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A sojourn to the Roti Canai store.

This morning I was walking down to get breakfast from the Indian tea store at the foot of the hill where my school was. I took out my Avon umbrella (to shield me from the sun. It was SUNNY!!) and my clutch bag on my left. I was walking on the left of the road going down the hill.

All of a sudden, this rusty red jalopy (with a rather bed-raggled) looking man who was driving past down the hill saw me walking and decided to slow down the car.

He opened the door and asked me if I wanted a ride down, so I said I was only walking down to the foot of the hill.

So he left.

I saw him again at the foot of the hill. He had gone to the same Indian tea-store where I was going to get my breakfast.

He told me that I was right to have my clutch bag on my left as there were many cases of snatch thieves on passing motorbikes.

I listened for a while and then went to order my breakfast from the cook.

Whilst waiting for my order to be ready, the man, Francis (his name) said he was driving to town, and then he asked if I wanted a ride down town. I declined saying that I was walking back to work.

Then he told me that he was doing construction work, and wrote down his phone number on this chit which he passed to me. I took it.

Later when my dad came to the office, I passed the number to him, [minus the rest of the details here], telling him that some fella who did construction work had given it to me.

My question now is, what would you have done, if the same thing happened to you, were you a single Asian female walking down the hill like me?

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