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To ZOUK we went a-rounding.

BIG *Farking* Deal.

Yup. Me. Laynie. Albert. Chun How.

To the Loft.

Never mind the fact that I didn't dance much, but I still woke up with a strain on my arm. Its much better now after having applied medication on it.


Got home about 4am in the morning.

Don't know if should go to SODA with Kelvin tonight or not. Whatdya think, Laynie?? You still not tired from last night, ke??

Now I am back in college to get my books coz I forgot to take it home. Nevermind. At least I get to borrow books from the library and don't have to see any Tom, Dick and Harry for the next 5 days anyway.

My parents are going to INDIA. Woo Hoo!!! For one week!!! Let's start partying now!! (But alas, I have assignments due on Friday, so only after Friday we celebrate ya, hoh!)

Amy and Simon (from Connections) will be having a garden wedding dinner at The Palace of the Golden Horses....*wow*. Sounds really breathtaking. Must start planning for mine now. Hahaha..

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the pig said...

consider having a beachside wedding in Sheraton Langkawi....

dun think i'll happen to u in a few years to come.... heh heh heh..... :P

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