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The science of music

Just came from class. The class was fun.
Compared to Nursery Management (which was pretty dry in comparison), at least you won't actually fall asleep during class. *laughs*

Vincent touched upon some things, which if I remember, I shall write out here. Among which were:

- Biorhythm (being observant and sensitive to it from a baby's perspective, and how to develop rhythm awareness, planning the experiences for your own child).
Babies who are put into an environment that simulates their gestation settings, are comforted by it after their birth.

Vincent said that he observed and looked for cues in his daughter's development as how to prepare the child for develop her rhyhm awareness, and of course, introduce classical music.
He said that his daughter could tell which piece of music it was just by listening to the introduction, and knew when the piece would end as well. She was exposed to broadway shows from a young age.

I wish my parents did that for me! That would have been fantastic, but the problem is both my parents are not only tone-deaf, but have no rhythm awareness. My mother sings out of key most of the time, and my dad can't follow the beat. My brother is just the same. What can I say about that? I am like the only person who had any formal music training, but I would have been just as bad if I didn't.

- Music in learning about culture (geographical locations, type of instruments)
- How geographical areas influence the type of instruments that can be made and how the different type of musical instruments can only produce certain types of music composition (Science),
-Eg, during Bach's time, there was only the harpsichord, and no piano yet. So the type of music he wrote was relevant to as far as he could innovate on the harpsichord.

- The rhythm of the music generates the different types of pictures and the type of people that could be found during that period of time.

Rhythm clapping:
- Using Vincent's "se-ven" method to clap to rhythm. Have assignments on that!!

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