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I am sick.

I caught a flu & fever on Monday. Came home right after school and slept the whole day.

I had to miss out on going on to both the gym and also on JK's birthday. So PG happily went along went and celebrated it wit JK alone lar. Damn. I ranted coz I couldn't go. Well, I am sick. I will rant if I want to!
I don't care. I will sulk if I want to as well, PG. So, don't complain.

*I have my personal reasons why I wanted to go not by myself*. Couldn't and didn't do any lesson plans with the kids.Too sickly to do anything.
Clocked in but was like a zombie the entire morning. Same as didnt teach lar! You ask me, how am I supposed to do that?!!

Called Sutha to return my CECE reference textbooks. The principal insisted I do it right in front of her.

None of the kids were absent this morning. Zi Jing came for a while and left coz he said he want to "hui jia".

They worked with some threading (Seen Yan, Annette, Ai Lin, Jasper and Qing Zhe). But they changed their minds once I took out the binka cards. Then they put the threading beads back into the box and did the binka cards instead.

Guo Xuan and Qing Zhe insisted on sitting at their own places, so I had to rearrange the tables back for them (or else they would start quarrelling among themselves). I didn't do any presentation with them today, so they went up for computer during that period instead.

Went home right after I school. My mom was sick as well!!! Well! Well ! Well!! So was my father. He wasn't sick though. They both came home and didn't leave the house. Guess who still had to pick the maids up??

I asked the maid later...she said that a lot of people seemed to be sick as well!. Probably the change in weather or something. Postponed the meeting with my trainer to next Monday instead of tomorrow. I doubt any kind of exercise in the next few days will be conducive to my recovery.

Nevermind that I am getting my hair coloured for free tomorrow! Am also going to watch Fantastic Four at IOI Mall on Thursday. Who wants to join??

Slept the latter half of the evening. Head still felt heavy after I woke up, but better than yesterday, nonetheless.
Madeline read my blog...wahhhhhh...all my dirty secrets come out liao....wahahhahahahah. She texted me about it..(and she'll be reading it here as well....muahahaha).

I found out that one of the main characters in Harry Potter 6 died. The one which is instrumental in developing Harry's character. However, I am sure that Rowling will have a way of bringing "that" character back, just as Gandalf's character was done so in Lord of the Rings. There's something called the Hall of Pictures, or whatever it is in the hall that the students have to walk through anyway. Nevermind that I spoiled it for PG....muahahahah. I only just found out that he didn't know about it. Well, I DIDN'T know what!!

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic Four is really worth watching. Exciting, action-packed and humorous at the same time. Portrays character interaction and human nature realistically. Have fun. (I watched it last Friday)

U Joe

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