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Genting: Day trip up with KMT

On Friday, KMT (or MT for short) and I made an impromptu trip up Genting!

Have been die-ding up for a trip to Genting in a while. Actually, I wanted to go way before the haze started, but bad timing lar....

To keep myself warm, I brought my blue Lee Denim Jacket. The jacket is so many years old, but yet to outlive its years yet! ;-)

My brother dropped me off at KL Sentral before heading to his workplace in KL. I was thinking we could leave at 8, but MT was late, so we ended up having breakfast at McD's first and taking the 9am bus up to the Genting SkyWay. MT bought some lunch from 7 Eleven.

The trip was about an hour plus from Sentral.

The package we took cost only RM25 was inclusive of return ticket up and back from Genting, plus either entrance to the Outdoor Theme Park/ or a buffet lunch. Well, obviously we took the option for the Theme Park, as bought separately, the ticket itself would cost about RM35, which was very expensive, in my opinion!

It was my first time on cable car, so I was pretty excited!! *Seriously!* So you can imagine how I felt when I went into the gondola!! Hehe. :-)

Me trying to look cool. Hehe.

View from the cable car.
When we arrived up at Genting, we went to the casino first. The time was about 10.45am, as I remember that was the time the police officer wrote on the card where I kept my camera. Yup. House Rules state no cameras are allowed in!

First we tried our hand on the KENO games. Pretty much a no-brainer kind of game, mostly based on statistics and luck. A most on probability. Didn't win anything!! Haha....
Then MT went to the banker/player table and played. Ok.....well, I don't encourage gambling, but he won *some*, so it was not too bad. However, if he is tempted to come up just to gamble, pray that he still manages to keep his head. :-P And probably don't lose his underwear in the process.......
We had lunch at McDs. Well, everything in Genting cost almost 30% more....pretty expensive. In my opinion...
Oh well. Then we headed to the rides. The boating rides were fun. We tried the Corkscrew, and many of the other rides..(can't remember the names).

You know what? It is fun to eat ice-cream up in the cold!. hehe..

After that, we did some retail shopping at the malls.

MT and I shared to buy a red B.U.M can check it out the next time we go out! I should have gotten something more expensive. Hehe.. ;-)

We left Genting about 7.50pm in cable car. Reached KL by bus about 9.30 (if I calculated rightly). Very Very tired.

Amos callled halfway when I was on my way home. Apparently he was still in Penang, and would only be back on Monday!
Ai Ling, it is a pity that you had to cancel off your Genting trip! Turns out my parents are staying up at Genting overnight next week as well! What a coincidence. Heh. Maybe next time lar....

I had a pretty good time up there..If I were to wait for another trip, I really do not know when that would be lar!! Was tired, but it was good!! :-)

I think KMT had a good time, hor? ;-)


Anyway, our intended CG Futsal match is off! ( I Think!!)

There was a suggestion of having a futsal match by the CG members, but I think that has to be put on hold la........ Irene could not call enought female players for the futsal match. Yup, a futsal match just for the CG females! We were going to recruit players from the other CGs..but eh.......

Ok, I don't know how to play soccer, and as much as Irene wants to recruit me to play, I knw nuts on kicking or passing the ball...I will just end up with a sore feet the next day..At least give us time to practise, or at least give us a few weeks where we all can practise together before deciding to have a futsal match...So the "malu-fying" larr!!!!

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