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Counting the days to Christmas...

17th Dec: Saturday

Am going to start with my Christmas card writing and prezzie browsing & shopping like for the next 2 days (before the next assignment starts on with full *pow*!)

My wishlist....for this year, please refer to this!

Ok, going to go Ka-Ra-Ok-ing with Zen now. Ciao!

Click here to go to Dannie's site about our time at the KARAOKE.

Very much later the morning...

Dec 18th: Morning.... Sunday

Arrgggghh...*nevermind* that I just remembered about the Youth Christmas presentation was today. Or yesterday night for that matter......*patutlah semua orang sibuk ni*..

So fine. I am going for the one on 23rd.
It's Jess's birthday as well. (I just remembered) As well as Laynie's as well!! Hmmmm.

Joining the Connections for Christmas on the 24th.

And going for my own Church Service on the morning of 25th.
If you want to join me, (please text me earlier in advance to notify me!!)

Hmmmm....turns out I might join the Combined YAF at Sunway today..*blarDy*
Since Bell is also joining them for bowling and practically everyone will be there. Makes more *sense* ler.

(23:10 hours)

I forgot to add that when I was singing at the Karaoke yesterday, I chose mostly 60s & 70s songs...
"Born Free", Beautiful Sunday, Mandy (and forgot the rest liao) to which someone said this sounded like an opera session..wakakakakkakakakakaka.

Just checked my results....I got a B for Care & Education Settings!!! *Wheeeee!!*

Hmmm...still crossing my fingers for Cross-Cultural Education....I need 4.5 more out of 45 marks to pass...but HECK. I am not aiming Just To Pass ler.... my first two assignments were pretty Good......but the third one was a KILLER. Alice said she took two days to do it. I was cracking my head for one week just to do the lesson plans..*sigh*. Right, and would remember, it was the week of my birthday when I had to finish that bloody assignment.

I'm falling asleep just trying to read my Play text. First assignment on Play due this coming Friday, 5pm. After that, I am heading down to FGA for their Christma Youth Performance (WHO WANTS TO COME???) with the other members of the Connections.

Ok. Ok. I went to Sunway Pyramid today. There was a Combined YAF there ler....[so almost 20 ppl turned up ler]. Guess who I bumped into....*Right* I bet he will be reading my blog here...Shyan (of all people). A friend of Stephanie, who is a friend of U Joe.

*amazingly small world* For about half an hour, I was wondering who he was. Kathleen was wondering how come I was talking (like I knew him, but I just couldn't remember from where...)

David Low asked how come I was MIA from the meetings in ages (well, obviously, since I am no longer in Ruggeds). * I thought he was just so cute asking that ..haha*

I even thought Kimmy & Alvin (Pat's bro) looked almost alike.... [having not been formally introduced to him until then] *so cute*!! They just looked at each other.....and gave each other that look. *lolz*.Well, that's coz they were sitting right beside each other, and they had almost the same eyes!!!


Anyway, we went to Hartz Chicken Buffet for lunch. The chili crispy chicken is good. Very good. I shouldn't have taken the normal fried chicken. Too wet for my taste.

Amos had Ice Lemon Tea with Ice-Cream!

Ha. I beat him to it with my own concoctions. Coffee with Ice-Cream. Very mocha indeed.


Of course, Kath also had her own creation. PAPAYA ICE-CREAM.

Anyway, I told my parents about it over dinner time, and they asked why didn't I drag my brother along *knowing their minds ler*. To which I said, 'it was a last minute decision".

Oh yeah. Liverpool lost the game. What time did it start? Oh, the 6.45pm one. Some FIFA Japan Toyota Cup. My bro said,
nevermind, they are still in second placing. No biggie.

I bet he's watching the Chelsea game now. *opens door to hear *. [yup. He IS!!] Oh, Shyan is also a Chelsea fan.

I did mention to Kien (he is a Liverpool fan) I bought this Liverpool bandanna. He was so excited & asked me when I was going to wear it. I said it is for Christmas ler. [Kien has a Liverpool jersey with HIS NAME on it!] and to which he said, if I changed my mind about the person I am giving it to, he wants FIRST nibs to it....

* He He He He He He.....*

*well, we'll see what happens ;-)

Anyway, went with Bell to the pharmacy. I found what I needed there [for the gift exchange anyway]!
Then Kath.Wong joined us after that with the others.

*Right* She FFK me on Tuesday... *makes face*. Anyway, we managed to go around (well, I did) the stores so I can get some ideas for my card making.
She said I "very sara diri" lar...(yeah, oh yeah. every thing want to make myself lor!)..... I had every tom-dick-and-harry idea that kept popping into my head with every new Christmas merchandise I saw at Memory Lane. hehehe.

Tuesday 20th Dec: 12:15 hours.

Just came back from meeting up with Chee Ming at IOI Mall.
Well, Chee Ming, if you are reading this, *waves hi!!*

He gave me this big family packet of Reese's chocolate cups with peanut butter stuffing.....*Thanks*.
We had a drink at Starbucks and took some pix. He's actually a friend of Fui Ken, and I have never been able to meet up with him each time he came down to KL from The States. Yup, both Fui Ken & Chee Ming are in the Buffalo state, famous for their Buffalo Wings.

Their buffalo has wings, just as when pigs can fly, I have a tail on my ass.

We saw this Metallic Grey Sports car parking illegally in the Handicapped parking bay in front of Jusco.

Do you want the car plate number?

Anyway, met up with PG for dinner last night. Actually, I didn't expect to see him for another two months (or longer)....which whereby, I would have flown away already anyway....well, it's not like he misses my scintillating company anyway. :-) He's got WarCraft, Liverpool, work & futsal to keep him occupied almost on a daily basis....

We walked around Parkson OUG looking at the deco & stuff. I found Tracing Paper (RM4.20) on the 3rd Floor.

The Men's Department is the best place where the salesmen will be servicing Men customers. That is also the best place (in the mall) for ladies to chat the salesmen up. I don't think just because a guy & girl walk together, the salesmen will think they are both a couple.

*Either ways, the salesmen will definitely be chatting the girl up, (she is in Men's Dept anyway!)*

Obviously, if the couple is holding hands and all mushy together, that is a different story altogether. Otherwise, well, there is no obligation between the two anyway.

Well, that is HOW guys would think anyway, isn't it?

"my mind is a swirling miasma of scintilitating thoughts and turgid ideas"

Anyway, just got my results from Gloria through email. I got 87 marks for Music & Movement!! Ok, better than I hoped for!!! * YeS!!!*

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