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Sick, Sick Day.

A lot of the students were absent today. Among those absent were about 6 children. Even the administrator, Mercy, is not feeling too well either, and has a sore throat. I think this could be due to the change in weather. Quite a number of children from the other classes were also sick today.

Angel refused to come in in the morning. Sha has done this on a lot of occasions since the year started. She had to be either persuaded or coaxed in some manner to enter the class. But once she is in, she is normally fine. It is the "persuading her to come in" that is the difficult part!

I worked with the pouring water (identical jugs) with the children.

I worked separately with Nicholas, Seen Yan, and Nico on the pouring water (into 2 smaller cups). Initially it was just supposed to be Nicholas, but Seen Yan and Nico wanted to do the pouring water into the 2 smaller cups as well.

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