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Life sure isn't easy.

On Friday, the courier assigned by Bonuslink came over to the school to pick up the faulty Sanyo handset. Well, at least!

Anyway, as I was singing during service on Sunday morning during service, I felt the Spirit tugging my heart as the words of this familiar song by Don Moen came up to me.

"You are the Lord that Healeth me,
You are the Lord my Healer,
You sent Your Word and Healed my Disease,
You are the Lord my Healer.."

Anyway, as you may want to know it, SH read my blog...

He actually read it to me over the phone as he read the entry. He called me on Tuesday, 1 a.m. in the morning. I picked up the call, but I was too tired to entertain him. So I asked him to read the blog I where I ranted about him to entertain himself.

SH: Ok, I know. I know. I made a promise and did not keep to it!! I'm sorry. I'm sorry!

Me: Hffmmph!!

SH: *starts to read the blog entry*
Oh my gosh......I know...I was all my fault. I know I shouldn't have done that!

Me: *me keeping quiet and refusing to say anything in response to it*.

SH: It is so obvious that you are talking about me. Why didn't you just put my full name on the blog if you were going to complain/rant about me?

Me: Are you mad? I may be mad with you, but that does not mean I am mean.
I am still willing to protect your privacy by not doing that, you know??!!

The only thing I can say is only time will heal.


d4g said...

interesting blog you got here...a little confusing..but that's just probably me cuz I just need to get used to your writing style... anyways I kinda like you blog :)

cheayee said...


Thats why I say I probably need to have another blog to talk about other things....

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