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Royally Pissed!


Royally Pissed!

Yes. With PG.

Who else? I mean, with others, I may not get as pissed. But with him? Easily! How can anyone not confirm a meeting and wait till last minute before confirming the event? If you already have an idea that the event will take place on Wed, why do u wait until the last minute? What are you trying to prove?
And you called me a drama queen! *right*

That's so not you, PG. You have always been considerate. (or try to be, that is).

Like I have no plans of mine, lar? So I have to keep mine on hold till you confirm, which is not early, and you figuring last minute is okay, is it? Please don't expect me to change my plans just to accomodate yours.
It is not that you do not have more than enough time to make plans, or foreplan. You are having 2 weeks of holidays and what?? No time??

If you had asked, we may have accomodated you.
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In the news!

In the news!

My friend, YL has just broken up with her bf after a year.

She wrote about it on her blog.

So, on MSN, I said,

Hei, RK, I read about what happened to your sister in the news..(actually meaning her blog!)

I do not know how he could have relayed a different set of news to his mother.

In fact, how could he have misunderstand me?

I sent the link (of the blog) to him, as his picture was there. He surfed it.

What happened next was, a franctic search by his mother in the news paper for something that YL had done.....

YL relayed the news to me.

She seriously thought it was very very funny.

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A text from Jess:

A text from Jess:

I got this text from Jess early in the morning:
When God wants 2 use us, we need 2 know who God is & know who we are.
Many Christians forget this truth: We're only human! Even it takes a crisis 2 get 2 us 2 admit this, God won't hesitate 2 allow it. Lord, U teach us with circumstances? I guess so... Bcoz, u love me.

Dear Lord, Help us not 2 take things with our bare hands, give us ur wisdom & understand to respond according to your way.
Cleanse & Cover me with your precious blood & TQ for the victory on the Cross.

Amen. Hmmmmm..*isn't it strange that is just looks like the entry right just before this?*
That's probably coz we just saw each other the night before!
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I needed to.

I needed to.

The movie ended quite early, and I was like?


Wednesday is when the YAF has their prayer meet.
I felt guilty for skipping. I should have not gone for the movie, but I did.....

*bad girl. bad bad girl!*

I headed straight for prayers after the show ended.
Well, I needed to.
I needed to pray.

Sometimes a lot of us think our burdens are too hard, but when we share with others, it seems comparatively minute. I have this fear of the problem that it ends up instead of leaving it as it is, and trust that God can work it out with out my help, I end up taking the whole thing and not trusting God with it instead. This sounds alien to many people, but to me, and there are many others, yes, who echo similar thoughts.

I have been shown a way, and yet I have chosen to ignore it. I thought it would be over and done with, and yet it still returns from oblivion to the present.

Father God, forgive me of my stubborness. Forgive this stubborn child of yours.
Forgive her for disobeying what you had rightly shown to her.
Show her that you really love her and that you are always by her side.
Show her that you love her in spite of what she has done.
Show her what is right and give her comfort.
Give her your strength that she need not struggle alone.
Strengthen her heart and make her strong.
In Jesus Name, Amen.
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Flight Plan

Flight Plan

Went to watch Flight Plan with Asta

The movie was.....great..would have been better.


IF I had not read Danny Foo's parody on the car engineer....*sigh*.

Nevermind. I did. I was too curious.

The movie was action packed none theless. Great!!

It is strange how all the staff could not have seen the little girl who went missing. But I can't reveal details.

It will simply spoil the movie!

Movies I want to see in future:

Transporter 2.

The Longest Yard.

Harry Potter 4.

maybe Sky High.

So you ppl know what to do leh, eh?
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PPS Review podcast up for downloading!


PPS Review podcast up for downloading!

DZOF has finally put up the PPS Review (episode 8) from the bloggers meet up.

Go to the site to download the podcast! (21 MB)

*okay, I don't want to steal his bandwith and all, so just go straight there, ya!*

Take your time and leave the computer on!

Go read a book,


watch re-runs of Malaysian Idol and swoon at Daniel,

read Shakespeare or something.

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Education rocks!

Education rocks!

AnneTeachesMe has listed my education blog on her list!
Check it out!
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Blogger meetup (Midvalley) Links!


Blogger meetup (Midvalley) Links!

Ok, the people have finally put up the pictures of the Blogger meet up.

Dustyhawk and all his lovely pictures.

Albert with his one and only picture of him & Minishorts....*aisay, so disappointing* man.

SK Thew with the list of attendees

Danny with a short review, but no pictures!

PeterTan and his entry. His pictures!

Any one whom I have forgotten, or wants to be added to this list please tell me ya!
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First Blogger meet-up in Midvalley


First Blogger meet-up in Midvalley

Just came back from my FIRST blogger meet up!! How was it?

Well, I managed to drag Madeline Yee to the bloggers meet. Hmmm..I just realised that I didn't take any pictures with her..but someone did snap our picture ler?

There were some of the *famous* bloggers that made their appearance..but heh. I didn't really talk to them, except for Peter Tan? Yeah. and Minishorts as well.

I saw the group gathering at about just bfore 3pm, but decided that Madeline and I should take a stroll around first before going in. Hehe :-)

Group, the bloggers hanging out.

Danny Foo and DZOF

Patricia, a journalism student from LKW.

Danny!! He looks much better now!! Hehe.

CYAlbert, Albert of Xfresh.

CYfriend, Dusty Hawk and me...Birds of Canine flock together!!!
Will write more later!

September Bday babies: Carmen & Phoebe.

September Bday babies: Carmen & Phoebe.

Yesterday, the CG decided to go to Passion Cafe to celebrate Carmen and Phoebe's birthday after their Saturday evening service. Technically I was late, as the service ended at 8, and I was there not too late....but not too early. :-P

CarmenPhoebe, with their PINK teddy cake!!

group, the entire group at Passion Cafe!

Girlsgroup, A bevy of beautiful ladies!!

Cy2, me and my tedddy bear !!! :-)

I had a really great time last night! :-)
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Called to fish. Can you be one?


Called to fish. Can you be one?

This morning, the text message from Alex Au-Yong sms went like this:

Matthew 4:18
Two fishermen, the first disciple who threw down their nets and left behind everything to follow Jesus.

What they really did was throw down and leave behind their identity as fishermen, their means of finances and their skills.

The cost of following Him demands that we let go of what we are and what we have, so that we may find our true worth and completeness in Him."
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Diversifying your writings helps!


Diversifying your writings helps!

When I first decided to start a new blog for my education journals, I was pretty hesitant, and it took me a while before I actually decided on a proper name, theme and all for it.
But now that I have, I realised that I probably should have done that in the first place! *laughs*

I find that I am able to focus my writings better. Also, I find that it is a site that I would rather have people read, than this one. Especially people that I meet at work.

Well, surprise. surprise. I think I would like to keep this blog a bit more private away from people I meet at work as there are things that I would rather not want them to know, unless they happened to bump into it, shall I say?

Well, recently I decided to put ads on both my blogs (if you have noticed any of it, that is!). Kind of wanted to experiment if anyone would actually want to click on those ads. To my surprise, finally, after a week or so, someone did click on's not much but....that's pretty good for a start lar for something I just put for less than 7 days?!

Haha.... it's chicken feed now, but hei.....sedikit-sedikit, lama-lama jadi bukit-lah!
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Mid Autumn Festival at Irene C's.


Mid Autumn Festival at Irene C's.

Today, after getting the car from EON, I drove the car to Summit. I was thinking of using the highway, whre formerly there was a U-turn that allowed me to make a turn after the LDP toll....but, apparently I had to pay a toll just to go through it, and then they asked me to make another turn back there, so I could turn back to Sunway!!

Bloodsucking LDP company. I had to pay RM2.50 in total so I could make a turn back to Summit.
Real bloodsuckers these people!

Anyway, I finally turned in my MCI file to Melanie today. FINALLY!!

Finally went for my first 6pm service at FGA today. There was a one man impersonator show on today. No message was preached today. He did an entire impersonation of the entire of the lifestory of King David up from where he befelled Goliath, to the time God restored him from where he was restored from his committing of adultery....*interesting*..

Went to IreneC's place for a TangLung evening at her place. Amos and Kathleen stole over to our group today!
Apparently Winston had something on at his home as well!

Anyway, I will put up pictures of the evening later!

My brother (who drove himself along) kept pestering Carmen to teach him to play Mafia. It is exactly the same game that Annie & I had played at our director, Christopher Lee's place about 3 years ago. It was such an interesting game that I had written about it in my diary then (Sorry, no blogs then!) You can either write out the roles, or use a deck of cards to designate the roles, and it is all picked by each individual in random.

Queens- Doctor..
Joker- Mafia.
Any other- civilian.
There will be a narrator whose eyes will be open at all times.
During the game, every one has to close their eyes, except when their roles are being called out.

The Mafia will choose one victim each time.
The doctor has to pick one person to save (which could be himself/ or some other person who is to be the victim).
If the doctor did not save the right victim, then the victim has to die.
The Spy has to guess who is the mafia to kill.
Then everyone opens their eyes.

The narrator then goes..It has been a bloody morning. Someone has died....(and states who has died)
if not, then the person was saved...

Everyone has to take a vote and guess who is the mafia and kill that person.
The aim of the game is to find and kill the mafia.The mafia's aim is to protect him/herself.
S/he can accuse others or maybe even himself. Depending how s/he plays the game.

Only the dead person can keep their eyes at all times. They are not permitted to join in the game after that.
The game ends either when only 3 ppl are remaining.

It is either Mafia or Civillian who wins!
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EON- Total disgrace.

EON- Total disgrace.

Took my car from EON service centre today. Seriously, I can't believe this.
How can EON even say that they "luluskan" my car for delivery to its chain end users if so many of its functions are not working? It is a total disgrace on their part. I feel ashamed and embarrassed to be called their customers.
I got this WIRA Auto1.5 car from them. I just got my car last Friday, and although I didn't drive it for 3 days, the battery had already koncked out!

The technician had to come to my house to jumpstart and fix the battery. Tsk tsk tsk.

What an embarrassment.

1) The dashboard lights were not functioning.

2) There was a problem with the timing belt. I could hear "chck..chck" when I drove the car.

3) The air conditioner was not even functioning properly.

Such a total disgrace. The only thing I can say is that, at least the technicians who had to fix the problems of the car were doing their work!

Now, the final problem is the speedometer. The petrol indicator has already reached the bottom, but the speedometer is only at 250km. I had filled up the tank till about 47litres (which is almost full tank plus additional gas that compresses the petrol down!). If it can't reach even 300km, I am going to have to make another report to the EON authorities.
Big Fish MNCs bullying Small Fry bloggers.


Big Fish MNCs bullying Small Fry bloggers.

Mack Zulkifli was relating today the case of Mun with his case against Fitness First. Now, if I want to complain, I can....and I did...*laughs*.

I was there early this year (at Menara Axis) as Annie and I first hand found out through our own experience and complained to the manager through the Fitness First website about the professionalism of the Front Desk Staff. Fortunately for us, the manager took notice. Annie used to work in a hotel, so she was pretty appalled by the kind of service they offered to us!!

However, my main complaint was about the Personal Trainers and seriously, until now, I find them pretty irresponsible. Anyway, wonders beyond wonders, Mun managed to find my entry on the Personal trainers.....*well, cool for him though* coz I would have totally forgotten about it had he not found it! *laughs*!

Now, I did write about this (in Malay, nonetheless due to the entire ber-belog dlm BM thingy!) so probably no one understood as much? *laughs*

Nevermind... At least we have ppl like Mack & Jeff Ooi to settle the case for us, small fry. With their expertise and know how, at least these MNCs would know that bloggers are NOT JUST a group of people without any backing. Bloggers are growing in quantities by the day, and so is the support.

Nonetheless, there has to be laws and provision made for us.

As Spidey says,With Power Comes Responsibility.

We can blog about what we want, but we also have to accept the responsibilities and repercussions that comes with it too as well.
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Finding one's identity in Christ.


Finding one's identity in Christ.

I was reading other people's blogs when this particular statement in IreneQ's entry struck me.

"Find one's identity and security in Christ".

Ok, it's not the first time that I have read it, and it probably won't be the last. But it did remind me of some of the things that I have done in the past half year and what has happened to me. As she noted, many women find their identity in being in a relationship with a man. I can identify with that as I myself have seen that happening with a lot of my female friends (they cry when the relationship breaks down, and beg the guy to get back together with them, and all kinds of funny tactics.)

The other thing is that I know of women who make a show of having so many admirers wrapped under their finger, and seem to be at a loss thinking that there is something wrong if there aren't any admirers. Yes, getting a sense of satisfaction out of being able to manipulate men.

Well, if I were to deny that I had never ever done that, I would be a complete liar. But for me, I guess it really isn't so much about finding my identity in having a relationship with a man. It probably was a loss of pride & ego. Which probably amounts to the same thing. Heh.

However, I have changed from the fact that I no longer find it something to be proud of in having so many admirers. Not to mention that I do not even encourage it any longer.
But the irony of human nature is that they always covet something that other people have, and that is when the problem begins. People don't want someone whom no one else seems to be interested in. The human way of thinking that if someone doesn't have admirers, there must be something wrong with her.

With conversations that go like this...

Oh, she's so pretty, how come no one is going after her? She probably has some mental problems *blah blah blah* or some kind of other problems...

But can't they also see that the person in mind is not encouraging it and may not want to encourage it? Now I just find it simply wrong to encourage or lead someone on (but of course, a lot of these men do not seem to see that and keep pestering!).

The thing is, if one is in a relationship, would it not make the other party insecure if they know that you have so many admirers? There in also lies the issue of *TRUST* and *LOYALTY*....

But nonetheless, that didn't stop me from complaining to my administrator about the men in my life (or lack thereof) about it. To which, she started to recount the number of men that she had seen in my life.

From this Indian fella that had sent this huge bouquet of roses to the office,
to the chinese one she met who had bought me this entire chocolate cheese cake from Secret Recipe and had given me a gold bracelet for Christmas and even bought me breakfast every day....
and even one of the uncles of the children who had sent me a card wanting to befriend me. *sigh*.

Admin: So, how many men did u sleep with? *who was taking a break and resting her head on the table*
Me: 10.

Admin: What??!!! *raises her head and stares at me!*

Me: Well, you asked! So I just picked a random number and gave it to you. *gives her a look*

Admin: Oh. Cheh!

Me: Right, like I was going to tell you even if I had done that lar??!!

Sometimes, as a Christian, I have to be reminded, even subtly by non-Christians (without their knowing it though!) to what extent of the faith I have that I am living. I would not say that basing my trust and identity in Christ is something that is easy for me. In fact it is a real struggle for me, and especially this past one year.

Then again, if we could easily base our trust and identity in Him, wouldn't that make life a bit too easy, right?
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Zhong Jiu Jeh Kwai Le!

Zhong Jiu Jeh Kwai Le!

The Lantern Festival is coming!
One of my CG friends is going to host a Mooncake evening at her home this Saturday, after service (presumably??) and my parents decided to hold one for the young adults of my own church. Heh.

Any of my own friends interested to come? This is an open invitation to all!

Date: September 18th (Sunday)
Time: evening, obviously. Anytime the guest can arrive early (and help out with the decorations!! *laughs* :-)
Venue: My home. (right, like I am going to state the address here, lah?

Well, for my friends who want to come, you can contribute by bringing lanterns, candles, mooncakes (whatever variety yo u have in mind), and any other kinds of food/dishes you made that you want the rest of us to try :-)

Zhong Jiu Jeh Kwai Le to everyone!!!!
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Blogs Piracy? Incredible!

Blogs Piracy? Incredible!

Well. Well. Well. Apparently there is going to be a blogger meet up next Sunday at Midvalley, 25th September, 3pm at Oasis Food Court. Oh, and Peter Tan will be there too!! Woo Hoo!! And maybe Jeff Ooi would be there too. :-)
Ya, since I have been reading other people's blogs, I think that it is about time I meet them face-to-face. Well, at least I get to see the other side of their personality. I guess??

Sounds like fun!! Anyone interested to go with me eh, leh?

Anyway, the latest I heard is that two Singaporeans were charged in Singapore for leaving racist comments online...*woah* That is scary....

At that also, Mack Zulkifli has posted that Peter Tan has apparently closed his blog because of some comments on his blog. Actually, there has been some move by other countries apart from Singapore, where companies are moving in to sue others for comments left on their blog, (or something of that sort). I guess people who leave comments on XiaXue's blog these days had better be a bit more careful these days eh??

Another upcoming issue of late faced by bloggers.
There are such things as vcds piracy, movies piracy, and even money piracy.

But Blogs piracy??

I read that Minishort's blog entries was pirated. Woah. Seems that some desperadoes are desperate for hits they are willing to copy other people's work...Hei, WTF???
Isn't blogging supposedly to be like a diary? Why copy other people's work then? Man, you gotta be careful how you write, or if you link someone make sure you give credit where it is due, or you'd be accused of plagiarism and be flamed!!
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My new car!


My new car!

I am so relieved......I had two assignments to do last week. No time to think of any other matters. I couldn't let any other thing affect me or else I would not be able to focus on my assignments.

I got my new car on Friday! I am seriously so relieved as well.

I am sure it must have been prayers answered for N and CW. They had been praying so hard (that is what they said they did lar!) that they must have been so happy that God had finally answered their prayers. Not that I didn't pray what??
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Casa Del Bambino


Casa Del Bambino

Ok, this is my new blog.

Casa Del Bambino

Yup. I started a new blog. It really is to focus my writings (especially those on childhood issues and reflections) and not let my thoughts run all over the place.

I shall update you all on the other blogs when they are ready.
Life sure isn't easy.


Life sure isn't easy.

On Friday, the courier assigned by Bonuslink came over to the school to pick up the faulty Sanyo handset. Well, at least!

Anyway, as I was singing during service on Sunday morning during service, I felt the Spirit tugging my heart as the words of this familiar song by Don Moen came up to me.

"You are the Lord that Healeth me,
You are the Lord my Healer,
You sent Your Word and Healed my Disease,
You are the Lord my Healer.."

Anyway, as you may want to know it, SH read my blog...

He actually read it to me over the phone as he read the entry. He called me on Tuesday, 1 a.m. in the morning. I picked up the call, but I was too tired to entertain him. So I asked him to read the blog I where I ranted about him to entertain himself.

SH: Ok, I know. I know. I made a promise and did not keep to it!! I'm sorry. I'm sorry!

Me: Hffmmph!!

SH: *starts to read the blog entry*
Oh my gosh......I know...I was all my fault. I know I shouldn't have done that!

Me: *me keeping quiet and refusing to say anything in response to it*.

SH: It is so obvious that you are talking about me. Why didn't you just put my full name on the blog if you were going to complain/rant about me?

Me: Are you mad? I may be mad with you, but that does not mean I am mean.
I am still willing to protect your privacy by not doing that, you know??!!

The only thing I can say is only time will heal.
Geramnya aku!


Geramnya aku!

Kombanwa! O Genki Des ka?

I memang nak membe-log dalam bahasa Inggeris. Tapi I feel like membe-log dalam MixGrish malam ini.

Semasa dalam perjalanan ke kolej petang tadi, perasaan saya sememangnya geram. Ingin aku menjerit sekuat-kuatnya dari dalam kereta aku. Mungkin kerana saya belum bermakan malam, keadaan perasaan saya bertambah marah geramnya. Tetapi selepas 2 jam, saya sudah cool down dah.

Saya tahu bahawa bukannya semua orang akan memahami bahasa melayu. Tetapi, yang aku nak mengatakan, selama ini, hanya kawanku yang baik akan membaca be-log aku, jadi memang bukan masalah kalau kurangnya bilangan yang akan membacanya, sekiranya dibandingkan kalau telah dituliskan dalam bahasa Inggeris.

Aku nak menujukan persoalan ini kepada semua:

Adakah kebahagiaan di cari sendiri dan ji kee zhang fan lei geh?

Saya tidak mahu mengaitkan perkara tersebut dengan falsafah dan kepercayaan kepada Tuhan. Adalah memang tidak munasabah untuk se-seorang manusia untuk sentiasa mempunyai dan berada di pinnacle of joy ataupun hope dalam Tuhan. Walaupun adalah munasabah untuk se-setengah golongan orang, tetapi ia sememangnya sesuatu masalah untuk aku.

Memang saya tahu bahawa dunia ini tidak berhutang apa-apa kepada ku. Tetapi, untuk ku, kalau se-seorang kawanku berkata akan lekas berbuat sesuatu, memang adalah harapan aku bahawa dia akan mengotakan dan berpegang kepada janjinya.

Pada hari Selasa yang baru lepas, semasa saya menjawab panggilan kawanku PG, dia mengatakan bahawa suaraku berasa semacam se-ekor kucing yang ekornya telah dipijak dengan kuat!.Saya tidak akan menafikan bahawa sememangnya aku memang berperasaan sedemikian pada masa itu.

Pada minggu lepas, sememangnya cuti sekolah saya. Saya sungguh beria-ria ingin keluar bandar ataupun pergi mengunjung tempat lain. Apabila aku telah berkomunikasi niat aku ni kepada kawan ku, SH, dia sendiri berkata yang dia akan prepare everything, and leave everything to him. Ini ayatnya yang dikatakan sendiri.

Pada hujung minggu, saya telah menyertai aktiviti di mana saya diperlukan meninggalkan bandar dan pergi ke Bkt Beruntung dimana saya bermalam di rumah kawan saya untuk hari Sabtu dan pulang pada hari Ahad.

SH menghubungi aku pada hari Isnin minggu cuti itu, dan memberitahuku bahawa dia telah mencari sebuah tempat yang sungguh murah, tetapi hanya untuk hari Isnin sahaja. WTF???
Dia cuba menyalahkan aku dengan mengatakan mengapakah aku telah pergi luar bandar pada hujung minggu?? Jadi saya pun memarahkannya dengan berkata yang dia sendiri pulak telah mengatakan bahawa rancangannya yang ingin disediakan adalah bermula dari hari Selasa dan bukannya pada hari Isnin, dan dia langsung tidak ada pun memberitahuku mengenai rancangannya, tetapi cuba menyalahkan aku!

Geram pulak dibuat aku untuknya. Buang masa aku mendengar penjelasannya. Hari demi hari, aku menunggu keputusan rancangannya, tetapi, pada saat yang terakhir, he throws a wet blanket on it by telling me sudden news that he-so-oh forgot to tell us mengenai kawan kita Suraya yang sepatutnya menyertai kita ke Port Dickson.


Bukan itu jugak, dia telah complain bahawa RM25 untuk return ticket ke Genting Highlands adalah sangat mahal, dan dia boleh mencari sesuatu tempat lain yang sangat sangat murah!Tetapi aku telah dapat tahu perkara sebenarnya, yang dia sebenarnya ingin spend half a grand on this girl, dan complain lagi bahawa RM25 was a lot of shit.

Selepas itu, aku memberitahunya sekiranya begitu, tidak perlu dia merancangkan apa-apa lagi. Buat malu diri sendiri sahaja! Langsung selepas itu, aku membuat rancangan dengan KMT pergi ke Genting pada hari minggu itu yang hampir akan berakhir, iaitu pada hari Jumaat! Sekiranya tidak, saya rasa bahawa setelah sepanjang cuti minggu itu, saya pasti akan mati meninggal kebosanan menunggu di rumah sahaja!

Genting. Tempat penuh kemeriahan!

Pada petang di mana KMT masih berada dengan saya di puncak Genting, SH telah text aku menanyakan aku adakah aku dan KMT ingin bertemu dengannya sekiranya kita pulang ke Sentral. Geramnya aku bila aku menerima pesanan handphonenya. Aku langsung tidak mahu bercakap ataupun menjawab panggilan telefonnya.

Geramnya aku membaca textnya! Rasa sungguh ingin nak menempeleng mukanya itu!!

Pada hari Isnin yang baru lepas, seorang kawan AW, iaitu Esther, telah merancangkan aktiviti pertemuan di sebuah pusat beli-belah dan memanggil semua peserta-peserta AW yang lepas untuk menghadirinya. Memang aku tidak berniat menghadirinya selepas kejadian tahun lepas bersama Ivo& Juni itu, dan kejadian SH & Suraya yang baru lepas ini. SH telah menelefon aku, bukan satu, tetapi dua kali dalam masa satu jam untuk menanyakan aku adakah akan aku menghadiri pertemuan itu. Jemu aku nak tengok muka semua orang tersebut. Lagi geram aku dibuat perbuatan SH tu. Aku ingin menegakkan di sini bahawa SH itu sememangnya kawan aku, tetapi kadang kala aku dibuat geram oleh tindakannya!

Sebenarnya bukan sahaja SH seorang yang aku geram dengan.

Saya geram jugak dengan PG. Tapi rasanya aku, yang dia tidak akan membaca be-log ini untuk masa yang lama lagi. Sama juga dengan SH. Sebelum aku meneruskan penulisan ini, aku nak mengatakan bahawa sememangya aku wajar geram dengan kawan-kawanku ini. Tidak ada penjelasan lain yang akan aku berikan.

Sebelum ini, aku sudah lama berancang ingin melawat ke Genting jugak. PG telah mengatakan bahawa dia sendiri juga nak pergi, tetapi pada masa itu, sememangnya aku langsung tidak dapat pergi kerana kebetulan ada hal yang aku tidak boleh run from. Aku cuba menanya ayahku yang bolehkah hal itu ditangguhkan, tetapi dia langsung tidak membenarkan. Jadi terpaksalah aku mengikuti hal tersebut. Pada akhirnya, PG sendiri pulak tidak bersempatan pergi.

Perhaps it is that in this entry that I sound whiny, complaining and ranting. But the thing is I AM disappointed. I am. I really have no other way to say it out. Is it wrong for me to have expectations? I never expected anyone to fulfil my needs. Not humanly, that is.

But to have someone give their word and take it back without any proper explanation, is like a bully who gives a sweet to a young child and cruelly takes it back away from him/her, who can only just stand there and watch open mouth and speechless....
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