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JK's birthday.

Talk about caffeine overdose. Okay, let's just say that it is not good to have that coz I would start ranting rubbish when that happens. Amos had a dose of it...*lolz*....Well, serves me right for wanting to go shopping on a Sunday noon. When Amos called on the same afternoon, I was talking rubbish through the phone coz I was halfway sleeping at almost 2.....ha ha ha...

My Sunday was spent mostly sleeping. Oh well. Ha ha.

I didn't join the Connections on Saturday, but made my way straight to Midvalley on Sat after PDL. It was to celebrate JK's bday mostly. PG brought me to this place called Gusto near Li Shuan's Passion Cafe. Then we went home about 12. ( I remember the time coz my watch was ringing really loudly!). No pictures this week, except for JK and PG...but *nah*, I dont feel like putting up any of their pictures. If you want, go through the archives.

I will be busy this weekend onwards as I will be having classes weekly on Fridays and fornightly on Saturdays. It will be good to catch up Mr. Chang and Dr.Leow after a long lapse. I was afraid my grey cells would be going into hibernation. My Semester 2 will end sometime in October, but classes will not be that often though.

Anyway, this coming week is the end of our PDL, so it will be a Saturday of testimonies, yummy food and lots of fellowship and hand clapping. I wont be able to go out for 2nd round with them *just to tell you guys in advance, yeah!* as I have to turn in early for Sunday (have song-leading duty lar!). If anyone else wants to join us, please come and do so. but actually, anyone can join us anytime, regardless of the events. The more, the merrier!

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