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I was on the phone with a particular person on Sunday just after dinner time.

YTL: We were just talking about you.

Me: Why is it that you guys were talking about me?

YTL: Oh, how come we don't see you in any of the services on Sunday.

Me: How did you manage to find out that I don't go for the services there?

YTL: From some of the Connections people here.Why not?

Me: Why not????? Because I have my own church service to go for??
And how come you don't know that I have my own church service to go to??

YTL: Because I am not that close to you?? You can come for our church services you know.

Me: What for? I have my own to attend in the morning. I don't want to go for two services in a day!!

YTL: Why not? Well, you are so free, what.

Me: ( ..Like I have nothing else better to do lar??Who said I was free...?? )

YTL: You work in the pre-school line.

Me: (..... So?? )

I was so fuming!!! He was impossible!.I remembered telling the people from Connections at least once, coz they bothered to ask, and they can AT LEAST remember that tiny detail....
I don't know WHY he had to ask the people from Connections, or even mention their group. I know that I told some people from the Ruggeds on countless times...But Why Mention the Connections group?

Why can't you tell me that it is the other Rugged members who told you instead?? *Oh, please don't tell me NOT ONE of those Rugged members with you didn't know or could remember?*

Hello? Hello? Hello?

How come you even have to come this far down so many months before actually NOTICING that I don't attend your church service??


HELLLLLLLOOOOO??????!!!!!!! Anybody at HOME??

THAT'S COZ YOU DON'T CARE ENOUGH TO EVEN ASK ME TO FIND OUT!!!!! What Have You Been Doing the many months I have been there???




torment said...

There, there,, have a lollipop! :)

cheayee said...

I want A Big Big Big One.


torment said...

ok, ok, any particular flavour? :)

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