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I was just reading some entries on Sarong Party Girl's entries...She turned off her comments and email function, so the only way I can comment on it is on my own site.

I don't really agree with what of most she says, but there are some statements she points out that do make a point. Her style of writing is more formal and, refined, for less of a better term. She is able to convey an idea without sounding crass about it.
Of course, if it weren't for the overhyped overexposed to media coverage of her, she would probably be still enjoying her own private thoughts without annoying comments on her blog *as she so terms it, that is*

Whereas, XiaXue's is very colloquial, and casual. I guess people who mostly frequent her blogs, (as in her fans, well...would be like-minded like her...especially those fanatic ones who stand up for her each time). Tis true that her posts are funny, but I wouldn't take her too seriously. Not in any case.

(but then again, you cant judge a person just by her writings, until you finally actually meet the person.)

See, I m trying not to be judgemental here!

SPG has status and self worth in that sense, where she doesn't like the wrong kind of attention, as apposed to XX. She is just blogging her thoughts without concern of how others are to view her....
She probably couldn't give a horse shit's care about the attention or want to be in the public face, whereas XX is lapping it all up. I think so.
XX says that we should be able to write anything we want because it is our blog.

That is true. But ....if you can say something without offending the other person, or having a disclaimer put on (like, what Minishorts did), that would be a responsible act on your part.

As even Spiderman says, With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility. ;-) And if you misuse that power, people will respect you less for that. I think so lor!

Is she acting responsibly, is the actual question that I would like to ask?

Of course, XX has conveniently forgotten that she is now a public figure.
What can I say? She IS mis-using it. Not a very mature decision, in my opinion.

Anyway, back to SPG.....

SPG says:
The insides of a woman's thighs is a very sexual visual.

I don't know about woman's thighs being a very sexual visual, but I do know that woman's thighs are ...ummm very easily stimulated. *Laughs*.Well, it's true. I should know. ;-)

It’s the same old shit every time you go to a club; and just like how we feel horniest while studying pointless things like the economics of running a grocery store, we get horny in clubs. Oh, that and the booze and available sex.

How how someone can get lusty whilst halfway driving the car when there are tons of kids around you, or when you are halfway reading the Bible (even worst!), or you are halfway giving a lesson in Practical Life or Sensorial. *laughs* . I can't exactly go off and find someone to hump in the middle of doing something (as much as I would like to *ha ha ha*).

It is not funny, but I am just pointing out a fact that THAT happens.

Well, it is terrible when lust hits you. I start whining and complaining to God. In a way, yeah, this is my thorn in the flesh. Strange that nobody in church ever shares it. I don't know how often they do suffer from such lust attacks, but I have yet to actually hear anyone profess it. Everybody thinks that they are alone when adversity hits them, but truth is, I think almost everyone suffers lust to a differing degree, though.

I do know that my previous entry has garnered some pretty interesting response to it. Which is good, I would say. Which is good.

UPDATE: has offered to host the buttons for PPS. Well, that's a great gesture on his part, to be so generous to help out with the escalating cost on it!


Anyway, I have no idea why I wanted to meet up with PG tonight.
*I really have no idea*. I just wanted to see him tonight. :-)

Anyway, he came over this evening. After my prayer meet, that is.
PG picked me up from Parkson McDonalds. We went to a nearby mamak for supper.

He was dressed in shorts, so he couldn't go very far....
(He could go knickerless for all I care.......But whether girls would actually stop to look at his *equipment*...uummm....*them? probably not* Ha ha ha!.) Sooryy lor....just kidding....;-)

When I am not at class, I am at my own Tmn Desa Church prayer meet. *lolz*.
So much for any free sessions on Fridays anyway. Well, at least I know where my FIRST priorities are. :-)

*Hmmmmmm* You know what?

I like it. I like it when Peng Guan is in his normal state of mind.
Kinky at his best. Sarcastic. Lovable at that as well. Ha ha.
I like it that, I think, I would never lose my respect for him. And hopefully, will never ever?
* I can hope, right?* my earlier entry was not to make u as the *bad* guy..hehe..
I could never think of you in that context. ;-) :-) :-) :-)

*Hmmmm* At this juncture, I would like to deepen my friendship with Peng Guan. Sorta-study his character, for all that his character's worth in gold is.


minishorts said...

Of course, XX has conveniently forgotten that she is now a public figure.
What can I say? She IS mis-using it. Not a very mature decision, in my opinion.


not a very mature opinion, in my opinion. she didn't conveniently forget. i think the public just conveniently forgot that the way she is blogging right now is the exactly same way she would blog would she not be famous.

define 'right-use' and 'mis-use'. i call it a matter of perception, and a very thin line along that non-existent space between the so-called continuum. it's not necessarily there all the time, the difference, if you get what i mean.

cheayee said...

I don't know how you would feel once your readership has reachd that extent, or if it actually matters to you?

But I totally disagree sometimes with the way she handles the power of the media. She does HAVE THE POWER in her hands currently. It is not that she doesn't. Many eyes are upon her.I just hope that she would use it more wisely.

*like what I say would make any difference, lar?*

But I do agree with her that one can't judge a person's personality through her writings. And that I won't dispute.

vincent said...

I disagree on both points. I believe you can tell how a person is by their blog. You are what you write. Problem is, most people don't know how to judge another person...

On XX, she is one of the few I believe who has fame and yet dares say things that others don't. She has been writting the same way she did even before she got famous. If you call it a misuse of power, then so be it, but she is one of the 'famous' bloggers who are actually writting for themselves.

desiderata said...

My 3 sen worth here -- pls note I always follow the fasmous dictum by VOLTAIRE in any public discourse --I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend, to the death, your right to say it.

Mis-using, or total freedom, of the Blog medium -- there are no hard and fast rules.

I like the quote from Spidie: with great power comes great responsibility.

Both SPG and XX, or any Blogger of influence, just be reminded of that.

BUT pls do not flaunt your sexual conquests or weird servings in bed as models to emulate; neitheer do you need to taech youngsters HOW TO SMOKE GANJA, or GRADUATE into more powerful drugs.

There's such a thing called social values, including decency and good taste, and civic responsibility. And don't waste thy parents' investments on your eduaction displaying your basest instincts.

cheayee said...

What I object about XX doing is basically putting up whatever e-mails she gets for the public to see. IF she wants, it is fine.

But, at least do not put the email id or IP address of the person involved.
I mean, if people say bad stuff or hatemail to you, and you cover their email id, people would at least side you, for you are not paying a tooth back for a tooth.

When she purposely does that, (and she XiaXue has done that like so many times in the past one month), regardless of the fact that she does get hate mail, if one climbs above it, I think people would have more respect for her. Probably deem her as someone who doesn't react to minor stuff like that.

I respect Kenny Sia in that sense. Sure he is angry. But chose not to make a hill out of a molehill.

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