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Would you remember me after I *die*?

Well, I am not going to *die* any time soon. But then, I can't be sure, right?

My mom noted earlier (whilst we were in the car), that *life is pretty fragile.*
That we should not go around getting upset over little things around us. Fighting over miniscule matters. Life is too short to go on hating others.

Well, this is in retrospect in the aftermath of the London bombings. How ironic, that it should be, after London was declared the winner to host the 2012 Olympics. Not to mention the rcent earthquakes and tsunamis in Asia, post Easter and Christmas Day....

Would you remember me after I die?

It is a morbid subject, but DEATH is a subject that all of us have to go through eventually.... I read that God intends me to wait upon Him. Thing is, I could die even whilst waiting upon Him.....I never know, could I? I don't think God would let me *die* like that, but then again, I wouldn't know, right?

IF there is any problems left unresolved, or sour between the both of us, I hope we would be able to resolve it soon.

If there is anything in your mind that you would like to say to me that could be an encouragement to me, please say it as well.

If you have any words of LOVE that you could encourage me by, say it to me as well.

Please do not wait till I have passed away from this Earth to do so.

However if I die before you could have said it, please do not cry. I guess it was intended to be so.
I was in the school computer lab yesterday. Well, my school subscribes to a computer learning program, and the particular lesson that I clicked on yesterday featured a number of Nestle cereal/ food cartoon characters!


It features ALL the characters from the cereal going for a Jungle Adventure. Really, I can imagine that Nestle's characters actually started a cartoon series by themselves *soon*.....Well, we'll see how it goes, wouldn't we?
Just like how Coca-Cola's song, "I'd like to teach the world to sing" which was to promote the soft drink actually took a life by itself and became such a famous children's number now...

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