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The Rain

This is the cry of my heart. Do tell me what you think.

The rain is pouring,
It is tearing.
Out the glassy windows I look,
My heart beats the same.

I want to go out and play,
But Daddy says NO.
He says I can't play,
Till the rain is away.

I can't wait for the sun to come,
To frolick at the pond.
I hate staying cooped up here,
It's so dreadful and drear!

He says I'll slip and fall,
Out on the mossy green,
The mud is dirty,
It is so unclean.

I try to listen to Him,
But sometimes I don't.
I steal out to play,
But then I fall dastardly ill!

Oh Daddy, Daddy, don't cry,
I'll try to be good.
I shouldn't be naughty,
But I try very hard.

I can't wait to see you,
My best friend at the pond.
Its seems like ages,
Since the sun had past on us!

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Elaine said...

*spanks yer bum enthusiastically*

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