service in the hall today!

Welcome to our new member, Avadhut, to the body of the Christ! This, I believe will be a decision you will always remember for the rest of your life. To the others, continue praying for this "babe" in Christ, that he will grow spiritually in the Word of God and do many great things in the life to come!

Anyway, there has been some changes to the structure of the church service which my hsemate has written, so you guys can read it here.
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The Weather Man.


The Weather Man.

The weather in Australia can be pretty finicky. It was really blustery and windy today!
I was practically freezing when I was out with the children ..Brrr!!!

Yesterday, was my first day of pract.It went marvellously well. The weather, though, decided to try playing havoc with the rest of us...

In the morning, it was a nice warm spring day. However, by the time noon was admist, the skies took a turn for the gray.

The acting director, Annie, said that in all her 2 years working there, the cats and dogs raining never fought this hard!

Alas, who'd know that my first experience of the hail storm was only to be found digitally!
So, on his first job as the Weather Man yesterday...and here to present his first discovery of the hails of Toowoomba...I *present*

*drum roll*...dang dang dang...

YK and his hail.
The weather man, YK, hailing ice down.
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"What is YOUR IMAGE of .....?"


"What is YOUR IMAGE of .....?"

These words have kept repeating themselves in the past few days. Compliments of my readings from ECE2112, one of the key things that was addressed in the powerpoint slides my lecturer prepared was, as an educator,

"WHAT is YOUR IMAGE of the child?".
"What is your image of the child that STOPS you from allowing the child of going further than what they are capable of and from achieving what they can possibly do?"

Of course, I really was not thinking much about that till yesterday, when a similar but almost alike statement was made when I was watching this documentary video, Mickey Mouse Monopoly by Media Education Foundation, produced and written by Chyng Feng Sun.

One of the key ideas in the video is that it explores the representations of gender, race and class that is portrayed in the cartoons that Disney has produced.

The videos that children watch unconsciously, and subconsciously, will portray images of what it takes to be a female, male, as well as the minority races in the media (and etc.)

Anyway, the key question that I am addressing here is something that my housemate brought up recently, and I have asked practically this entire year is:

What exactly are people's images of the female asian?

My experience with my housemates, especially in the past one year here, has informed me that people have this typical narrow stereotype of female asians as being demure, gentle, quiet, and obedient.


  • What exactly in the environment is it that keeps on perpetuating this image of the stereotypical asian female of who and what female asians ought to be?
  • Are we discerning, and filtering the kind of media that we watch, and which portrays the images of what people ought (or not ought to be) that it becomes imbedded in our minds?

If I were to get a penny for everytime I hear someone say what a female asian ought to be, I would be a very rich chinese woman now. Of course, the media ( including books, movies, commercials and videos) has totally neglected, and forgotten about the majority of the rest of the female population which does not fit this stereotype or mould.

The asian females which like me, and Annie (thank you very much Annie. I love you the way you are!) who do not fit the "typical" mould and are absolutely crazy, hyper, mad, lovable, loud, annoying, talkative, manja....and everything else rolled into it!

The thing I would like to ask is, do these images of the person as a male, female, or even as a specific race, stop us from getting to know the person for who they are and what they actually are?

Comments such as these I have received are not very encouraging. Of which, such as

  • "and you Alien who look like a Chinese, but do not act Chinese" by a previous housemate.
  • are you sure you are a female?
  • Chinese people are supposed to be able to speak, read and write Mandarin.
  • You are a female. Females should not be doing that.

Perhaps you as the discerning reader should reflect on these thoughts too.

Melbourne: Confirmed my bookings.

Melbourne: Confirmed my bookings.

I finally confirmed my booking to Melbourne. (Jiaren was making a lot of noise earlier tonight..*heck*)

Date: 9th Dec 2006,
Place: Melbourne (Avalon)
Time of Arrival: 13:00hours.
The rest of the crew will be arriving a bit later.

We still have not worked out the accomodations yet but that is not really a problem. Most important thing is to get the tickets first! I will be back at Brisbane on 19th Dec.

I have decided not to join them (as in Jiaren & crew) at Sydney as I have my post-professional experience issues to handle (which may crop up in any event. Who knows, right?). We will be spending the most of our time at Tasmania as well as in Melbourne.

As I have stated, I also have my flight back to Malaysia on 23rd Dec 2006. Today, I have decided once and for all...YES. I AM GOING back. So you guys, see you back in Kuala Lumpur! Heh. I will arrive in KL either at 6pm or 9pm, depending whether I get the 6pm flight back to KL.
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Ok, next plan.


Ok, next plan.

Ok, I promised Annie that I will write on the ISS dinner.....*sorry!!*
Just haven't had time to write on that. Will try doing in the coming weekend.

Grace is back from touring Auckland and Malaysia. I am now feeling a bit sad on the realization that a lot of students are leaving at the end of the year, and this will also mean that I won't be seeing them after this. *sob sob sob*. Oh well.

I told myself not to get too annoyed with YK's antics no matter what he does for the next couple of weeks to come....hah. I have a sense of humour?? It really depends on the context, my dear. Just don't drive me crazy, k? I know you'll miss me a lot when you're gone. Ha ha.

Anyway, Jiaren has made a proposal for me to go on holidays with him and Steph to possibly tour Sydney, Melbourne and probably Tasmania as well. We are trying to get another person to come with us as that will save more costs..! many of my friends are in Melbourne....let's see... Kathleen, JonoChai, Faith & her family, my cousins George and Florence *mmm mmm*. Am just wondering if they will be there over the summer, eh?

I am in the midst of working out the costs of it for my parents to look at, because I initially did not think of going, and it definitely beats staying in Toowoomba with nothing much to do but swatting flies in the heat of summer.

He is proposing to stay for a while and to leave probably on 7th Dec, being that I might have my post-ECP interviews and other things to clear up before leaving before returning for Sem 1, 2007.

So, if my flight back to KL is on the 23rd Dec, and if I am leaving on that flight, then I will drag my essential belongings over to my couz's in Brisbane and be back in Brisbane maybe by the 22nd. Which means, I won't be travelling back to Toowoomba and will be leaving straight back to KL after that.

My cousin is getting wed in March, so I will probably be flying over to Melbourne again then? Oh well. Who knows what for now...
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"Tentative" being the operative word here.


"Tentative" being the operative word here.

Last night, the International Student Support Services hosted an Annual International Dinner for all the international students. It was real posh-y.

blah blah blah.

Will write about that later.

Anyway, my tentative plans for the rest of the summer semester now is that I will be starting my practicals on 8th of November, and "tentatively" completing it on 5th of Dec. Yes, 20 days of bloody darn pract.

being the operative word here.

The other thing is, I have a flight back to KL scheduled on 23rd Dec 2006.

This booking was made ages ago (like in the month of February 2006), which was way before I knew what I would be doing here. I do not think I could get any earlier dates than the 23rd (when I do call up SIA next week to check on the time table) being that it is the festive season (both in Australia, and elsewhere).

Anyway, that being that, everything is tentative for the time being.

Actually, I am not really sure about this whole business of going back to Malaysia thing... I am getting my visa renewed here, so basically I can stay here as long as I want to after the New Year till Semester 1, 07 starts.

Apart from missing all my friends back in KL, as well as missing the food, well, that is all that is..
(knowing my parents, they will drag me to work till the month of February ends, but I would like to help my dad with his office-and-going-out-of-town work instead).

I could most probably get a job to support my living expenses here, and also travel a bit as well. If I work one to two days here, that could bring in enough to cover my expenses for one week (and maybe more!). I also have my other friends here who would accompany through out the summer.

The reason I am pondering is probably because I was talking to Edmund when he was back in KL during the mid year break... he was complaining that he stayed in in his house for the most of the hols and would rather have been in OZ where at least he could have found a job to do. The other being that, as I have experienced, during holidays, my friends are all mostly busy working, and there is basically no one there to spend any time with you....unless you mean at during lunch or at nights.

Apart from that, I have other good news. My parents managed to renew my driving licence. They are handing it over to Grace, who will be back here next weekend. Woo Hoo...I can drive then!!
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Eats: King of Kings @ Chinatown, Brisbane


Eats: King of Kings @ Chinatown, Brisbane

I could not actually go to Brisbane and dine without cam-whoring, could I??
Do you think I could be that cruel to the rest of you Chinese (who are craving for Dim-Sum) living in Toowoomba?


Anyway, the first place we went to was King of Kings, a dim-sum place in ChinaTown, Brisbane...among some of the food ordered was:



Hanaichi Japanese restaurant:

This dish costs $16!!

For mid afternoon tea:

For dinner at Chinatown that night: (two of the many dishes)


Breakfast at The Manor: (a wide variety of food ordered for 5 people !)


steamed glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaves.




Is your mouth watering yet??
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Tuesday arrives.


Tuesday arrives.

This blog is best viewed on Internet Explorer. That is what I can say anyway. Hah.

If you are observant enough, you'd have noticed that I have just added a new Chatter-Box. The previous one was rendered unusable as I think the company or website was taken over by some weird organisation online. So please leave your comments in the Chatter box (as you can see on your right).

Well, today I finally managed to get the Jap garden pictures from Jiaren. So there, you can view it as you scroll down. Cool eh?

We were in Veronica's office (one of the Student Service counsellors) and she said she saw my blog.... So she asked me to write for the Student well.

*saying that I write a lot of stuff on food entries in my blog...*LOL


Announcing that Veronica is giving away FREE coffee vouchers, Day Passes to the USQ Gym, or $2 phone cards for surveys completed! Go to her office to do them!

Anyway, she says that if you do a book review or movie review and it gets printed in the Student newsletters, you stand to win a movie voucher, or $10 book voucher at the USQ Book Store.FREE stuff, you don't want ah??

I was thinking of cooking curry tonight. My housemates are sick of eating curry everyday....albeit a different variation of curry...Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

Anyway, guess what I cooked for dinner tonight?

Stir-Fried Bok Choy with Shiitake Mushrooms.

Chicken in Sweet & Salty Black Soya Sauce Stew.

I thought it might have been too sweet, but my housemates, Avadhut & Justin thought differently! Woo hoo!

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My 3-day weekend Brisbane Eating Escapade

My 3-day weekend Brisbane Eating Escapade

I just returned from a trip to Brisbane during the weekend. Did a week block pract at a childcare centre, so I really needed a break!

It's not often that I go up for a trip to Brisbane, so it is kind of a big deal. I was just remarking to a housemate that I wanted to go and visit my cousin in Brisbane, and God really blessed me (in this instance) with a trip up there!

Woo hoo.

I woke up 10 minutes before Mun came to pick up!! YK woke up 5 minutes before I did!
We stopped over at Mackers for breakfast. I ordered an egg and meat burger, hash brown and white coffee for brekky.

Then after we dropped Rachel off at UQ, we stopped over at ChinaTown to have dim sum at King of Kings.

*Now, Toowoomba is a pretty small place. There are absolutely NO dim-sum places whatsoever there. That goes for authentic Japanese kaiten-belt restaurant with raw fish whatsoever. The people are just not that adventurous yet....*

YK and me.
2 very bored looking pioneers looking on...
Up with the King of Kings.
After which, we dropped YK at Borders for him to do some book shopping.

Mun & I headed off to Hanaichi for some Jap grub and gelato at Queen Street.

Chuka Kurage (Jellyfish Sharkfin). Among my fav!


After picking Rachel up from UQ, we met up with my couz, Adrian.
Adrian brought us to some malaysian owned chinese restaurant near Toowong.

Mun, Rachel, YK and Adrian.
After which, Mun and the rest left, whereas I left with my couz.

Adrian posing.

For dinner, we headed back to ChinaTown for some chinese dinner.
Sweet and Sour Lala (or Pippin, as they call here).

Fried Fish.

Asam Pineapple meat dish *whatever that was*.

Stir-Fried Beef with vege.

Then we headed home for an early rest. Everyone was up early that day so we turned in early.


Went with Mick and Eric (Adrian's roomies) with Ryan (Aussie white fella) and this Hongkie guy, Edwin, to The Manor. My couz was up all night on LAN and was pretty grumpy that morning, when we tried to drag him to go yum-cha.


The Manor is tis really cool dim sum place. Very efficient service and yummy dim sum to go...
Heck..Better than King of Kings very much so!
You'd think that The Manor was some potatoes and steak place with its English sounding name, wouldn't ya?

Gone with the wind.

After which, we went over to Sunny Banks to do some grocery shopping, and then to this mall at Indooropilly to do some meat shopping. Then we headed back and stayed in for the rest of the day.
In the evening, the crew headed off to play some tennis.

I stayed in to play with the Paint Shop Pro on my couz's lappie. Eric meanwhile, was doing his own thing in the house. (whatever that it could be) and came in every so often to see how I was doing.


Woke up at 11am. Couldn't drag Mick to wake up any earlier to do any shopping.


We headed over to Toowong Village to have lunch at this place, Too Wongs, a place run by a Malaysian (as well!).

Aftr which, they sent me off to Roma St, to which I hopped onto the bus and headed back to Toowoomba.
Herein lies the end of my tale of my 3 day rendesvous at Brisbane for this weekend.
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Duck Tales.


Duck Tales.

Today after my library session, the crew of us headed off to the Japanese garden to feed the ducks. It was Jiaren's idea to do that. So off we headed off to Jiaren's unit, and lugging bags of old bread and his dutiful but ever present Canon digital camera.
On our way there, he told us stories of the ducks.
4 gangster ducks.
1 manja wan.
A school of the most adorable ducklings with their ever watching mother.
One king-fisher.
A baby stork.
A huge crow.

"Hou yao chuii" (most interesting) as the Hongkie students like to say. Actually, I have not fed the ducks in this Jap garden, but in particular the one at UQ. Whilst at the garden, we bumped into Aaron & M.T who happened to be there.
We cam-whored. We posed. We smiled for the camera-man.
Aaron, Jiaren, MT and me.

A reli fancy pose.

MT Avadhut

MT & Avadhut striking a pose. ;-)
Photoblog: YK's Birthday (2006)


Photoblog: YK's Birthday (2006)

It's my nibby housemate, YK's birthday!

(This entry is late due to unforseen circumstances) apart from the fact that I had a short fuse which blew up on Friday evening (till Saturday night).

I should have taken my slippers to throw at YK when he asked me who initiated the entire birthday idea today eh.

Read: YK's post on the birthday party & behind-the-scenes post...

Well, my dear housemate somehow managed to get hold of the emails that was communicated between the organizing committee of the whole event.

The pre-planning process took quite a while, but I don't think anyone would be interested to read what actually happened, so I shall try to give you guys the briefest report on it...

A call was made to YK to find out his plans for Wednesday night. Since he was going for I.F, we wanted to make the plans fit into his, so he would not have suspected anything...

On Wednesday evening, when YK did not want to take a shower before going to I.F. I should have figured that sooner or later. He even came prepared to I.F bringing his camera in his pants, and wearing an old t-shirt, as Ronnie noted.


When he got home that night, (the rest of the other I.F people had come along), he then proceeded to ask if the people from ANS were coming, to which I shook my head. He then started calling up all the other ANS members to come along. At first I asked why, then I decided to let him have the honour of doing it.

YK joked about having his planner (referring to me) not doing a good job, because he thought the ANS people were actually coming, but they didn't!

It was a really good joke, coz when all of the ANS members came (they obviously knew about the surprise party), I told them about it. We were all sniggering quietly. LOL.

YK should have figured it out, coz most of the ANS members did not actually "formally" wish him. LOL. So the party went on, he got "egged" and he had great fun. Justin and Trevor gave him his gifts..His dad and mum called.

He should have figured out somethng was on when Avadhut& I didn't give him his bday prezzie.

I gave him quite a lot of hints like asking "so how many old t-shirts" do you still have left, eh?"

Little does he know what he has in store the next day...

On Thursday, YK had his hair-cut.

After that, Rachel and Trevor joined us for lunch. Slowly but surely, all the uni students living in Student Village and on college from ANS started trickling in one by one.

Then he went outside to take pictures. Rachel is pretty creative with ideas when it comes to that. My mind just went blank. LOL.

Avadhut getting ready!

You should have seen the look on YK's face when that first pouring of water splashed down YK's face.

Avadhut pouring watr on YK.

That was priceless.

He was so NOT expecting that.

"Egged" twice in two days!


Anyway, we decided to give up on the idea of giving him a surprise party. The best part is that, YK was not expecting a party to be given in his honour.

Caesar Salad.
Caesars' Salad

YK's birthday cupcakes.
Sparklers on cupcakes.The cupcakes are burning!!
The cupcakes were burning!!

The special guest of the party.
The special honourable chairman of the party.

Bevy of beauties.
With a bevy of beauties.....tsk. tsk. tsk. this YK getting very* naughty*.

The entire Crew...
The entire crew!!!

Happy 25th Birthday!!!

Hope you enjoyed your birthday greatly!
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Photo: Jiaren's 20th Birthday (2006)


Photo: Jiaren's 20th Birthday (2006)

Today was a really windy day.
It was SO windy I could feel it from inside my unit itself.

Now, in Spring,

Windy = COLD.

If it is a windy day, it REALLY IS a WINDY DAY!!

It's not like in Malaysia. I've not actually experienced a real windy day in KL for the almost more than past 2 and a half decades I have been living there all my life.

It was blowing the whole morning. And night. I had to put on my thickest jumper when I went to Steele Rudd earlier tonight.

Yup, a surprise meet-up for Jiaren!

Anyway, its Jiaren's bday today...

Jiaren's M&M mudcake

Happy 20th Birthday, Jiaren!
No more in your teens lor...

I didn't think we would actually celebrate it, coz Jiaren bulat-bulat bantah last week saying he didn't want to celebrate it....

Then today Val said, he was at the library, and people were asking him,

"Oi, Jiaren, how you celebrating your birthday today?"

"Aiya, dunno la...Nobody want to celebrate with me also."..

Nonsense lar, this Jiaren.

Jiaren said last week not counted, coz he had mood swing wor!


Entire surprise crew!!
The surprise crew that came over to Steele Rudd!
Anyway, he's feeling a bit down later tonight coz his External HDD not working...after lending it to some people.

Ok, do pray that his HDD will work, coz I know how it feels to have lost all the stuff you have collected through the years and find that it goes lost for no apparent reason, especially if it's like audio files and photos!
Hazy Monday in KL?


Hazy Monday in KL?


Are our neigbhours burning the forests again?
Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

Haze. Haze. Haze...*Sigh*

Aiya, better than here in Australia lar.

Here we have all this extremely bad Ultra-Violet Rays that every child who goes out to play has to put on a hat. This is all -year- round ler.

The haze short while only ler...

Furthermore, we are in the midst of a drought. No water half the time...actually Toowoomba is already at Level 5 water drought. Which is Very Very Bad Case lor. Some more the drought has gone on for more than 5 years (or max 20 years, all over Australia), I heard!!

You guys better pray for us that we have more rain..

The formula:

Rain = Water = Cooler Weather = Not so stuffy air!!!

Great Formula, isn't it???

What is haze la??

I know PG got sick because of it lar...Ok lor, PG, you take some rest and...umm...drink more water and put on your air masks.

It's an ANNUAL yearly occasion. So enjoy it !!! *LOL*
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ANS Multi-Cultural Night


ANS Multi-Cultural Night

Tonight, the All Nation Service Church had their Annual Multi-Cultural Night at St.Joseph's College.

College here refers the Malaysian equivalent of sekolah menengah /high school /secondary school, and not tertiary level as most Malaysians would think. (like Methodist College in Brickfields, for example).

I didn't perform any item, except that I had to walk up with the children from Children's Church on stage to sing Australia Fair.

(Is that equivalent to performing anything? LOL).

Anyway, I totally refused to wear the so called SIA air hostess look-alike imitation costume, which Aunt Elena had in mind for me to wear.....*sticks tongue out*

So I asked Sachi, one of my classmates from the Education Faculty, if she could lend me her Yukata. I didn't know if she would actually lend me..but she did!

A "yukata" is different from a "kimono" in the sense that Kimonos are worn for more formal occasions such as weddings, dinners, matchmaking sessions, or coming-of-age events (Seijin Shiki), whereas the Yukata is worn only in summer more casual but no less insignificant events (in Japan anyway) such as fireworks, bon-odori and the like.

Woo hoo!

in Sachi's unit.
The yukata in all its glory!

The outfit consists of 2 parts which is the obi sash and the yukata itself. The Obi Sash is to hold up the yukata....and Sachi really tied it up real tight!!


I could barely breathe or walk fast. (like I ever could walk fast to begin with...LOL). The obi sash was really tied on tight!

yukata obi sash
The obi sash tied into a bow behind.

Even Sachi was not too sure how to put it on, as yukatas/or kimonos are not worn often anytime in a year. This could also explain why many Japanese students don't bring their costumes when they travel abroad to study, as many of them think there would be no occasions to wear it.

It really is a summer outfit, because by night fall, it was COLD when I wore it out in the open in the Spring night air!

The yukata outfit was a total hit, as there were no other people wearing the yukata in sight, EXCEPT for mine!

the ANS crew....
The ANS crew...look at all the monkey faces!

It sure is strange to see a Malaysian born chinese wearing a Japanese costume. LOL.
The icing on the cake is when Sachi told me that I really looked Japanese, because all this while, people (malaysians, that is) have always told me that I look more like a intermix between Malay and Chinese. Especially during road inspections, the malay policemen would always ask if I was chinese or malay. LOL.

Val & CY
Val in her imitasi SIA costume

There were tons of Korean national costumes (I dunno what's it called though) being worn by William and Richard's family and the like, since they are Koreans.

Kim & CY
Mr & Mrs. Kim, the Koreans.
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Dry Soya Sauce Meehoon.

Dry Soya Sauce Meehoon.

Today I made dry soya sauce mee hoon for breakfast!

With sesame oil, black soya sauce, thick soya sauce, pepper seasoning and meehoon....

It was yummy!!!

I had marinated beef mince from last night so I made them into beef balls as well.

Anyway, some how I get the impression that YK does not seem to like the food I cook. However, if he seems to think that it is tiresome on my part to allocate his share and for him to eat it, then I am not going to bother preparing any for him then. It's not my problem he doesn't get any.

I am actually not very bothered about the episode above, but what really tipped the cup over is because I got so pissed when I send a "friend" a text message to greet them like for that one off occasion in the year today, and they tell you something to the words of "what a waste of money", and then delete off the message.

Personally, I find that very inconsiderate behaviour. I hope they like it when others do the same to them.
A long Wednesday.


A long Wednesday.

Am in the library now. Supposed to be doing my work....Well, am trying to. LOL.
Reading some of Ai Ling's entries on Earthquake Survival Kit and her voiceover job offer in Japan!

G'd on ya, Ai Ling!

Yesterday, I brought in my work to my lecturer for her to have a look at it. It was not that bad..I do have time to work on the contents and requirements. Another boring day today..Headed down to GC for a while to get some stuff after that.

Trevor bought this squishy green fluffy pillow whilst at Myers.
Ok, now I know where Jiaren gets his inspiration for the power-ball.....
Never under-estimate the power that THE squishy green fluffy pillow has to bring in the chicks. LOL.

Today I made loh mai kai! Yes, my yummy pepper-y Loh Mai Kai!

Hanna & Izam came over to help me make a different kind of glutinous rice dish. Yummy.
They made this dry type fried loh mai fan dish using crushed peanuts, sliced chicken pieces, fried mushrooms and the normal household seasoning. The only thing that would make a difference to the dish was if the rice was drier, or wetter.
They also brought over some left-over tomato-carrot-potato soup.
That was the best!

Val was salivating when I told her about it during the after- I.F supper they were having today! LOL.

Grace is coming over tomorrow, so I will see her to pass her this CD and some other stuff before she heads off to Malaysia.

Anyway, I was really pissedddddd today!!!!!

I burned some audio files onto this blank cd, but I didn't verify it until today.
When I played it last night, the computer stated that the files were corrupted. When I played it on Alan lappie, there were no problems. Then I tried it out on my housemate's didn't work.
I so totally screamed at my housemate earlier although I think he seemed oblivious to the whole thing...*blah*. He's not feeling well, so, I can't say much about that either (I think).
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Kids Church!


Kids Church!

Debbie wanted to take a rest, so Amy& I took over the afternoon session today.

Both Amy & Debbie acted as a helper.

I was actually a bit nervous as all the children came today!

Anyway, I had prepared a few lessons on "light of the world" as well as "being fruitful".
-Debbie helped by bringing all the candles and aluminium foil.
-Amy helped by bringing lollies and sweets for the children.
She thought of some games but I think we can use that for next week.

Yellener (Not sure how to spell her name) and her friend came along to help out as well.

I asked the children to seat themselves in a circle. Then I asked them to give an introduction of themselves and name 3 facts about themselves.

We played the "Blindfold Game". The children absolutely loved it! So much so that we didn't have enough time for the lessons prepared! Oh well, I guess we can use that for next week now then.

We played that for uni-group on Friday, and the adults loved it as well too! They couldn't stop laughing and giggling during the game!

After service, Grace bought a coffee cake for all the members who had their birthday in Sept and Oct. They are lots of people whose birthday is in October as well!

I think the Kids Church can hold a mini celebration for Amy when her birthday approaches at the end of the month! She has been really committed to helping the Kids Church for months now.
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Back from Sunshine Coast!


Back from Sunshine Coast!

Hi people...
Just came from a 3 day long "retreat" from the ANS Church retreat at Sunshine Coast for the past 3 days.

I had a really long....... nice break. Being that I totally didn't attend any of the sessions....LOL.
Hei, it is supposed to be a retreat ya'know?
I didn't want to stress myself out than I already am already.

Anyway, I got to get to know some people better.
Like Wati, Richard, and Wil. (they only mentioned 3, so I mention 3 only lor!)

Wil accepted Christ on the 2nd night of camp!! That is absolutely marvellous! All the leaders prayed for him. I am sure that will be a decision he will ponder on for the rest of his years... :-)

A number of the China workers came for the trip.

M.T also invited 3 of his China friends to come as well.

First day
We arrived at about 11.30am.
We all received our name tags and then played some exciting ice-breaker games.

At about 1pm,
Had a nice lunch:
mediterranean rice, some kind of pita bread, and pine-apples. Yummy!

Then we headed off to play Captain Ball (not sure what that is, but some non-contact ball using the hands to throw the ball without running away with the ball).

and of course, soccer!
Which I had absolutely no idea how to play at all!
Then we headed back to our units to get changed for the night.

Dinner was:
Can't remember.
Ice cream and Jelly at night.

And went for the session at night.

2nd day:

Breakfast was:
Bacon and eggs. My fav!

I slept through the morning.
Dunno what happened lor.
Jiaren woke me up 3 times through my sleep.

He was meditating on the word.
The bible was right beside him all the way.

Lunch was:
Ice-cream for dessert. Yum.

We had beach games today. Every got pulled into the water! Haha.
I got to ride on a jet ski!
Woo hoo...It was a face-stretching exercise indeed!

Dinner was:
Chicken with gravy.
Potatoes in skin.

Skit night was great.
Love group was great.... led by Edna.
Tonight we saw 2 leaders peeking out from hiding. Edna. M.T
Notwithstanding that I heard that Jiaren contributed a lot to his team a lot. His persistency (as usual) paid off well.

M.T can sing! Not bad... I already know....can sing just as well. Haha. He sang a Hindi song.

Then we watched "I Not Stupid 2" till 2am.
Jiaren & co, + ChiFung & co, + Shaun & co + Kevin played UNO till 3.3am.

3rd & Final day!

Breakfast was:
Sausages, tomatoes, and....can't remember.

Ok, I came in in the morning for the final session, but...I still went back to sleep after that...

*Never mind*.

We packed out stuff and headed for lunch.
Today was "also can't remember."

Then we headed off to the Sunshine Plaza.
Stayed there till 4.30pm.

Avadhut had gone off with Al, so he cooked dinner for us.
G'd on ya, Avadhut!

We were so dead tired by the time we reached home.....

After dinner it was

(*but not before we saw the videos on YK's lappie though!)
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Sunday updates.


Sunday updates.

Finally, I realise where I heard the name "Becky Sharp" from. The name is actually a character from "Vanity Fair", whom I had won 4 tickets to watch a single screening of it at Golden Screen Cinemas the year before.

Anyway, the mysterious Peter Sharp (friend of my housemate, Tony) turned up at ANS today. He was teaching English to the foreign China male labourers before service started today.

I was pretty much surprised to see him there! He didn't recognise me coz I had my shades on before that! LOL.

Today I helped out at the Kids Church (I have been helping for the past few, what can I say about it?).

Anyway, Debbie wants me to take over for the next 2 weeks as she wants to take a break from teaching next week.

Well. Well. Well.

I really put my "behaviour management" skills to the practice today. We had two new African (well, that is what I thnk they were anyway) children who came today. They really put Debbie's wits to the test. LOL.

I was able to handle them surprisingly, and they listened well when I told them to. LOL. I hope that they too will next week!

We had our Pre-Camp Briefing today. The pastor was telling the do's and don'ts for the 3 day camp at Sunshine Coast that we'd be going from Tuesday morning.

Anyway, back to the Peter Sharp fella. Apparently he's completed he's completed two undergraduate majors, one which is in some Engineering thing, and the other in Middle School Education. He has since resigned from his job at the HarrisTown school. The school has a reputation of students being hard on teachers. Well.

He also spoke to Joey & Wil in mandarin (which I found surprising) but then he told us that he had spent a year teaching English at tertiary level in China. So, he *HAS* been immersing in the typical China China culture. LOL.

Tonight for dinner, I cooked *surprise surprise* Chicken Curry.

Mun came over and cooked Ba Ku Teh *yummy*! It was great. I have since found that the ba ku teh has heaps of garlic and pepper seasoning in it...which is probably what gives it its tangy taste.

I decided to invite M.T to come over to join us for dinner...(Hei, it is a bit sad to always have dinner by yourself all the time you know?)

It was a most scrumptious tummy-filling dinner.

Yum. Yum.

After that, we headed over to pick Grace up and went over to Angel Cafe for an after dinner coffee. Her housemate, Carrie came along with her.

Angel Cafe is a really hip coffee place. Something like a hip coffee place like Domes in KL, but classier.

I ordered a cup sized Cappucinno. We ordered two cakes. (can't remember the names lar).

Ok, what I can say is that, it's a real pity that YK's first experience with Cappuccinno had to be a real bad with the Mackers version of it...Next time, we'll take YK to try the one at Coffee Club and let him try the better version one of it instead.....(then he can't say Cappucinno tastes bad!)

Took heaps of pictures with the group...Yeah. Yeah..I know..I really just don't have the time to upload and look through them...*Some day la..Some day la*.

Anyway, by the time we got home, (about almost 11am) I was so tired....and wanted to sleep.
But it so happened that my brother was online, that I had a conference with him. Hah....

Now, I am so bloody awake coz the coffee has really gone into me..*Sigh*.
Oh well. Then an entry here it goes lor. LOL.

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This week's fantabulous updates!


This week's fantabulous updates!

Ok, I know I haven't written in ages... *Well, for this past one week anyway.*
Just to update you guy....

Last Last Week..
Went over to a friend's house to sleep over. There was a movie marathon at McGregor, so there was no Uni-Group on that night.

Woke up at 8am.

Had a lovely breakfast that our male mate who came over cooked. *Yummy!*
Even had Kong Yuin Chue in our noodle soup!

Went for the Annual Flower Festival at Toowoomba town with Izam, Hanna, Kevin, Avadhut. Bumped into Val & gang in town! Seems that everyone from uni was there for the floats and parade on show today. Finally met up with YK and Rachel in town today.

Took lots and lots of pictures at the flower garden. Bumped into Jojo, Bolly & Alan at Queen's Park.
*Will try to remember to post the pictures later...when I have the time!*

Nothing much up today.
Helped out at Kids' Church.
Debbie wants me to help for two Sundays during the school holidays....

Last week,
Went to see my Professional Experience co-ordinator. Alice Brown. She called my mentor and gave me some feedback and guidance strategies for me to do during my pract.

Took the bus down with my housemate to the Toowoomba City Library at 13:20 hours. Returned all my books and only borrowed stuff which requires me to return in a month's time. Borrowed Boy Meets Girl, and What Every Young Woman Should Know.
Did some grocery shopping at Grand Central after that.

My professional Experience. Our Toddler2 group went to SpringBluff on a train ride. It was a hot day. I would have loved to wander around the garden....but I am not going to drag 2 toddlers around with me!
Anyway, the day more or less went well, coz my mentor was pleased with my lesson planning and signed me off my tasks! Praise the Lord! Have been praying a lot about this!
Jiaren and Co (YeeAnn & Andrea) dropped over at my unit after dinner. We had a nice chat and prayed about my research trip for Friday.

Went to M. Child Care Centre (near McGregor residential college) to do my research. I was praying really hard for today and I praise God coz the morning went really well.
I really loved the atmosphere there, and I very much enjoy the programme that the pre-school has in place there.

Took a nap at 14:00 hours, and woke up right before 15:00 was so *HOT* and stuffy, that I just woke up...Well, the weather will just get warmer from now onwards...till Summer comes anyway. I hope it rains every now and then, so the blistering heat will go away.
The weather was about 25 degrees celcius. Plus the air is pretty dry here. I know that YK and a mate of Tony's had nose bleeding. I hope that won't happen to me!
Loaned the "What Every Young Woman Should Know" to Andrea.
Watched Slither after Friday Uni-Group. Hmmm....zombie horror movies are so *intellectually demanding*. I think I shall stick to killer-slasher movies after this.

Went over to Deborah & Cheng's new house for nasi lemak lunch. *Yummy*. A lot of the International Friendship people were there to help them move their belongings.
The Beef Rendang was very *tender*, YK observed. (haha).
There was a Detective Game with the GameZone today at mid-afternoon today. It was *interesting* game, which required walking and intricate M rated story lines. LOL.
My Hongkie mate, Izam, is going to prepare a lovely dish "Imitation SharkFin" for dinner using cornflour, transparent bean vermicelli noodles, kong yuin chue, and probably eggs.
No idea how he will attempt that since it's his first time, but it's always worth a try!
*Much later after dinner...*
*Burp* The dinner was fantabulastic!

Kevin made a mushroom pork in soya sauce delicacy. He cooked it for quite a while to tenderize it. And also stir-fried cabbage. *Actually the mushroom pork dish was something that he made out of some idea on top of his head....but that tasted good, so who cares!*
Izam and Hanna made the "Imitation Shark Fin" soup. Other things they added to it apart from those I noted above are chicken stock, chicken stock seasoning, hand-stripped chicken meat, prawn meat, finely sliced chinese mushrooms....and bowl after bowl of cornflour mixture.
*It took forever to congeal!*

Chi Fung made grilled bbq pork strips. Using Smoked Barbeque marinade from Aldi's. He marinated his *meat* even longer than mine! Last night during dinner apparently.
I made roast chicken wings marinated in soya sauce, cornflour (and other seasonings) and honey. I probably should have put in the honey later....but *nevermind*. Anyway, it turned out pretty well. So there! Izam said that the marinade really *went into the bone*, so that is pretty good, I guess. Hah!
YK came over to join us for dinner at Unit 35. He didn't want to eat fried Indo-Mee *alone* for dinner. LoL! ;-)

Tony has gone back to his Nana's for the weekend and will be back during the week-day.
Avadhut has gone out somewhere for dinner. Maybe...*pak-toh-logy* kwah. Ha ha.
So there....a lovely nice Saturday dinner to kick start the beginning of Recess. Probably we'll do something novel for Mid-Autumn Festival as well. Heh.
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Iron sharpens Iron.


Iron sharpens Iron.

"As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens the wits of another".
Proverbs 27:17
I went over for a sleep-over at a friend's house, H, on Friday night. It was pretty much long overdue, in the sense that I was expecting it to be much later. However, then I realised that I couldn't wait too long, as she was leaving Uni at the end of the year.

She was going through a period of transition, and so was I. In a sense, we were both going through a similar trying period of transition, but each handling it in our own manner.

Isn't it strange that when you have spent enough time with a person, you can more or less figure out what is on their minds, without actually mentioning it? (Of course, this may not necessarily hit the nail on the head all the time, and may not work each time either.)

I was actually discussing this with another acquaintance who had caught on to the entire situation but had kept silent all this while. I figured H would have caught on to it by then.

And yes, I was right all along.
In fact, she was the first person to have caught on to what I was going on without my mentioning it.

That very first time. She knew she was in trouble then.

I had also caught on to it, yet could not very well clarify it either.
Yet neither of us mentioned it.

By then, I thought it was wiser we each kept to our space.
Which we did eventually.

The call came much earlier than I expected.

I knew it was time to answer it.
It was time for reckoning.
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Waiting on God.


Waiting on God.

I wonder really, how many times have I written on this already?

Anyway, I was reading my educational texts this morning, when the thought just came to me that I should blog this.

If you are wondering, I have been reading my housemate's book, "When God Writes Your Love Story" by Eric & Leslie Ludy from time to time.

It is almost similar to Boy Meets Girl by Joshua Harris (which I think is better), which I bought a couple of years back. It took me ages to actually go through Boy Meets Girl, cause the first time I read it a couple of years back, I found the way that Harris has portrayed our relationship with God and "our waiting on God" much too difficult a pill to swallow.

But after going through it the second time, like last year, I found that I could actually relate to it better. Of course, my reasons for relating to it by then had completely taken an entire round-a-bout circle of change.

Now, why am I relating this on my blog?

Firstly, I think that "Waiting on God" is a concept, that I find not many people to really understand.

There have been so many times within the past few years that I found this entire "Waiting on God" concept to be real ironic. Isn't it strange that a lot of people get hitched, or start dating because they "dont want to feel alone"? Or, they do that because they are alone, and along the same time, know that the person was not really the person who was right for them, but they'd rather have someone, then to not have someone?

That was a real temptation for me in the past many years since I had broken it off with the first guy I broke off with after a year. He, on the other hand, is now *technically engaged* to this girl, and they are most probably getting married before he reaches the age of 30. Which is not too long from now.

I on the other hand, have opted not to do that. One of the things that Harris has noted is that the reason God does not bring the right person, (or even if the right person has come into our lives), is because He feels that we are "not prepared" to shoulder this responsibility of having to care for another person.

When God brings the right person to us, he intends that it should be a long-term commitment between both partners. A relationship which has God in the middle, and as the Head.

Did you not know that a cord of three is not easily broken? Ecclesiastes 4:7.

When we shoulder the responsibility of having to care for someone, it includes a commitment till the day when we have grown old, and the beauty has faded from her cheeks, and their skin that has turned to chalk.

How many times have we got involved with a partner, for a short-term fling, and ended up with broken hearts and pain at the end of it?

I think that it will be a revelation for the younger generation if they knew this truth. How differently they would live their lives if they knew the plan that God has given for them.

A friend has noted to me that it is difficult for us to find someone that we like. With mutual attraction and affection of both sides of the interested parties. So they start it with the rationale that it is okay, because "like-like mah".

But once again, the question that I have asked myself, or I would ask them is that

"Does this relationship honour God?"

"Does the way we run this relationship honour God's purpose for us?"

"Is it God's purpose for me to be in this relationship?"

I would like to mention to this too, a verse from

1 Corinthians 13: 4-7

4Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.

5It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

6Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.

7It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

This verse has kept me away from trouble and temptations for the duration of my time since I arrived in Toowoomba. I believe that it will continue to do so in future, and for others as well.

How can you define a man (or a woman) who is self-seeking?

~Self-seeking is where a human goes seeking for their own pleasures, without any regard for any other parties that could be involved (or not involved).

~Self-seeking is where a man (or a woman) pressures their partner to have sex with them.

~Self-seeking is where a person goes for a fling with another person, without any regard to how the other party might feel at the end of it.

~Self-seeking is where a person goes for a one-night stand with another person, without any regard to how their behaviour may affect the other person's perception of them.

~Self-seeking is when a married man (woman) runs off with another woman (man), and leaving the family (and children involved) behind, because the other man (woman) holds for them more understanding, pleasure and beauty.

If a person loves another, they seek to "always love (the other person as themselves), always trusts (God), always hope (in God), and always perseveres (for the sake of God)."

I know that even when a person "waits on God", it does not mean that they will be immune from the heart-aches, crushes and pain.

But I feel that it is the experience of "waiting on God" as we go through these life troubles as we seek God's counsel that we get develop a more intimate and closer bond to God.

It's not that "Waiting on God" should be a curse, or a burden that we as followers of Christ should put on our shoulder like.

But as Ludy says, we should "let God be our sweeter song".

That "waiting on God" be a time and experience in our faith that He is changing our hearts, preparing us for the time that when He brings the right person into our lives, where we would be able to embrace it, because He has made all things ready for us because the time is right.


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Post Sept 11.


Post Sept 11.

I have not much to write of late recently. Well, it is post Sept 11 today. Last night we watched "United 93" at my unit, in commemoration of the Sept 11 attacks. It was....*educational*.

I finally managed to hand in my ECE2112 assignment last night. I am not sure if what I wrote for my assignment is correct, but I would only know when the assignment has been marked and returned!

Anyway, lots been happening lately. There was Kevin (from ANS) , Aun Huei and Iris's (from AOG) graduation ceremony on Saturday afternoon. Then there was the LAN party at my unit on Saturday night. I wanted to go for the Ravi Z. thing on Saturday, but since I chose to go and meet up with Rin Na, I decided not to go for the Ravi Z. forum. Justin had come back from Rosewood for the weekend and is now back at Rosewood. I also had a *slight* temperature on Saturday...which doesn't really help a person much when they want to do an assignment??!

Well, I even met up with Rin Na, Ree Sion's elder sister at the graduation.
Rin Na is my high school mate, and is currently married to Kim Poh, another fellow Inaian, who is my senior by a year. She came with her two children, a boy, and a girl, and her parents for Ree Sion's graduation.

Sze Yin, another Inaian, happens to be Ree Sion's gf. (She was in Judith's year, although Sze Yin is younger than Judith by a year). Sze Yin was formerly studying at UQ, but is now in Melbourne (if I am not mistaken). Sze Yin happens to be one of those who blogs, so I more or less knows whats happening on her side!

So, there it was, this "Inaian" co-incidental meet up. All the way in Toowoomba, Australia, for a convocation, far away from Ampang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia!


It sure is strange to see Rin Na after 9 years, with 2 kids in boot! Well, actually I didn't even remember that Ree Sion would be graduating, had Rachel not reminded me that Ree Sion was having his convocation either! Reflecting on the life that Rinna has now, I would say that I very much prefer the life I am having now.

Today I met up with my lecturer to discuss the progress of my research...It's not really going anywhere at the rate I am working. Which, therefore, is the reason why I am going to utilize my daily planner like my life depends on it now!
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Put God First.


Put God First.

After reeling from intense readings for my assignment...I finally have time to take a break. My lecturer relented in providing me a 3 day extension for my deadline, which is Monday, the 11th for my assignment. For which, I am truly happy!

I spent the whole day just typing up paperwork for my professional experience for my mentor to look through on Thursday. You know, as a female, and not getting any younger, I have had enough experiences with people to realise when something is not going right. I have in my hand, sufficient instinctive knowledge and understanding to decode and encode signs and body language, which otherwise may not seem comprehensible.

I have enough instincts to decode facial expression, which may have been missed out by others but sufficient enough for me to reflect upon.

If there is one thing I can say, I must probably be the most transparent person ever to go enter the steps of a church. You could read the feelings off my face because I am that transparent. Most of the time anyways.

You'd think that you'd be safe from secrecy at church. But as I have discovered, that is not true at all.

I guess what I am saying is, the right kind of accountability towards the Church and the Body.

The best role model I have had so far is Madeline. There are others of course, but, (Kathleen.....sorry I can't even remember the rest of their names at Connexion and Ruggeds. Yes, I know you read my blog every so often). She is among the many personal encounters I had, which I feel have made an impact on my life.

The best part is that, God answered her prayer because of her faithfulness to Him. It was like a dream come true for me when I heard that. I was just too happy for any words that could describe it.

Madeline was a role model for me, because she really lived the example. I was there every step of the way, when she showed her total devotion to God. She refused to budge even when the person right in front of her eyes was totally pleading with her.

Every time in the past year that I have felt like faltering, I always remembered Madeline.
I love God more than I could love anyone.

I could not go out with someone whom God has not approved for me. I could no longer do anything that would displease God.

And each time I felt something, I would ask God, Is this person the right one for me? If this is not the right person for me, please take these feelings away from me.

Sometimes I am not sure, and I let myself go. That does not stop me from having actual feelings for a person that God does not approve. However, I have learnt enough from that experience to not want to go through that anymore.

Debbie from Kids Church had this message for me last week, saying "Put God First". She felt that it is a personal message from God to me, and I really think so too as well.

I am thankful to have friends like Alan, who though he is not of the same faith as me, I feel that God has placed him in the right spot. He has really helped me see things from a better perspective, and remind me of my interests and goals as well, and that I should go for it whatever the costs. Ditto to you too, Alan!

Going for meetings, praying for one another, and serving God is indeed a service to His Ministry. As much as I would like to say it, but I would only go if my heart is in the right place. I see all these people, yet, there are many time I have asked myself, is their heart really in the right place?

Time and again, there have been many times since I arrived in Toowoomba, that I wanted to do something which would go against His Words. Yet, He would always find that in that nick of time, a verse that will appear out of nowhere to me, that would pierce through my heart, and remind me of His Faithfulness to me.

There have been so many times that I have wanted to be unfaithful to this God who has been nothing less than faithful. Although I keep worrying about the most minute details, but He keeps everything in time. Providing me the wisdom which has kept my feet and heart intact.

I have kept my heart reserved this time. He has helped me keep my heart intact this time.

Waiting for His very words to speak to me.
I pray that God will continue walking with me Hand in Hand as He leads me in the right direction. I pray that God will continue to give me strength to keep me pure and clean in His Sight.

My heart cries because He has really kept me intact throughout the journey this time.



Today I went shopping with my roomie, Yong Kuang.

Let's just say that after a few failed attempts to actually get the ball rolling, today is one day which actually went well. When I say shopping, I meant grocery shopping.

What were you thinking there???

In the morning I went for a 2 hour lecture. Got home about 10.20am. So we waited for the Bus. No. 4 that comes at 11am.

First we went to the Toowoomba City Council Library. It's really great, coz I have one month's length of time for either books or compact discs borrowed from there. We borrowed about 14 items worth of children storybooks, magazines, DVDs and soundtracks. The only limitations are on the DVDs which are only rented out for a week.

Which is really great, coz I doubt I would have been able to have access to it any other way.

Then we headed off to Grand Central to have our lunch.
We got some grocery shopping at Coles....but as we were leaving to the bus stand, YK then reminded me that we forgot to get eggs. Chicken eggs! Oh well.

If there's one thing we need to get for a change is... some thing besides chicken meat.

When I was in secondary school, we used to have chicken meat on the menu every day. It was such that, the canteen was nick named "KFC". The headmaster was incensed, coz at our year end proms, this made the head lines of the prom bulletines.

Which was really funny! like we even cared what the headmaster thought, ha!

My unit is exactly becoming that. We have had all kinds and varieties of chicken meat prepared in our Unit....on my part it is steamed, curry, black soya sauce, pineapple honey lemon, fried, sweet and sour, and whatever I can think off for now.

After Justin's party the other day, I find that there is the necessity for me to try working with different kinds of meat....coz I find that I am pretty "handicapped" in other kinds of meat. Have to look through cook books but that'd be a good learning experience though... heh.
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Erikson, the man.


Erikson, the man.

Early this week, I made an appointment to see the counsellor at the university.

But by the time it was due, I was much better. I was even thinking of skipping it as well, but what the heck! I thought. Since I made the appointment, I might as well go for it.

I told her my perspective on things, and after reflecting on it, she mentioned Erikson's Psychosocial Theories, which I am quite familiar with. She mentioned that the fashion in which I had developed my defence mechanism as a young adult in my early teens probably no longer works for me the way it should have as when I was in my late teens, or early twenties.

I am also aware that this similar trait manifests itself in a very different manner, and each person is affected differently by it. She also mentioned that the way I am developing is also very much normal for many young adults.

The reason I am aware of this change, is due to the conflict that I had been facing recently. Of course, with every desire or need to change for the better, there would also be the risk that I have to face with the change.

To go without my protective armour that I have used for such a long time, that it is practically almost second nature.

I have enough self esteem to know what I want and to go for it. If I do not respect myself, no one else would. The issue of being without my protective armour, and the issue of
my self esteem are two completely different set of issues, and is something that I have to work out.
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Emo and work "no can do".


Emo and work "no can do".

It was raining this morning. I was feeling absolutely grumpy as I wanted to catch the bus at 6.50 am, but it didn't arrive till 7.30 am, and I was caught at the bus stand in the midst of the rain. By the time I arrived at the centre, it was already 8.30 am.

I was annoyed not so much that I arrived at 8.30, but because I had a tutorial for one of the other courses that I had to attend on Thursdays at 5pm, and I thought I was going to have to skip it today.

I was mulling over it the entire morning, thinking of what to say to the mentor, if she could allow me to get off early so that I could catch the bus and get to the university in time. My attendance for this tutorial was also taken down, so it was important that I did not miss any of the tutorials.

Finally, one of the other university students told me that I could negotiate the hours with the mentor, and I could replace the hours should I had not done them.

Which is what I finally did.

I told the mentor that I did not want her to think that I was slacking off, or that I did not want to help out in the classroom, if that was what she thought. The mentor was supportive enough that she allowed me to get off at the same time I did last week, and she discouraged me from skipping my tutorial.

She was wondering why I had a tutorial on a Thursday, when the other students didn’t, and I told her that they were all Year 1 students, whereas I was not, and was taking a combination of differe nt intake courses as a result.

Anyway, the other thing was that, I felt that the spirits of the individuals in the classroom (children, classroom assistant) was rather low this morning. I also saw the classroom assistant crying (which I could immediately discern it to be a personal issue), and

As it is, I tried to cheer up, so that I would not be feeling as low as she was. Having one staff feeling low is bad enough, without the need for two other adults to be feeling just as low as well.

I was really praying hard this morning after coming into the classroom, as I really did not want my emotions and worries to affect my performance at the workplace, and that the entire atmosphere would lighten up. Which, fortunately it somehow did.

It is known that it is not appropriate for a staff to bring personal issues to the workplace, especially in a service that involves young children, but I would state that it is difficult for a human to always be able to divorce their emotional state from their work place state.

Somehow, being at the workplace with all the children around helps me not to ponder so much on the issues I have at home, because I have to focus on the children instead and my Duty of Care I have towards them.

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Introducing Michael Chan!


Introducing Michael Chan!

Guys and Gals, and daddies and mummies (like mine!) and relatives in KL and all over,

Would now like to introduce Mr. Michael Chan from Gold Coast, Australia.

An acquaintance and house mate of my cousin, Adrian Wee, who is currently now residing in Indooropilly, Brisbane.

Mike (as I call him), is currently at University of Queensland doing his doctorate thesis and research in "bang-bang type phase locked loop systems."

Whatever that means.

He just returned from a conference in the States, and has lots of lovely pictures to look at.

25 years of age, he likes snooker, science fiction and liquor. Of chinese descent, still single and available for the picking if any of you gals are interested. Very decent fella, hor? ;-)
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