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Blogs Piracy? Incredible!

Well. Well. Well. Apparently there is going to be a blogger meet up next Sunday at Midvalley, 25th September, 3pm at Oasis Food Court. Oh, and Peter Tan will be there too!! Woo Hoo!! And maybe Jeff Ooi would be there too. :-)
Ya, since I have been reading other people's blogs, I think that it is about time I meet them face-to-face. Well, at least I get to see the other side of their personality. I guess??

Sounds like fun!! Anyone interested to go with me eh, leh?

Anyway, the latest I heard is that two Singaporeans were charged in Singapore for leaving racist comments online...*woah* That is scary....

At that also, Mack Zulkifli has posted that Peter Tan has apparently closed his blog because of some comments on his blog. Actually, there has been some move by other countries apart from Singapore, where companies are moving in to sue others for comments left on their blog, (or something of that sort). I guess people who leave comments on XiaXue's blog these days had better be a bit more careful these days eh??

Another upcoming issue of late faced by bloggers.
There are such things as vcds piracy, movies piracy, and even money piracy.

But Blogs piracy??

I read that Minishort's blog entries was pirated. Woah. Seems that some desperadoes are desperate for hits they are willing to copy other people's work...Hei, WTF???
Isn't blogging supposedly to be like a diary? Why copy other people's work then? Man, you gotta be careful how you write, or if you link someone make sure you give credit where it is due, or you'd be accused of plagiarism and be flamed!!

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U Joe said...

Eh, I thought Oasis is at the junction of Jalan Maarof and Jalan Bangsar? (Referring to the Sep/Oct issue of Home Concepts magazine) unless there's a place with the same name inside MidV.

I won't be going though... if I'm not at salsa practise, more likely gonna be napping to catch up for those lost hours.

On another topic... Now it becomes clear why some people don't allow comments on their blogs.

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