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Peng Guan *amuses* me.

He's a darling, btw. Yes. He *amuses me*. And I think I *amuse* him as well. ;-)

* I hope you don't mind me putting this up* *Smiles cheekily*.

This are snippets of the exchange that took place last week. It was too funny to resist putting up. ;-)

PG: I'm here already...I'm in my car.

*Me going around looking for the car. Wondering where it is...*

Yah...I finally see it...and walk towards the car.

Me: Oh, your car looks like a red Kancil from the back.

PG gives me an insulted look. (He doesn't drive a Kancil. I 'm sure you can gather from that).

I laugh at him..

later in the car....
Me: I thought you had to meet some friends tonight?

PG: I postponed it to tomorrow.

(he had called me after two hours when I asked him earlier. I was taking a nice long nap)

Me: Oh how come, ah?

PG: Wah, you ah. People come you also complain.

Me gives puts on a face and tries to appease him....

He laughs at me this time....

At Nathan's. Before the waiter comes.

PG: What would you like to order?

Me: Hmmmmm. *Giving him a cheeky look.*

I would like to have some Fried PG's fingers with ketchup and chips...mmm mmm *Yummmy!!*

PG: *Gives me a dirty look* Ok, let's try that again.

Me: I would like to have some Fried PG's fingers with ketchup and chips ...Mmmmm Mmmmm

PG gives me a dirty look.

PG: Ok, nevermind. Waiter!

After the meal..............

PG: I wonder how much the meal costs?

Me: Not much??

Waiter comes. The bill comes up to RM3.80.

Me: Well, I didn't have Fried PG's fingers with ketchup and chips on the side....that's why it's so cheap.

PG: It wouldn't be able to cover the medical fees then!!!

We reach the car. He goes inside the car and I stand outside waiting and refuse to go inside.

PG waits...and waits and waits....

*Finally uses his brain and opens the door*

PG: You know, I could just drive off without you.

Me: I am sure you will. *smilling wickedly* *tosses hair* .

PG gives me a dirty look.


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