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Photos: Dr. Massimo gelato.

Today, at about noon time, Jaq and I headed down to the manufacturing plant of this gelato, located near the PWTC. The genius behind it, Dr. Massimo, greeted Jaq and I in his office, giving us a tour of his humble abode where his masterpiece concoctions of sorbetto, gelato (and even soya based gelato!) was created.


There were so many machines......(and of course) the pasteurizing machine ( which is essential to be found) in every dairy/ ice-cream/ *etc, etc, etc* gelataria. There were quite a lot of procedures to making gelato as well as sorbetto, that it took me a while (who does not know anything about COOKING! at all) to get it.

We were also shown how his sorbetto was created, using the bare ingredients of just fresh fruit, sugar, water, and lemon juice, blending it and finally freezing it.We saw how chocolate, oreo gelato and mango sorbet was made.

Now, if you are wondering, sorbetto is not ice-cream, as it does not have cream in it. Whereas, gelato, is ice-cream, made of milk, sugar, natural products and other other main ingredients...

By lunch time... *stomach gets rumbling*

Guess who volunteered to cook us pasta??



Definitely not me. I can't cook to save my life.
For dessert ...guess what??
Gelato of course.
Oreo and vanilla gelato.
After lunch, we stayed a while to talk some more, and left the place there after.

A takeaway gift to us for being such good listeners and taking time out to visit him.... *Mango Sorbet*enjoy

Later at home.............Yummmmmy........ *you watering yet???*


dailymuscle said...

The thing about fat-free items is that they're normally loaded with abnormally high amounts of sugar to compensate and get a similar texture.

Good luck in your dieting though! All you need is willpower.

SilverFOX said...

So, if you are watering for some ice-cold fat-free gelato, hop over to Gelatomio....

Rats, thought that you would at least say your treat after the dots. But after 2 antagonising minutes making sure there's no more paragraph below, I gave up hope for some free fat-free desserts :p :)

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