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The live band at Feelings

Well, there was *finally* a good turnout for my PDL small group on Saturday. *lolz*.

It was Asta & AiLing's first time in meeting the Connections group. Not to mention meeting each other!

The Connections group decided to go HaloCafe at SouthLake City, but the place was under staffed, so we decided to check out this cafe with a live band af Feelings nearby.
Well, the Ruggeds wanted to go to Passion Cafe, but I didn't feel like joining them coz the travel itself was a bit too far away, and I wanted to check out some newer place I had never been before.

I told Alex A-Y that I curi his verses to put on my blog....Ha ha...he seemed fine with it. At least someone is putting it to good use..*lolz*

There are some nice pictures that I have taken, but yet to upload. So, wait up, k!

On the other hand, I just found out accidentally through Technorati that someone found my entry on Sound Boxes useful. *laughs*. Hehe. I thought the lesson itself was frustrating, but I guess that is part & parcel of teaching, I *guess*?

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