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Starlight Cinema- Kingdom of Heaven.

Well, to continue the saga of JW, the principal has requested the child not continue his tutelage in the school. I am not sure how the parents of the child would respond, but that is totally not of my concern. If parents choose to ignore the fact that the child can't be controlled in one school, they would have to continue finding one that does. It is a fact that they cannot escape.

The school settings simply are not suitable for the child to be enrolled in. Not when the child keeps on screaming and running from place to place!
Even the grandmother of the child, with personal one-on-one attention, is unable to control the child in the school settings, what more the teachers?!!
Anyway, the principal is being helpful and taking the initiative by trying to get help and advice from the related authorities.

Anyway, today I went to watch Kingdom of Heaven. I received about 6 free passes for this movie, and Amos and Bell came under me. Jacqueline was absent however, she was sick and had fever, and Jason fly aeroplane lar........ Li Ann and her friend, Abigail came under her.
Amos and Bell were so late...Well, I know that they have to work... *oh well.*

How was the movie? It was slow moving, but the plot was good. I am not too sure how much of the plot is fictionalized, but the character of Balian really spoke to me.
I doubt they speak the same way as we do (but then, this is a modern movie, and I doubt they would speak Shakespearean English, nor speak the same way as in King Arthur .

He reminded me of King David. Now for all those who are unfamiliar with the story of King David, he was a shepherd boy ordained to become king of Israel and Jerusalem. However, his predecessor, King Saul, wanted him dead, and there were many times and chances that David could have taken to kill King Saul off, but he refused to play nor use underhanded tactics to take his kingdom by force. In fact, King David waited paitently for almost 20 years before he could finally ascend the throne.
King David was a man who loved his enemies, and showed love in favour of revenge, and refused to give in to what he desired and supposedly have and waited until the right time came, and was duly rewarded for his patience. Many times Saul wanted and attempted to kill him, and even descendants of who had self proclaimed themselves the king, he refused to kill nor seek revenge.
Many did not understand why he would not kill nor take advantage of the situation.

As like Bailan, he refused to kill a man for the sake of gaining his wife nor for the city of Jerusalem's peace. I am sure he desired the wife of Guy immensely, but refused to go the wrong way, *although he did commit adultery to begin with*.
I admire the character of Bailan for not giving in to it. In the end, he gained the wife of Guy in the right way. And not by mis-use of his power, which is something I really admire.

Ironically, a thousand years later....Which is now, a thousand years after when the movie's timeline is set,
peace in the city of Jerusalem is still unresolved. *LOLz*

And by the same people as well!!

Perhaps this movie is timely, and has a message to tell the viewers.

Perhaps this movie is a door that would open and pique people's understanding and to find out more about the importance of the land of Jerusalem is, and the people would not simply march around picketing for peace without an understanding of the underlying beliefs that motivates these different faiths of Judaism, Islam and Christianity, whose roots are after all in Jerusalem.

Not to mention, that Abraham is the Father of all these three different faiths and where it all started.

Funny quotes from the movie:
"Convert first, Repent later". (the Catholic priest said after the city of Jerusalem was under seige by Saladin, the Muslim leader)..

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Delevia said...

King Arthur! Lotsa pretty guys and one beautiful girl, definitely had to see that one :P Heh, no, I liked both movies for their plots. I agree, Kingdom of Heaven was/is slow moving at times, but it was touching at places.

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