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The storm shall pass...I hope.

The past one week has been a state of emotional upheaval for me. When I brought my file in to be seen by Melanie (a week ago), her words confirmed the possibility of my leaving for USQ early next year, which status has hitherto been questionable.

The reality of this finally hits home.

Yet today, when I was dragged to attend this Wanita Fellowship, I received a word from the Lord that confirmed my hesitancy. Indeed, there are things that I have been questioning, and I have not the capacity, or the understanding to fathom it.

I guess I no longer have the same kind of vibrancy or boldness that I would have had (when I was much younger) a couple of years back.... which I would have jumped then at the chance at the long term opportunity and never ever wanting to come back here again!

The fear of the unknown, , and going alone.

There are other things, as well as unsettled business, and other other things that are troubling me at this point of time, which I should like to settle before heading off. as well as the fact of not knowing if I would ever set foot back here in the soils of this land that I was born in....

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cynical-idealist said...

Heyy, I hope this storm passes soon for you. God bless you and take care of you, sister, and may He guide you to wherever you're meant to be.

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