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Anecdote: Children's *inane* memories!

I remembered something amusing that happened yesterday when I was sending the kids back. I was in the car, and was waiting for the kids to come out. As the children entered the car, I was looking at this coupon from Mcdonald's.

XinQiao saw me looking at it. When she entered the car, she asked me if I was going to get lunch?
I said no. Then I asked, you saw the coupon from Mcdonald's earlier, isn't it? She nodded yes. Then I said, I wasn't sure yet, that maybe I would or would not go to Mcdonald's for lunch. She looked so disappointed!
Why, are you disappointed that I am not going to McDonald's? She said no and looked away...
So I started teasing sure or not?? And then I started to laugh.

Well, today, the children were already gathered in the car. As I drove off, the first thing that Jasper, who was sitting in the front seat asked, teacher, your lunch? My lunch is in the fridge. It is waiting for me in the fridge.


Well, my point is, sometimes children remember the most *inane* things that you would never expect them to remember at all!!

Nico is like the most disgustingly affectionate girl I know. I was in the office right before I left, and she came down to the office. So I gave her a hug. And then I told her to go. She went out the office into the Red class.
I went in to get some files just before leaving and she was there in the classroom.
I asked her, do you want another hug?
She said yes. Then I went into the office. She followed me in.

Why did you come into the office?
I came to look for you mah.
Okay, I give you another hug. *and hugs her*.
I think you better go up, or else your teacher will come look for you.
When I go out the office, she followed. Then I gave her another hug.
Okay, okay. You better go up.
As I left, I waved good bye to her.
She ran and shouted to me, Bye-bye teacher.
Okay, Bye-Bye Nico.
I love you teacher!!!
Ok, I love you too, Nico.!!


Anyways to digress, something happened to Bobby. He hasn't been barking for two days. When my dad was leaving the house, the dog was still unbound. The dog got "caught" in by the electrical gate....(which is how my neighbour's dog died!). I thnk the dog may still be in a shock, as he has not been barking for a while....!

I just found out that XiaXue's blog has been hacked.Kenny Sia's relationship with his gf is...*well* a bit cold. Well, stranger things have happened, isn't it? But one thing. It does serve to say that nothing is permanent. Even popularity. And with pride, Pride comes before a Fall !

And oh yeah, about time I changed my passwords!! You'd never guess what I use for mine!


SilverFOX said...

Well, u're an affectionate person. To the children as young as them (I believe u told me that they are between 2 to 5 years old), u're not only a teacher but also a mentor where they can learn about human emotions from. Think of it like a big sister having a bunch of little siblings to look out for ;)

cheayee said...

silverfox: hi there..

where are you from?
Haven't seen you around these parts.

affectionate person? kinda. Ha ha ha.

SilverFOX said...

Heh heh, believe me, u have seen me - the one who was sick until cannot come to FGA CG meeting last Saturday ;)

I mentioned that u're affectionate because it takes balls of steel (I meant it in a good way after reading THAT article) to work with a classroom full of really young toddlers. A couple of them I can handle, but when it comes to one roomful, I think my nerves will be shot. People who have a lot of love for children will not flinch like me. Do keep up GOD's good work and don't let anything sidetrack u.

cheayee said...


Grayfox.....*now* i get it...

Ha ha ha.

SilverFOX said...

Yup, u've finally figured me out ^_^

By the way, u really should do something about that chatbox of yours. Try re-aligning it from your template settings, or get someone who knows how HTML works to help. If the blog skin's doing the chaos here, try re-sizing the chatbox then ;)

cheayee said...


Actually, if you have any ideas on html, or the design, do tell...

I am trying to change something about the design, coz practically all the blogger blogs i have visited, use almost the same template....*pretty boring* in other words...and makes this blog pretty *not unique*.

I am not too sure what and how to design skins.....or upload it here..*lolz*. the uploading graphics and linking scripts to it gives me a real headache.

SilverFOX said...

My expertise is only limited to resizing things with html. As you can see in my blog, i'm using one of the default templates as well :p

So, u've decided to be in Connections. Glad u've found a 'place to call home'... :) So i guess we'll be seeing more of u then, if i happen to be in church, that is, haha.

SilverFOX said...

By the way, I've found a couple of help topics that might interest you in changing your blog's skin. If, you can take time to learn html, that is... ;)

But if you already know a bit of basics here and there, it shouldn't be much of a problem; just gotta deal with some advance technical programming ;p

Check them out:

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