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A complaint against a petrol kiosk.

How many of you collect points when you pump petrol?

Well, today I have a grouse against a particular petrol station at Old Klang Road.

You know how sometimes people say they are willing to help their customers, well, this one happens to be fake courtesy.

In another petrol station, which I have high praises for, located near Kuchai Lama, the person who maintains it had gladly credited in the points for me when I had forgotten to insert my card to collect the points. He said it was possible, but the points would be deducted if I didn't pump in the petrol after 5 minutes. So, I was fine with that.

However, on 12th Oct, (the day when I went for my shooting at the preschool), I went to fill up the tank at the petrol kiosk. Who would know that the machine would not register in the card when I inserted it in. Well, after I had filled the tank, I went into the store, and asked them to credit the points in as well.
Not only that, I brought in the receipt that was printed out of the machine and showed it to them.

Well, they did credit in the points. But *grudgingly*.

Well, today, when I went to get my car filled up, and apparently at another near my place, the machine didn't print out the receipt. So I had to go into the store to get my receipt. When I got my receipt, I went back straight to the car. But before I put my receipt away, I looked at the amount of points I accumulated. Which strangely, was not equal to the amount of points I had credited into my previous fill up.

So, I looked through the previous receipt, and surely as I had thought, it was not the same. So I took that receipt, and went back into the store and asked the owner is it possible that people could have *stolen* my points away??

After I told her the story, then she told me it was possible that the previous petrol kiosk could have just deducted my points after I had left. What they could not have thought I would do was that I was one of the few who would actually KEEP the receipt for reference. (and yes, I have to keep receipts for referencing of my petrol mileage of my new car.).She even showed me how it was done!

I said to her, "it isn't possible that anyone would want to steal 50 points away. Coz it was only worth 50cents, and I wouldn't have been able to buy anything, right?"

So, she gave me this form to fill in manually (especially if there are points that cant be credited due to machine malfunction). I understand that there may be people who may lie about such things, but the fact is, I was not one of those. I had brought my receipt in (as the proof), and these admin girls (who so called, had offered to credit it in) so that I would not make a scene, made a pretense of helping, but decided to take it out.

Truly, I was really incensed about the whole thing.

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