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Ménage a’ Trois

Oooooo....I like Maddie's place. I dunno if I was too noisy (ok, sorry dear girl, if we woke up the neighbours last night!). Ok, I shall stay over at your place one of the weekend, k! ;-)

Anyway, I just realised that I have to make an archive of the entries I have made so far...
Categorise it, that is. I shall have to find the time to do so, and I will put it up when it is done.

Anyway, this is my perspective on Ménage a’ Trois. I bring this up, as the term came up me recently.

My take? refuse to get myself dragged into such a situation.

I am not going to vie with another girl for a guy's attention. True, I might get a bit green-eyed, but, seriously, in retrospect, if the guy tries to manipulate me into such a situation, the only thing I can say is that, it really is not worth my time. I will just drop it and find someone else more deserving.

Why do I say that?

I don't like fighting with competition. If the guy wants me, he can come after me.
I cant put myself in a vulnerable place with my eyes open and see myself get hurt. That is called stupidity.

I don't like being made feeling insecure, because if that is the kind of life I have now, what makes anyone thinks that it would get any better after starting a relationship?

I would rather not begin any to start with.

I let the man lead the relationship.
I let the man define the direction of where the relationship is going (with discussion with me, of course!)

Well, he is THE MAN, right? If he wants to be called THE MAN, and be made to feel like a man, if that is supposedly his rightful title, eh?
Don't give me this bull shit of equal opportunities and crap. God didn't make the woman first, if He wanted man to be first.

Thanks, but I'd rather be the pearl.

And when he hath found one pearl of great price, he went and sold all that he had, and bought it." Matthew 13:46

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