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Zhong Jiu Jeh Kwai Le!

The Lantern Festival is coming!
One of my CG friends is going to host a Mooncake evening at her home this Saturday, after service (presumably??) and my parents decided to hold one for the young adults of my own church. Heh.

Any of my own friends interested to come? This is an open invitation to all!

Date: September 18th (Sunday)
Time: evening, obviously. Anytime the guest can arrive early (and help out with the decorations!! *laughs* :-)
Venue: My home. (right, like I am going to state the address here, lah?

Well, for my friends who want to come, you can contribute by bringing lanterns, candles, mooncakes (whatever variety yo u have in mind), and any other kinds of food/dishes you made that you want the rest of us to try :-)

Zhong Jiu Jeh Kwai Le to everyone!!!!

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