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More photo-whoring!

At Honey Star, OUG on Saturday night with the Connections CG for dinner.

The bday babies: Sophia, Kien, Simon, Madeline, Katherine, Gladies, JoJo..
(if those are their correct names lar...).
Notice the red eggs? So retro, but cool idea!

Bevy of beauties: yours truly, Pat, Kathleen, Katherine, Jess, Madeline.
The thorn among the roses: See Hon.

Kathleen and yours truly.

Kathleen and cousin, Madeline.

At Decanter's, Hartamas on Friday night. Last night of Celyn in KL.
*ok, the place was truly smoky, coz everyone was practically chain smoking there.....*
Oh, I ordered a Jack Daniels, as opposed to the beer that everyone had..

I'm High maintenance. What can I say?

Dan Morgan, Gary Ng, Aaron's gf.
Yours truly,

Yours truly and Celyn

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