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Archive List (2005)

These are my note worthy list of entries categorised for viewing, with the latest entry on the bottom. If there are any in-accurate links, please inform me!

Convictions for the New Year.

I am bloody horny, and I am flaunting it!

I am Playing with Fire.

Talking to a stranger!

E-harmony: MUST HAVE and CANT STAND list!

A chapter of my life.

Road Not Taken.

Wrestling with Christ.

Forging a new Chapter.

Serious LifeTrap Cycle.

Moon River Ruminations.

Courage & Intuition.

Matthew 10:37-38

The past 3 months.

April 17th.

Times of Adversity

Trust & Faithfulness

You want Honesty??

My Ideal Guy

Choices, Choices, Choices.

My dearest Isaac.


Playing with Balls!

Wish List (2004)

The Convocation Ceremony!

Upcoming Convocation (2004)

Right before Christmas

Out of Petrol

A new dawn to a new begininning....CNY!!!

Lin Chor 2


Fool, Fool, April Fool!

Something to Gripe about.

Ménage a’ Trois

People, in general:
The Apprentice

Creativity and individuality in Malaysia.


Amway (or people who try too hard...)

About someone, in general, specifically.

Handing assignments in late.

Engagement dinner, weddings & USQ.

Gawd, Damn IT!

Be spontaneous, proceed with Caution

Bowlby's Attachment Theories.

Non Verbal Communication

Bible observations:
The foolish shall confound the wise.

Material adornment

Words of Wisdom.

Christ's love for us.

Spiritual beings with earthly bodies.

Unseen spirits in your home.

Pay to Caesar what is due.

The Nation of Israel

Oh, How long more must I wait?

Oh, Lord, Why have u forsaken me??

Commiting my problems to Him!

Historical evidence of the Bible.

The Be-Attitudes.

The story of Christ's Salvation

A time of testing

Open & Shut Doors.

Your sons shall prophesy, and old men dream dreams.

A wise man overlooks an insult.

Perfect Love.

Keeping your heart.

With this ring, I keep this covenant with God and You.

Isaac & Rebekah

Marriage covenant

Waiting for God's best.

If Men were Like Buses.

We are made in the image of God.

Time is of NO Essence.

Preschool issues:
Status of preschool teachers (in Malaysia).

A successful preschool program.

Kindy classroom politics.

More politics, and politically correct roles.

The ADHD suspect.

Muscle Memory

Another Jonah Day!

There's more to music than meets the ears.

Beating children.

Creatures of habits.

Montessori entries:
Sound boxes

Long Rods

Short bead cards- 11, 12, 13

Transferring buttons (using tongs)

Children in general:
The things children say!

April 27th

Children's *inane* memories!

And when they are up, they are up!

Christmas quarter- (2004).

Convocation (2004)

Annie's farewell (2005)

Bobby, the dog.


A Believer's Water Baptism.

The Connections (mostly) and some Ruggeds..

Brazenly Red Hair.

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