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Camera hunting at Endah Parade.....

I really went to bed after getting offline from MSN with PG last night.

Anyway, went back for work today. There was a meeting and all the teachers came from all the schools. Discussed what to do for the orientation this coming week. Yup, school is starting soon. Have to read up on my Montessori texts tonight, as I have to present it to the teachers and staff tomorrow. Simple Practical Life & Sensorial training materials..

Supposed to meet PG to go hunting for the camera on Thursday, but he could not make it then, so we had to do it today instead. We went to Endah Parade and went to Mc'D's for lunch. Ai Ling called halfway. She was so surprised that I was nearby, and promptly came after having her lunch. We went around to the two camera shops nearby.

Two shops were selling the Casio Exilim 6.0.

At both stores, the Casio ExiLim retails at RM999. At one store, it had the package of the tripod, and the blardy VIP card. (which I don't need!!), and an SD 128mb storage. I just want a higher storage 500++SD card. (like my previous SD card)! Another sells it, but without anything that comes with it, but the price was negotiable....(heh). I should think the price would be negotiable at both stores (if I dont want any of the *extras*)....

Well, I like it as it has the backlight for the screen, plus anti-shake for clearer pictures, and shutter speed seems faster than the Ricoh one. Well, Albert, any advice?? I haven't decided on what to get yet though....

PG said to go to Pyramid to check it out *right*. You can drive there neh, coz I wont!!

And nopz, I won't be paying it on instalment, but I HAVE TO and AM saving up to get it instead. I don't believe in being part of the statistic of a Debt Society, which a lot of people pay using credit card. As I have said, saving up is better, coz you'll pay more on the interest rates....*nah*.

Anyway, this is the email I got from Gloria in regard to my USQ application, in case anyone keeps asking!!!

"Dear Gloria, Thank you for your email. We are waiting for a CRICOS Code to be confirmed so it may be early next year when we can get the letter to you. You have a lovely day...Rgds Lorene"
I finally managed to eat Tong Yuen!! Went with PG to Esquire, but there was no Tong Yuen sold anymore, so we went to this store at the 2nd floor, (just in front of the lift near the computer games shop) that sells
Tong Yuen with Soya Bean.... Healthy??
It retails about RM2.80 or less per bowl for four pieces. Yes I am finally quenched of my wanting to eat Tong Yuen!!! *Yum Yum*

Stuff I have to do tonight:
One hour organ practice.(yup, got my final organ lesson tomorrow!)
One hour Montessori readings. (going through the files).
One hour Bible reading. (spiritual food, or so, shall I say?).

Tomorrow evening:
One hour Play Pedagogy readings.(assignment due soon!)
One hour Sociology readings. (assignment due soon!)
One hour Bible reading. (more spiritual food?)
Prepare my article for infant mag in town. Something about brain development (blah blah blah).
(yup....the editor has extended one week for my behalf, at least till next week. Need to do research what!).

Which reminds me, I have to get a hardcopy organiser from my dad soon.

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