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School's called off!

And yet yesterday, I was lamenting and wondering why schools weren't closed in lieu of the worsening haze conditions...
Wah ha ha...

Yup. The government has given a directive for two days off for the next 2 days..

The kindergarten's declared two days holidays for Thursday and Friday. That makes it 4 days off work!! Woo hoo... I doubt financial institutions or other commercial institutions can do that. I don't know if kindergartens have to replace it on Saturdays..but *hello*, these are pre-schoolers we are talking about!! So, I don't think so lar...

Anyway, today absent were Nico, Eugene and Jasper. The parents didn't seem perturbed or even asked twice when we informed them about the school holidays. The thing is, none of them complained about the weather either, but the fact is that a lot of the children have been sick for the past two weeks.

I didn't do any lessons, so no reports for this week. Oh Well.

The Air Pollutant Index for KL as of 5pm today states, Port Klang is the hardest hit, at 424, KL at 276.*hmmm* bad.

Just came back from an indoor petrol eatery after prayer meet tonight. Everyone didn't want to go outdoors to have supper

*seriously, who would, I ask you lar??*

It seems that no one knows that Mcdonald's has a promotion on the coca-cola refills. I told them that if they had informed people formally, who would want to add 75cents to top up to a Large Set, right? They'd also lose profit along the way.ha ha....

Anthony didn't believe it when I told him...Well, I had the same reaction when KMT first told me about it.

What is the most obvious thing that we prayed for tonight?

The HAZE obviously!

I was walking around with my mask.
Bell commented, l look like a Sarah-Brightman wannabe... wa ha ha ha...
*Funny* Bell....*funny*...wa ha ha ha....
I impersonated a belly dancer with some snake finger movements in front of him, and he said that he will attempt to bite it if I came any closer....

Wahahahha!! *That cannibal!*

Why malu-malu lah? Who is better in the long run eh? Of course those who wear masks and don't malu-malu lah!!
What do people at prayer meets do?

Well, first we have the worship service preceding the prayers.
After the worship, we will talk about what has happened in the week, and talk about the needs that we want prayed for...

Well normally pray for the needs of the church, and whatever upcoming events.
This is then followed by needs of other people (otherwise known as interceding prayers) ,
and finally the last thing we pray for is our own personal needs.
We pray for healing of sickness, health, jobs, future events, salvation of our loved ones, and things that we are insecure about.

Even for wisdom in discerning God's will and direction, which I'm not afraid to share, that it happens to be my personal prayer need for the past 6 months.

Does God answers prayers? Well, after all this months, there is only one thing I can tell you.

God DOES answer prayers. But how He answers it, and when He answers it, we do not know.
And no, just because we pray DOESN'T MEAN that He will answer all our prayers.

But the most important thing is that we bring our needs to him in prayer and let Him take over and do the rest. That is our initiative and our responsiblity. The rest, He will take over and do it according to His Time & Purpose.

I can say this because from experience, there is no way you can arm twist God to doing what you want. *ha ha*....
But whatever prayer He answers will be to glorify Himself...*well*, that much is True anyway.

There are times that I have wondered to myself, if I should *fall*, should I stop going for fellowships?
I forwarded this question to a CG mate of mine, and she said, if I should fall, it is even more *imperative* that I do not break the *link* and continue attending, for once a person breaks off the *chain of nourishment* (for lack of a better term), they will no longer have anything to feed on....*heh*.

A lot of people feel discouraged about rejoining fellowships once they think that the have made a wrong decision. But I seriously think that this would be the lie of the Evil one, as his strategies, to mention the few are to discourage people, and also to put the fear of guilt and shame from fellowshipping with others.
But, shame is actually good, depending on which path it leads up to.

I guess the path of the narrow one was never meant to be an easy one, isn't it?

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