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HELP. I LOST My Ricoh Camera!!

I lost my Ricoh camera at Nando's OUG today after lunch time. Yes, the RM777 Ricoh camera one which I bought at Amcorp Mall, (right around Hari Raya time) along with a 500++ Mbyte SD card and 2 rechargeable batteries. The SD card already costs more than RM200 if bought separately....
* I AM quite annoyed*.

I just hope that someone could find a way of returning the camera to me..*but*...I mean, if the people wanted to return it to me, they would have left it at the Nando's counter when I went back to get it then. Or if the staff at Nando's. You just can't tell people's heart these days.

Just to tell you, I won't be having pictures for the next couple of days. (or however long it may take.....)
Don't really feel like blogging my thoughts tonight, although the remainder of my day was pretty good.

I woke up at 6.30am. Called Jess. I called her another 2 times, and she picked up on the 3rd time!
Went to the hall at 6.45am to complain to my dad about it, (coz I forgot to include something in my Assigment). He said the Spirit of the Lord must have woken me up to remind me about it!*hmm*

Anyway, I picked Jess up at about 9am, so that I can drive to Summit. We had breakfast, she did her shopping there and I went to get my silver marker exchanged at Popular.

I had Chicken for breakfast, lunch, and dinner today.

Steamed chicken rice in the morning.

Nando's Mild Perry-Perry Chicken at lunch.
Chicken (and beef) Satay in Kajang for dinner.
Me up with PG for lunch at Chicken's Nando OUG. Realised I forgot about the cam and drove back there to get it. It WAS MISSING!!

Waited in front of FGA for the rest of the group to leave for Bagan Lalang. There IS actually a beach there, but not really for swimming. The water's a bit dirty.

I was supposed to follow Irene in her Avanza, but they decided to put me in Mel's car instead. It's always fun sitting in Mel's car. *heh*. There is always interesting conversation that happens.

Anyway, Mel got my gift for gift exchange earlier after dinner. He said it was most practical.....Seriously, sometimes when girls go gift-buying, they have to think of whether it is practical for the guys as well. The other guys were most impressed!. ;-)

*you can try to figure out what it was I bought for the gift exchange* ;-)

I got this tealight candle table decoration for gift exchange. *Hmmmm...

Anyway, if you do get me a gift, make sure its something practical, and I won't put it in the shelf and forget for the 12 months. Thank You Very Much....

To the rest, Have a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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