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Haze almost gone!!

I think the haze is almost goneee!!!! Praise the Lord!!
Today is the first time I have seen the first hot rays of the sun shining through the clouds.
Woo hooo!!!! I am so deliriously happppppppyyyyy!!!!!! I can go out in the open again!!!!

On Friday night, I went for supper at C&S with Syed after Music& Movement class.
Seems that KitKat is having a RM5 off promotion there....if you are seen eating KitKat, the representative will come and give you a voucher for RM5 off...
So, I was having a craving for chocolates yesterday and went and got a pack. The rest of the people in the restaurant *were probably too pre-occupied* in their own conversations to think about that...

So, basically I got a free pack of Kit Kat biscuit balls and RM3 off our bill ! *heh*
Smart, eh? Pity that this did not dawn on the rest of the other patrons. ha ha.....
I could have got another pack for KitKat for free anyway...haha.

I was pretty tired, so I was feeling very grumpy, not to mention that Syed was late.
*grumble* *grumble* *grumble*
So now Syed knows how grumpy I can be when I am tired!! He better know what to do the next time round!

Class was good today. I was falling asleep during the first quarter of Dr.Irene's class.
Mr.Chang's class is always fun! Love his classes. I like studies on communicative behaviour. It can really make you think and reflect on your communicative behaviours.
The base of my sandals came out during class, so I had to walk around the campus barefoot. Anyway, I got myself a new pair of really sexy dolly slippers...Whee whee.

*whistles* Love them! They look really sexy!

Anyway, *damn*

However, I have got like almost 7 textbooks to go through. Don't really know if I can find the time to go through all of it.

This is in summary, the nutshell of the discussion during our Care & Context class today.

If pre-school teachers do not make the effort to train themselves, how should they think they could even call themselves professionals or get themselves accredited?

Preschool teachers is a profession in Australia. Pre-school teachers there need minimum 4 years of studies at university before being allowed to teach.
Here? There aren't even enough teachers holding a one year teaching cert. Lets not trying to ask about how many 2 or 3 year diploma holders, or worst, Bachelor degree holders in Education (preschool education) in Malaysia. Let's not embarrass ourselves by trying to conduct a survey.

If you have such a bad attitude towards professional training or any kind of training towards pre-school teacher training, basically you should not even be in this field. Well, this kind of attitude is prevalent in Malaysia.

In Singapore, at least there is a minimum wage for teachers there. Preschool teachers in Australia (according to a source who has just returned from OZ) are at least well paid, and living comfortably.

If pre-school teachers think that they do not need professional training, or housewives or students think that it is only something that can be done part time, or in transition whilst waiting for a better job, or as a last resort because they are not good at any other vocation, it is no wonder the standard and quality of child care centres still remains horrendous here, and children are still mishandled in Malaysian kindergartens.

Not to mention the many numbers of pre-school centres who do not want to get themselves registered.
In other words, I think, it is because they know they can't meet even the minimum requirements set out by the authorities, that they have to resort to such measures.

They are only thinking of the profit factor. What about the safety measures in case the children get hurt? Not to mention that there is not enough manpower from the authorities to go around checking for such errant centres who flout the law.

Malaysia still has a long way to go in terms of providing quality child care centres and teachers.....


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