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A new Camera & blogger meetup at KY's.

Today I went to Amcorp to get my Nokia fixed. My phone is still under warranty, so it was pretty cool. There was a problem with the LCD display, apparently.

Ok, so much for the indecisiveness yesterday about the cameras!! *lolz*

Sorry, Laynie...hehe.

Ok, I was trying to decide between a Canon Ixus 30 and a Casio Exilim EXZ110. Both retailing for RM999. The Ixus 30 came bundled with an SD card, whilst the Casio didn't.

I didn't think the Canon was such a worth it, coz half the money actually goes to the advertising and marketing of the Canon. For the Casio however, there is less marketing on it, so you would be paying for the functionality!
According to the sales person, Ricoh outsources their cameras but uses their own lenses.

*dunno how much of that is true lar*

Whilst waiting to get my Nokia fixed, I went around shopping for cameras, and I finally settled on this.

Image from Ricoh.

RM777 bundled with a 256MB SD card. Capability: 5.0 Mega pixels.Quicktime video recording.(with sound).
Generally good for point-and-clicking. It's cheaper than what I found yesterday..
*Even a better deal!*

Anyway, to digress here, just want to mention that there is a potluck blogger-meet up at KY Speaks.
The map is here.

If you are interested, please prepare food enough for
(according to KY, about 2, but I think the people will starve, so make it enough for 10)
people and of course, inform them (I should think either KY or Peter Tan at their blogs) of your presence.

KY’s Residence (Potluck) Bloggers Meet
Date: November 6, 2005 (Sunday)
Time: 2:00pm
Venue: 8, Lorong SS3/59B, Petaling Jaya.


KY said...

don't be crazy, just bring enough food for 1-2 people.. if 20 shows up each with food for 20 we'll end up with food for 400. that'll be madness. hehehe

Elaine said...


*snarl grumble murmur whine*

Emilie said...

nothing is better than a canon! ask any photographer.... they'll give you a LONG lecture on how it's not always about the megapixels, it's the lens, the functionability.... bla bla bla... and if you think canon's pay goes to marketting, wait till you see sony!!!

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