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My wishlist for 2005 (Birthday and Christmas!)

Well, I was at Kinokuniya today. Crap, I actually picked up some dating self-help book, flipped through some pages and threw them away in another pile coz the English sucked so much.

But I saw this book. Jane Austen's Guide to Dating!!! It is written by this lady, who wrote a thesis on dating rituals in the 1800s for her degree (she didn't say which). Very nice book and easy to understand.

Well, if you are not a fan of Jane Austen, you won't understand. The book costs a bomb....haha..if you are feeling *generous*, get me the book then! *not necessarily at Kinokuniya though! I love Jane Austen, coz her writing is really witty...and I must have re-read Pride and Prejudice like so many times!

11th November:
Since my birthday is coming along in less than two weeks time from now......I shall prepare a wish list. Hehe. :-)

Things I would like to have:

1) A new watch - metallic strap.(so I can wear out for formal functions).

2) A PDA phone. ;-)

3) DVD/VCD of (UK version) Pride and Prejudice starring Jennifer Ehle & Colin Firth.

Things I wouldn't mind getting:

1) Accessories from Axxexx (or the like). Something retro, that can fit my style

2) Jewelry. Jewelry. Jewelry.

*sorry ah. I can only wear gold coz I am practically allergic to the Malaysian silver. Unless it's from the UK or something*.

3) Gifts which are personalised.

4) Things you know I can use and fits my style/taste. (Do you know my style in the first place??!!)

5) Take me to an orchestra performance. I haven't been for ages, and would just like to enjoy watching the symphony play. Haven't been to one in ages. I love classical music. So there!

Things I do not want to get:

1) Soft toys

2) Potpourri.

3) Storybooks (I have no time to read). Except for the book stated on top!

Anything else, I shall update later, ya!

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U Joe said...

Another thing you may consider:

1) A Good Man. :)))

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