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Imaginations of Port Klang out of a book.

*Cuadros de Klang Puerto!*

Ok, here are some pictures I took.... I look pretty good in them. Too tired to blog now, but I think the pictures are gorgeous...!!

Do tell me if you like the hair?? Hehe....Chris thought that I did something different to my hair that evening, but actually it was a hairband that I was wearing. He says it still looks pretty! Hehe. Now, isn't that sweet of him to say that? :-)

These pix are taken using a Sony Ericsson handphone. The rest are in Jess's camera.

Variations of the same pix....

In beach wear......

Vivien and I at Port Klang.

As I look at the pier that stretched out to the sea (according to Jeff who is from Klang, this is the wharf where the Star Cruise ship comes to berth), it reminded me of this scene from Edith Wharton's Age of Innocence...

Archer walks down the path and sees the pier and house in front of him.
He sees a woman with her back to the shore, leaning against a rail.

He stops, unable to go on.

It's Ellen.

She looks out to sea, at the bay furrowed with yachts and sailboats and fishing craft.

He does not move. Ellen does not turn.

A sailboat glides through the channel between Lime Rock lighthouse and the shore. He gave himself a single chance. She must turn before the sailboat crosses the LimeRock light. Then he would go to her. He looks to the boat. It glides out on the receding tide between the lighthouse and the shore.

He watches as the boat passes the lighthouse.......

He looks at Ellen, she has not turned.

Archer walks away...........

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